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Former Yazidi Slave Flees Germany After Being Confronted By Her ISIS Captor-Turned Refugee


Ashwaq Ta’lo, a former ISIS slave, who sought asylum in Germany has moved back to Iraq after being confronted by her former ISIS captor. According to the Yazidi girl, the man, Abu Humam, is currently registered as a refugee in Stuttgart.

Abu Humam, who had purchased the girl for $100, stopped her while she was walking home in Stuttgart.

“I froze when I looked at his face carefully,” she told the Kurdish news agency Bas News. “It was Abu Humam, with the same scary beard and ugly face.”

“I am Abu Humam and you were with me for a while in Mosul. And I know where you live, with whom you live, and what you are doing,” the former ISIS member allegedly told Ashwaq Ta’lo during the encounter.

The girl reported Humam to German Police. However, German authorities claimed that they have no grounds to arrest him.

Thus, Ashwaq Ta’lo decided to leave Germany, believing that she would be safer in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, where her father lives.



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  • leon mc pilibin

    Thanks to Merkel,these scumbags are prowling about German streets looking for some victims at the moment.

    • Jan Lavicka

      Coward and mentally inferior cattle in the west admire just money, therefore they will live in fear forever

      Slavs (with Asians) will save the world again with their superior mind full of passion, love and harmony while the LGBT psychopathic west will crush with their money

      • What a rare combination of stupidity and racism ! !

        • Jan Lavicka

          Or just described facts ;)
          Who do you think paid Adolph Hittler expeditures and provided gas for tanks? uSSa (Rockefellers, Rothschilds), learn about history more :)

          Without west (uSSa) there would have not been the 2nd WW, numbers are clear.

  • Jason Sixx

    “With the same scary beard and ugly face”

    Im still laughing so hard from this! Lol anyways legit question would be why after such a trauma she went to germany and not directly to her dad in iraq? Why now she has no other options?

    • Bobby Twoshoes

      The legit answer would be that ISIS occupied large swathes of Iraq when she made her decision, and I’d wager she was snatched from her father in Iraq so Germany seemed like less of an ISIS risk. Now that the situation has changed she has again moved to the place available to her with the least risk of ISIS harassment. I honestly don’t get what is funny here, in fact I think your childish attempt at being edgy is downright sad…

    • Tudor Miron

      Legit question would be why Germany is importing terrorists into their country and doesn’t pay apropriate attention towards protecting their women from real dangers other than imaginary (to large extent) dangers advocated by “me too” and similar movements.. Seems like protecting pedera$ts “rights” to play their freak shows on the streets in front of children and normal people is much more important for German leaders.

      • russ

        German leaders are hand puppets for the Zionist and American Elite

  • Edel King

    No grounds to arrest him?? Is that girl invisible ??? Does her word mean nothing to police in Germany???

    • as

      Uhh… White Helmets wouldn’t be arrested. Like ever.

    • Tommy Jensen

      There is more money and power politics in terrorists than a stupid rape victim………………..LOL.

      The terrorist provides the police with cases, the justice system with cases, the prison system with cases, the social system with cases, the media with cases, the politicians with profiling and the taxpayer run to pay for safety and security……………….hoping it will help………………………LOL.

    • The Farney Fontenoy

      All the young girls getting raped in the UK are, so were the girls in Cologne, this is no surprise.

    • John Brown

      Yes not even an investigation. She is just a slave Goyim. If she were a member of the superior master Jewish race, who rule Germany and all their NATO country slaves; and said the same exact thing as this Yazidi girl, about this guy, he would be put in jail immediately for 10,000 years and 10,000 German police would be investigating all over Germany Syria and Iraq, Merkel would say how she is doing everything in her power to put this guy away forever and to investigate to see if any others were involved, it would be front page news for years

    • octavian61

      In Germany it’s like here in the US. If no crime occurs, no need to worry. If the poor girl gets killed by him, well, we should’ve done something. Where are the feminists on this topic? And they say the world is getting crazy? I say the world is getting disgusting.

  • TiredOfBsToo

    Merkel is still trying to support her terrorist importation agenda and meanwhile…. Sweden is experiencing the fruits of their EU sponsored importation of terrorists with gangs burning cars in many cities and no-go zones.

    • as

      Sweden is in the US terror coalition roster.

    • al quaida

      The “no-go zones” are a myth. Stop watching msm.

  • Manofjustice

    Germany = US/ISRAHELLI colony at the end of WW1 and since WW2 !

  • Tudor Miron

    Get ready Germans. Say thanks to mama Merkel for what you’re about to face. As a result of feminisation of your society you’re rapidly loosing your ability to protect your women and children all the while your government is welcoming worst kind of head chopping rats into your home.
    When that dirty daesh slave trader will blow something up don’t pretend that it was a surprise.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Its complete madness Tudor. I find it hard to understand that EU governments are ignoring the apocalypse of mayhem that is rapidly destroying polite society.

      The German cops have an ISIS slaver in their sight and even fail to question him.

      If the EU politicians are not insane the Zionist Deep State MUST have some serious dirt on them.

