Former Yemeni President Saleh Is Killed Following Tensions Between His Forcse And Houthis (Graphic Photos)

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Former Yemeni President Saleh Is Killed Following Tensions Between His Forcse And Houthis (Graphic Photos) 3.6666666666667 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.

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Former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has appeared to be killed following tensions appeared between his forces and the Houthis in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a. (MORE DETAILS HERE)

According reports of the pro-Houthi media, he was killed after the Houthis bombed a bulding where he was hiding. (MORE DETAILS ABOTU HIS DEATH)

Former Yemeni President Saleh Is Killed Following Tensions Between His Forcse And Houthis (Graphic Photos)

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The death of Saleh will likely shift the current balance of power in Yemen and contribute to the growing influence of the Houthis and one of their backers – Iran in the country.

Former Yemeni President Saleh Is Killed Following Tensions Between His Forcse And Houthis (Graphic Photos)

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Lena Jones

Death of a traitor.

The Houthis have liquidated the klepto Saudi Trojan.


Let’s hope

Trustin Judeau

Saleh acted very stupid.Did he really think that he will return to power.Houthis as military forces are more powerful than his loyalists.And I saw some reports on twitter that Saleh loyalists have withdrawn from area which border the Saudi forces which is not good.Now Houthis are alone in defending Yemen


Not a great situation indeed


first i will say i am no fan of saudi there allies or yeman, but dont make double standards what Russia and iran are doing in syria, Saudi and there allies are doing the same Yeman.


Internally Yemen nation is united but some pro Americans and pro Israelis take money from America and Israel and creating problem for their own nation.

In Syria the Dr. Basher al-Assad is in power in central government. Similarly in Yemen the Houthis are in power in central government. As America, Israhell and Saudis have attacked on Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan similarly America and Israhell have attacked on Yemen. America and Israhell are the worst commanders of all terrorist groups.


Yep, all of this can only weaken anti-Saudi forces, both military and politically… and Saudis will exploit this no doubt. Prince Salman is incredibly dangerous and sickly ambitious individual.


I can’t see MBS lasting too long! He has created too many enemies! How happy would u feel if u were a Saudi citizen who used to enjoy the wealth of the nations social services yet now, unemployment sky rockets, MBS creates a war (his plan) and now their capital Rhiyad can be targeted (and has been) by missiles! These citizens have had social services cut and now have to deal with missiles and a looming Shiia / youths invasion! If u think these captured princes won’t retaliate then u have more faith in them than I do! Crown Princes can change on the drop of a hat! Saudi royalty has always been riddled with murder from its past and recent past! You may say MBS is dangerously ambitious but I say he is reckless and foolish! He won’t last as a crown prince nor a king! He will be murdered by other princes or a civil evolution which may or may not include Iranian influences! Perhaps even Qatari influence! Either way, he is a dead man walking! U can bank on it!


I certainly hope so.


gotta admit tho this is a big victory for houthis :))

Gabriel Hollows

Perhaps too a hasty decision to kill him so soon, though there’s probably a lot of info that we don’t know.


I hope that the people of Yemen can sit down somewhere and talk, this time, when powers change, the people of Yemen should be the priority number one, and I also hope the Saudi-Barbarians finally end this war, and mindless rape and killing of an people whom have done what, Saudi-Barbarians and the more stinking by the day, western MSM.

its coordinated of course, why do you think various unverified “reports?” pooped up in piles by warp speed, yeah, images and everything, an event that never happened against an target that dont exist, whats next, Sant-Claus is Hezb because of the Baird. huh Ohh, come on, we know the drill, wankees, pleeeease spare us, it smells anyway, by some basic facts, like even mentioned above, the so called Iranian backing, well, I back them with every part of my soul, but have no money, if I had I would flood them with High tec shit you didn’t know existed. Yeah, what makes that me to. An Iranian, of course any sane Gov. sees this sham, for what it is, another mindless war, based upon some few humans perverted reality, and the rests, compliance to genocide and crimes unprecedented, and nothing happens.

Unity, Yemen, Unity. If they dont say Yemen First, when asked, shoot them. May the lord have mercy upon you and hopefully, be what you once where, an Paradise, Yemen is old, morons, really old, an hidden Juvel, among nations on this earth. This is an shame, in real time. The Saudi-barbarians should hang from the nearest possible lamp post, the only descent thing to do. Period.


Solomon Krupacek

I hope that the people of Yemen can sit down somewhere and talk

the peolple sit down and die beacuse of starving.

