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Former US Top Diplomat Equates Russian Media with ISIS Propaganda

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According to former US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, the US must meet the challenge of Russian media in the same way as Washington did this with Islamist propaganda.

Former US Top Diplomat Equates Russian Media with ISIS Propaganda

Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (Photo: novatv.mk)

Moscow was responsible for the leaks from email accounts of the Democratic National Committee, which were published by WikiLeaks, as the website was friends with Russian officials, former US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, said on Thursday.

According to Albright, Washington must meet the challenge of “anti-democratic trolling” by Russian media in the same way as the US did this with Islamist propaganda.

“We already have systems in place to monitor Islamic State propaganda on the Internet, and we should do the same for authoritarian propaganda,” Albright wrote in an article for the USA Today newspaper.

She also added that such media as the Sputnik news agency and the RT TV-channel are spreading lies and misinformation, noting that the US must tell the truth, especially to audiences in Eastern and Central Europe.

“The US government should work with technology companies to develop better policies to deal with anti-democratic trolling, as they have done with cyberbullying, hate speech and violent extremism,” Albright wrote in the article.

Russia was blamed by the Clinton campaign for directing leaks of emails from hacked account of chairman of the election campaign of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, in an attempt to intervene in the US election process. Moscow denied the allegations.

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john mason

That woman is demented and needs psychiatric care or a lethal dose.




I wish time and nature would take care of the demented hag.


Well…well..well…well…! The chickens have come home to roost…! What this ashkenazim khazaroktinos zionist sub human pig who answers to the name of this criminal Madelaine Albright, has just admitted to is that : “the/their scam is up, everyone can see that the khazarian mafia is naked and not wearing any clothes, and that they have been decapitated, and that they cannot perpetrate any more of their fake news, fake propaganda, fake facts, to the world, and that, there is a Superior Force, “the Good Guys, the White Hats, the Protectors, The White Brotherhood”, that has lead and is leading the decapitation of the khazarian mafia globally..! Just imagine, if the same Superior Force was active and had operated in the same way, in the early 90s, when this ashkenazim khazaroktinos zionist sub human pig who answers to the name of Madelaine Akbright, organized, lead, and supported, the organized criminal invasion of Serbia, and carried on the illegal bombing of Serbia : what would have happened to her, and the criminal actions of the khazarian mafia cabal. Goddess Justice Nemesis is a bitch and a half when she catches up to this criminal who answers to the name of Madelaine Albright. This is the very reason that President else Donald J. Trump, has come forward, and, officially, and for the first time, officially, apologised for the crimes of the criminal khazarian mafia cabal, which were carried out in Serbia that killed 10s of 1000s of Serbs. ARISTOTELIS ELLINAS


Ask the Zionist bitch….whether 500,000 Iraqi children dying through imposed sanctions were worth it!


Go to hell Albright. Take Hillary Clinton and George Soros with you.

Peter Jennings

Only the US could appoint Gollum as their Secretary of State. This swamp dwellers days are over and what we are seeing is the last rattle of her dying relevance.


Satan is waiting. Go home to Daddy!


20 years ago madeleine histerically cried, hiw big injustice, fairlass is, that russian have siberia. haha, she only forgot, each inch of america was stalen from indians, inuits and polinesians.

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