      • Tudor Miron

        Things go according to plan. When I say feminization of society one of its results is inability to resist. Tolerance – medical term describing inability of organizm to resist hostile bacteria and such. You see – they don’t even bother to cover their intentions.

    • al quaida


      • Daniel Castro

        You know, when teachers brainwash boys in the school to believe they are in fact girls deep inside… That stuff is happening for decades now…

        • al quaida

          What you’ve described is transgenderization, not feminisation.

          • Daniel Castro


      • Tudor Miron

        Whats here to not understand?

        I have another question for you – why your nickname sounds similar to wahhabi rats terrorist organization? Are you affilated with that scum in some way?

        • al quaida

          Have it your way Two Door Moron.

      • Empire’s Frontiers

        The removal of male dignity and pride.

        Turning otherwise dominant males into beer sucking, bald, fat, stupid slobs captured by a television broadcast.

        Also, convincing young boys that their manhood isn’t a unique gift, that is the gift of being the dominant creature on this planet, is a sinister degradation of male dignity and pride.

        Those are both an example of vectors by which men are rendered dull sluggards with tits to rival their slob wife, and slob kids.

        • al quaida

          Beer sucking, bald, fat, stupid slobs captured by a television broadcast have been around since television was first broadcast.
          The vast majority of problems we face in this world are the result of dominant males.
          Whatever this “feminisation” thing is, if it’s a recent development, it’s clearly not to blame for the problems that we’ve had for millennia.
          People wanting to dominate others is what causes these problems.

          • Empire’s Frontiers

            You seem to be under appreciating the radical changes of the past 100 years.

            There’s not much anyone here can tell you while you’re in that state.

          • al quaida

            “There’s not much anyone here can tell you”

            That is correct.

          • Empire’s Frontiers

            Dogs can’t read and birds don’t really sing.

            You lowly creatures do fertilize the ground just fine, however.

  • Saidi Mohamed

    Not guilty until proven , legal action can not be enforced on the basis of suspicious, facial likeness etc . The girl was not sure about exactness of the man thus why she was trying to assure herself by asking him many question to clear her doubt. 40 minutes distance is very close especially in country with advanced transportation network like German so obviously people can move from one point to another easily and not strange at all to meet one person around . Off course i understand she is traumatized and she may have sort of visual hallucination but this is not enough to put everybody she mention in jail or deport and that is the meaning of saying ”NO GROUND TO ARREST HIM”

    • as

      Exactly. Who would’ve know her story even real ? Like who would believe white helmets is in bed with ISIS ?

    • russ

      Oh yeah him saying who he is, is no real evidence… Germany saying there was a holocaust is no real evidence either…

    • Concrete Mike

      If you were a slave you would remwber your master…i say pull his pants down look at his dick, that should clear it up quick enough.

  • V. Mecki

    where I can find the full interview?

  • Brother Ma

    What a disgrace! Smelly,ugly headchoppers have the audacity to grandstand in our Christendom. That is what happens when you allow Western /Central Europeans to decide the fate of Europe!

    If I had my way Merkel and May would be shipped to isisstan to collect camel’s piss and do the kitchen chores for the headchoppers she loves so much.As for Sarkozy,Cameron ,Trump ,Erdogan and obama,I would have them goatherding for their headchopper boyfriends. Afterall ,i wouldn’t want to ruin their love affair!

    The only hero of Christendom is Putin ;by far!

    As for the smelly bastard in Germany, I would give him bastinado of his feet and pull his beard hair from the roots. I have other things to do to him as well but I will keep them secret. I know for a fact headchoppers like him will hate it when i do it to him!

    • Concrete Mike

      I got a crusher we can feed him through, and a big hole to bury him in after

      • PZIVJ

        Crushing ISIS, sounds good to me. :D

  • Sephy

    It’s hilarious to see a person fleeing Germany to Iraq for SECURITY.

  • §âm

    Then obamas secret ninjas came and cut him with lazer katanas, then Zombie hitler came in his armored limousine and took her away and then all germany clapped

  • Dr. Ronald Cutburth

    German police should have arrested the ISIS impostor who is trying to live in Germany. That is discusting.

    • as

      They’ve been caught red handed hosting Libyan Islamist.
      This is how it works
      These Zionist government make deals with the people that never love their homeland to carry their ‘freedom fighters, revolutionary whatever’ banner for them to fight and overthrow their own country legal government administration in exchange of nice accommodation in their country. Which is why these freedom fighter never have any restraint in destruction of their country because in the end they won’t be living in it.

      No entanglement in middle east benefit the citizens.

  • TS

    She is probably right.. at least there is some one that has an AK47 that will listen to her and take the matter seriously.

    • Garga

      I can’t believe Germans even didn’t investigate, but if they were into investigation that Daeshi wouldn’t become a refugee in Germany in the first place.

      One of the saddest parts of her story is that many Yezidi women and children were captured by ISIS because of betrayal by KDP Peshmerga in Shengal.