Nik Pan

After Saudi King Salman visited Moscow was a plan from Moscow-Lavrov to reconcile the relations between Riad and Yemen.Ali Abdullah Saleh wanted to “turn the page” on relations with the Saudi-led coalition that launched a military intervention in Yemen in 2015.Huthi fighters -Iran refused that.The cup was failed ,the treason not passed .Lavrov was thinking that Yemen was Donbass…but there is the Iran like it is present in Syria.

Pavel Pavlovich

Dumb ass, we are on the same page. And it is not Lavrov who betrayed Donbass, but the Russian people generally, in 1993. So f**k you. Insult the Russian people if you must, but Putin and his team are NOT to blame, they stand alone against the eyes of Washington’s henchmen.

Nik Pan

I suppose you are Serbian … ‘Enough is enough’, Putin told Milosevic

….However, he was not about to sacrifice Russian efforts at building a rapport with the West on behalf of someone “whose people had so evidently turned against him.“

Pavel Pavlovich

You piece of ignorance, I was born in Kiev and I am for a restoration of the Russian Empire in whatever form. Putin is not to blame, he is the best of the best that our society still has to offer, he and maybe 1% of the population that actually is aware of the dire situation but since 99% are waiting on the fence the nation is going down the drain. So you better hope, for the sake of humanity and a multipolar world, that my people finally stand up and end this nightmare. You better pray for this.

Solomon Krupacek

putin is dwarf, if he is your bestest, then you are lost.

btw., he is tired, alcoholzed, drugged (medicaments). he will finish in short time, who will come? after the bestets. (only weaker can, logically).


Troll, you are talking about yourself again… and don’t worry Putin will live longer than you….. Better worry about your own country (if that pathetic vassal mickey mouse little sh*thole can be defined as a country). But FFS why don’t you change your ‘ruskie flag’ to something more pro-western, like rainbow flag?

Solomon Krupacek

hahaha, úutimn loves the olgarchs. such idiot is not big man!


Putin should have invaded Ukraine, ended the civil war, and ensured a PEACEFUL partition of that nation. If he had done so, there would have been no lasting sanctions against Russia, no more killing in the two new Ukraine nations, and this Empire play would have damped down the war mongering actions of the West.

But Putin did not, so Ukraine is an ever worse cancerous sore on the side of Russia, and a means for the West to ever more sabotage Russian international business activity.

When you are an EMPIRE POWER, you must act as an Empire Power. Putin never gets this. Instead Putin tries to be the ‘reasonable man’, just making things worse. So much worse, Putin recently ordered all dual use facilities in Russia to prepare to transition to full-on war manufacturing within a week’s notice. Yeah, Russia can fight WW3 very well indeed, for all the good that will do the planet. It is Russia BEFORE WW3 we should care about.

Iran’s diplomatic skills are vastly better than Russia’s- they have to be for Iran is friendless and nukeless. Iran knows how to play The Great Game. Russia does not.

Russia is the last hope for the Human Race. Friendly critics of Russia know this- which is why they despair at Putin’s obvious mistakes. And today, as Russia allows Israel to bomb Syria, we witness another of these stupid sickening mistakes.

The people of East Ukraine do not deserve their degrading fate as neo-nazis backed by NATO cause them as much misery as possible. Russia propping up the Donbass military is NOT good enough. The lives of ordinary people matter more. Putin should have forced the division of Ukraine.


Maidan putsch and the new regime in Ukraine was a “bear trap”: the whole idea was to lure Putin into a large scale war (portraying him as an evil aggressor), or to force him to completely abandon all Russian interests in Ukr, including Crimea (portraying him as a weak and coward). He found a middle ground, and so far he outmaneuvered and outsmarted them, but the game is not over yet. Personally I blame Yanukovich, he allowed Maidan, instead to crush them decisively.

Solomon Krupacek

if france is able to manage the help of african dictatosr with army, russia should be, too. france every xear has 3-4 wars in africa. also now.


That’s because yankees don’t give a fuck about french little dirty wars in Africa (they actually support them). Nothing to do with Russia.

Solomon Krupacek

and? russia is tremoring before america?


“Tremoring” :D Don’t use google translate… and comparing Europe (yes, Ukraine is in Europe) and Burkina Faso or something is just dumb on so many levels… no one cares about Africa, at least not western media. They never did.


He should have invaded Donbass but can you really not see why he didn’t? Crimea was 95% for Russia and they still had to answer for it like they stole candy from a baby. If Russia went into areas with only 40-60% pro Russian civilians it would have been terrible and Putin fully well knew this. There were rummers that porky offered donbass to Putin after the ceasefire toon effect and putin said “we don’t need it, if you don’t want it then set them free”

Pavel Pavlovich

Putin WOULD have, but since even the senate has power over him… you pieces of idiocy do not get it. HE HAS INFILTRATED the system but the SYSTEM is ALWAYS stronger than ANY person. So fuck off and use some REAL info sources.


