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Four Explosions Rock Turkish-Occupied Area In Northern Aleppo. Casualties Reported (Videos)

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Four explosions rocked the towns of A’zaz, al-Bab, Tall Battal and Ghandoura in the Turkish-held Euphrates Shield (ES) area in northern Syria in the afternoon of July 27.

Enab Baladi, a pro-opposition outlet, said that the coordinated attacks killed at least two civilians and injured twenty-five others. The number of casualties could raise in the upcoming few hours.

“The four explosions took place in residential neighborhoods and near service and health centers, they resulted in extensive destruction in those neighborhoods, shops and centers. All of them [attacks] were carried out with booby-trapped motorcycles,” the outlet’s reporter in northern Aleppo said.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, so far. However, some opposition activists accused Kurdish forces, as usual.

The ES area witnessed several deadly explosions this month. Almost all of them were reportedly carried out with booby-trapped motorcycles, which suggest that they were planned by the same side.

Despite the deteriorating security situation in their areas, the Turkish military and its proxies are yet to take any additional security measures.

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Mustafa Mehmet

Asss should take over the area sooner the better ????

Xoli Xoli

The more Erdogan interferes in Syrian national matters and armed and harboring terrorists in de-escalation terrorist safety zones.There will be bloodshed out of self defence by Syrians who want Turkey out and claim back sovereign territory. Lots of sacrifices will follow and more terrorists families will die as per war practice.Bombs and bullets never discriminate it clear the way it is about to wipe out.Currently more terrorists children who plays closely at their terrorists father hiding places are dying which is BBC,MSM,Fox news,CNN and all fake news front page propaganda Breaking News.Pamphlets must be drop for all who wants peace to run to government control areas before none stop bombing of all Turkey terrorists hideouts. As long as Erdogan terrorists supporting troops are there civilians will die every day.Erdogan has seen surrendering terrorists who were relocated to Idlib as opportunity to hijacked and annexed Aleppo and Idlip governorate and cities.Erdogans final push is to gain control over Northern Syria then his dream and son of Turkish South stream will start with Putin’s 15% shares.


Turkey is playing a worse than Zionist role in needlessly prolonging the suffering of the Syrian people and sponsoring dead end terrorists.

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