      Peshmerga disarmed their men while promising to defend them, but as soon as Daesh got close, they ran away in the middle of the night, without even informing the Yezidis so they can think of something. The result was the massacre of Yezidi men and their women and children went into slavery for ISIS.
      Later on, some forces of Iraqi KRG even helped ISIS flee the wrath of PMU and Iraq security forces.

      Here’s a Yezidi source about this betrayal:

      And many other sources if someone wants a search in google:

      The ugly reality on the ground is often vastly different than the thing media shoves down our throats.

      • peacelover

        Mainstream media is doing only one thing. Transforming truth into untruth. And lie into reality.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Western liberals are just like that:
    Smiling cappucino drinking with terrorist mass murders on welfare at lunch, hateful condemning bright hardworking muslim women at night for wearing scarf and being a danger to their Western values.

    Actually there is an explanation for that:
    Western Liberals get money, jobs, positions, status for being do-gooders and the hard core criminals are their factories.
    Congratulation Merkel.

  • Selbstdenker

    sooner or later A.M. will end up at a lamp post, if I interpret the mood in Germany right. Her personal security was ramped up already, and she is not meeting regular people anymore, only hand picked crowds.

  • World_Eye

    she is a very beautiful girl.all those daesh would have wanted to take advantage from her. scums

  • russ

    I bet if she denied the Holocaust Germany could do something…

  • potcracker2588

    germany LOL……a jew slave country occupied by number 1 jew slave usa

  • Concrete Mike

    Poor girl, so sad that now she is scarred for life. I guess the rumors were true that alot of the refugees are part of a 5th column…fucks sake.

  • svenne svensk

    This article must be shown for the German people

  • Bob

    EU-NATO states do not much care to intern or prosecute those jihadists and mercenaries fleeing Iraq and Syria for safe haven in the EU. There are multiple cases – even the UK MSM noted their state’s refusal to pursue the infamous ISIS ‘Beatles’ notable for their UK accents. It clearly indicates there is something amiss in the wash-out from the whole Syrian war exercise – NATO and its ‘allies’ the Gulf States and Turkey actively recruited and transited extremists and mercenaries for the war on Syria and did not much care who they were – much the same as they did with Libya in the year prior to events in Syria. And as if to perfectly illustrate the whole point the western states are accepting the fleeing White Helmets – clearly al-Qieda affiliates and extremists who wore rotating uniforms.

  • Fayez Chergui

    Isis cannibals went back home; Germany, France, and so one. Probabilities that a killer meet one of his victimes are very high.

  • Empire’s Frontiers

    She’ll be duly labeled an ‘Islamophobe’ and be dragged before the courts.

    Remember, it’s not an organized invasion.
    Militants are just here moving about freely.

    • Tudor Miron

      It is an ogranied invasion – organized by EU and US leaders.

  • Daniel Castro

    “German authorities claimed that they have no grounds to arrest him.”

    And I was thinking slavery was a crime in Germany…

    • Benjamin Facochere

      The problem is that the crime didn’t happen in Germany. Anyone can accuse another person of having perpetrated a crime somewhere, somewhen. If you don’t have proof or witnesses up to German legal standards, it doesn’t matter for German authority.
      The same thing with the Libanese refugee clans that make millions from social fraud, pimping, drugs. Social welfare receivers driving the newest luxury car brands, golden bracelets…
      It all hinges on shifting the burden of proof. Before being granted asylum you should have to proof your persecution and innocence. Currently it’s the other way round, the authorities have to proof that you’re not persecuted…
      German – but this also holds true for most other EU countries – asylum laws are messed up.

      • Daniel Castro

        Doesn’t Germany acknowledge international law? So it’s okay if you kill 10.000 people in the 3rd world and then move to Germany?

        ISIS is a terrorist group, this is acknowledged by UNSC, if there ir evidence this guy is an ISIS member he should be brought to justice, any UN member has the right, better yet, the duty to bring him to justice.

        ISIS member = warcriminal

        • Benjamin Facochere

          As I have stated he is an alleged ISIS member. Just one person accusing him is not sufficient under German law.
          In fact, it’s not easy to proof membership of Daesh.

          And yes even if you kill 10.000 people you can get refugee status in Germany if nobody can proof it to German legal standards.
          The problem is that every refugee seeker is seen as innocent until proven wrong. It should be the other way around. I.e. “So you seek refuge in Germany, proof to me that you weren’t an ISIS member/Islamist”.

          • Tudor Miron

            ” if nobody can proof it to German legal standards.”(c) here Germany doesn’t even want to investigate and look into this case.

  • Lazy Gamer

    Mr. police, that is a crime against humanity. you should go and resign immediately.

  • Gary Sellars

    No reason to arrest a filthy ISIS orc? Seriously?

    This my friends is why the cuck-nation of Germany is going down the shitter.

  • Eskandar Black

    ISIS should be hunted down and exterminated, like nazi war criminals. It should be a total defense to the crime of murder anywhere.

  • J Roderet

    You just knew something like this would happen when the so-called “White Helmets” were brought home into exile in the West.

  • goingbrokes

    This is one reason why they want Daesh in Europe – they are there to scare the crap out of normal refugees and make their life a misery particularly if they ever complain about anything. Leave now, before it’s too late!