Saleh died as part of a great EMPIRE PLAY. The British acted to end ‘conflict’ in Yemen by using tens of millions of pounds to ‘buy’ the loyalty of what they presumed were key ‘rebel’ figures. And why did Britain want Yemen ‘pacified’ and the civil war over? To allow Saudi Arabia to focus all its war energies on Lebanon and Iran. While the Saudi was on Yemen continues, everyone says “if the Saudis can’t even defeat poorly armed sandle-footed rebels in Yemen, how on Earth can they hope to take on Hezbollah and Iran?” All war is psychology first.

Britain arranged the palace coup in KSA- got their man on top. But one man is not enough, even when he tortures, imprisons and assassinates other saudi elites- indeed his brutal methods backfire if seen in the service of an insane plan. And those other elites point to Yemen and say “bit of a problem there”.

Iran is the regional Empire power. It was ahead of the british play, and took the correct steps to frustrate the british, and prevent Yemen being taken off the table. Sad for the people of Yemen, for whom peace (even a cynical peace in the name of greater war) would have been a nice respite. But in truth KSA would have gone back to saturation bombing and starving Yemen the moment the Iran war started.

Yemen is a proxy war for KSA and Iran, just as Syria is a proxy war for Russia, KSA, the USA and Britain. ‘Small’ wars that act as buffers for or against bigger wars. Russia thinks Syria soaks up murderous zionist intent that might otherwise go after Lebanon and Iran. But the strategy is insanely dangerous, as we saw with events leading up to WW2. Hitler was not sated with his astonishing pre-war conquests- quite the opposite. Throwing Hitler and the nazis a bone or three merely developed their taste for ‘bigger game’.

The jews in particualr are murderous cowards. Slapped down even a tiny bit, and they ‘rediscover’ their love of peace and business. Which, as a irony, is also good for jews as well. But left alone, jews have always thrown up insanely evil racist murderous leaders – bad for them and bad for Greater Humanity. Now the jews are openly partnered with the wahhabis of KSA- and openly declaring they wish to use the military power of the jewish state to progress the evil extremist islamic plans of KSA.

Iran, friendless, is caught between the twin claws of Israel and KSA. In a ‘fair’ fight it could make both pay a very high price for attacking Iran- but the fight isn’t going to be ‘fair’ as we all know.

Iran plays a classic Empire ploy hoping that the dirty war in Yemen draws so much energy that plans for war on Iran stall indefinetly. In better times this might work- but not today. As Tony Blair proved with his invasion of Iraq, the Deep State leaders will use any method to get their way, even against extreme opposition.

Sane informed people measure the temperature of ‘the press’, and check the ‘ownership’ of leaders of key nations. There is no viable anti-war movement on the planet. All key leaders are in place and in the pocket of the war mongers. The press is 100% demonising the coming war targets. War is coming, and it will go NUCLEAR almost immediately as the West uses small modern nuclear warheads to eliminate major facilities all across Iran. Stockpiles of ‘usable’ nukes (the ones that destroy city blocks rather than cities) have never been higher, and Russia’s rapid increase in production links to the recent massive radioactive cloud accidently released by a russian weapon facility.

The Deep State took the first step to normalising the use of nukes with the massive deployment of ‘depleted uranium’- a weapon that also produces FALLOUT that causes birth deformaties and incredible spikes in various cancers. Modern small nukes are actually low yield when it comes to fallout- a fact the zionist mainstream media will crow about when swearing these nukes are more “humane” cos they allow a war to be fought “faster”. And zionist technical outlets have been stating radiation is actually “good for you” for several years now- in readiness for use of nukes.

Only Russia can prevent the coming mega war in the Middle East, and the WW3 that follows. Limited strikes on KSA and Israel would kill the taste for war the people have in these two depraved nations for 50+ years, and the Deep State plan would be finished.


Mostly agree, except with the last sentence: “Limited strikes on KSA and Israel” = WW3. America will defend Israel more than Florida.

Peter Bond

What a load of crap!

Brother Ma

The zionists like the Salafists both Semites have always been dangerous in the extreme when they form a significant minority in any other nation. Cleopatra had to put them down twice if i remember correctly in alexandria and in cyprus two thousand years ago and heraclius in 600s AD.the zionists then welcomed muhamed’s armies into mid east. Then came zios in palestine and now backbone of neocons in Zionatoyanquistan!


hahahahah he has had his last egg sandwich!!! fucken traitor!!!

Solomon Krupacek

the end of traitorish houthis has begun.

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