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Former US-Backed Militants In Syria Joining Hezbollah: WSJ

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Former US-Backed Militants In Syria Joining Hezbollah: WSJ

Hezbollah members parade with a mock missile launcher in the Lebanese city of Nabatiyeh. IMAGE: Mahmoud Zayyat/AFP

Former members of US-backed militant groups are joining untits of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement operating in Syria, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on November 1.

According to the report, some 2,000 fighters had already joined the Iranian-allied movement in Syria and had eve n started receiving salaries ($250 monthly). A former militant commander told the WSJ that they had lost US support and had been told not to expect support from the US should they choose to battle against the Syrina government.

“Go to Russia, go to the regime, go to Iran—that was the message,” the militant commander namedRayman reportedly told the WSJ, after commanders in the south received whatsapp messages from the US embassy in the Jordanian capital not to go into battle against government forces with “the assumption or expectation of military intervention by us.”

According to Pentagon spokesman Cmdr. Sean Robertson, the US is “aware of regime and allied forces recruiting former opposition members in the wake of reconciliation agreements in Southern Syria”.

Both the US and Israel are actively opposing the growth of Hezbollah and Iranian influence in the Middle East, especially in Syria. However, their involvement in the war-torn country on the side of al-Qaeda-linked militant groups (since the very start of the war) have in-fact led to the start of the Russian military operation in Syria and the growth of Iranian and Hezbollah influence because the Russian-Syrian-Iranian-Hezbollah alliance has appeared to be the winning side.

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Eva Braun

Excellent !

That Guy

W8…. Isn’t Hezbollah a Shia movement? How come they accept Sunni members?

Samuel Boas

Hezbollah has shias, sunnis, christians, it is not just shias.


The religions details is meaningless under the treat of destruction of an entire country by other nations. All together must fight against the real enemy (Israel-USA-NATO).


It’s a Shia group, but allies and supports other groups. Sunni and Christian Lebanese have their own resistance groups which Hezbollah trains and funds through Iran. But for the sake of convenience and religious freedom (Christians have their own chants/slogans, Sunni have their own chants/slogans, Shia have their own chants/slogans) keeping a degree of separation is better. So they’re not actually Hezbollah, but they are strongly linked and allied to it.


Same with Armenian groups that support Hezbollah and Druze as well.

Concrete Mike

Ah there more to hezb than just what the media says…happy digging bud.

Southfront has a good video on hezb watch if you can.

You can call me Al

That video is above in said article.


You’re what I call a mushroom, you are kept in the dark and fed BS.
It’s not to late, come out into the light and see the truth.

alejandro casalegno

“Ressitance” is the core of Hezbollah, is most shia, of course, but open to all ready to fight against the wahabi-zionist alliance!!!!!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

That’s the truth, The US and Israel try their hardest to portray this as a religious conflict between the Shia and the Sunni but just one look at Yemen shows us that isn’t the case at all. There we have Sunni and Shia fighting on the same side and backed by Iran, fighting against the Saudi backed Sunni dominated regime.

alejandro casalegno

In Yemen a yemeni jew, yes a jew, was martyred fighting with the Houthies against the Saudis.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Freedom fighters don’t have to belong to any particular religious, political or cultural group, they just have to recognize oppression and be brave enough to fight against it, this guy you mentioned was a hero, he just happened to be Jewish as well. It’s good you mentioned it though, too many people think all Jewish people are cut from the one cloth and all mad Zionists, your comment might make a few people realize that just isn’t the case.
The Saudis are running out of cash fast and world opinion is starting to change, I think Yemen may be in for a easier ride soon, at least I hope so.


It is also Sayyed Nasrallah’s strong principled personality and unlike Arabs he never boasts and always sticks to principles. Hezbollah today is the most battle tested and strongest Arab military force with universal appeal. Hezbollah offers a moderate and inclusive alternative to Zionist criminals and Salafist headchoppers and that is the reason so many Christians and Druze are flocking to Hezbollah ranks. Even Russian Caucasian Muslims have joined Hezbollah.

Mahmoud Larfi

The true definition of “guns for hire”.. And the MSM dared to call them for more than 7 years “Opposition”, “Rebels” and “Revolutionaries”.


The most powerful weapon Hezbollah possess is – endurance. The ability to stay the course and pursue it’s stated policy of resistance without making numerous U turns and compromise it’s strategic goal. And that’s precisely what US – doesn’t have. Sooner or later people on the ME, regardless of religion, will find out that “alliance” with US/Zio interests makes them just dispensable props for The Empire. And once they do, the whole Shia/Sunni perpetual enemy strategy Israel used so effectively for 70 years will become useless…


Hezbollah is very well regarded in the region and even in Russia, Armenia, Serbia and many Orthodox nations it is highly respected for its capability and fighting prowess. People do not realize that Hezbollah is not a monolithic Shia movement but a very principled anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist political organization with global appeal. Most Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi and Armenian Christians support Hezbollah. Even the Egyptian Copts have a high regard for Hezbollah as they see it as a savior against the Wahhabi headchoppers.

alejandro casalegno

The shias are the saviors of christianity in the Middle East…………….





Yeah, endurance, persistency, and above all, an fight for their own home land and people, that, is the difference, ideology comes second, to me, at last.
Look to Taliban, they also know it, the Houtis knows it, they all have endured attacks and wars for centurys, empires have come and gone, and yet they are under attack and still manage to sustain an desent defens against the invading forces, aka the graveyard if empires, the rest, is over run and sold out by the enemy within.

Its weird to explain the sole fundament of an nation and its people, and their rights to fight or not against anyone invading their land, and say it like that and we all will nod along, dont we, but when it comes to Palestina, its suddenly reversed and the defenders are now the evil part of the war.
THAT ……. is what I talk about, nothing else, everything diviating from that line is false and deciving, and have nothing to do with whatever law there is since the dawn of man.
Its in our bloody DNA.

And here it comes, the apologists, the revisionists, the people whom is deliberatly lying, why the hell is their sniveling drivel regarded as an argument when they completely ingore the facts, and in every debate I encounter, they know intingtivly that I am right, and instead of admitting anything, they start to whine, buhu, anti-semetism, etc,etc, etc.
No wounder they whine when they know they have an dead end case, I know it, and so do they.

I was so unfortunate that I watched images of people from the ww1 whom was shell shocked, aka PSTD, and now I cant get them out of my mind, some looked like children, may the lord have mercy upon their and our souls, and then we have all the vocims from this wars, for the American GOD, ( Guns, Oil and Drugs), and my hart bleeds, and how many lifes is been destroyed makes me speachless.

Its no comfort to talk about God in this moments, when the sole blame is ours, in the realms of true justice, we are guilty as hell, some of us, may be so lucky we will have an trial, and the children, witch is the jewels of His creation, the destiny of their killers is much morse, because silence is complyance, my last warning, but its never to late to turn.
Blessed be the peacemakers.


Willing Conscience (The Truths

“A former militant commander told the WSJ that they had lost US support and had been told not to expect support from the US should they choose to battle against the Syrian government” . Wow that’s what happened to the FSA in Homs just 8 months before the Daraa/Quneitra campaign was launched and look what happened there, strike one for Trump’s fastball.
“Go to Russia, go to the regime, go to Iran—that was the message,” That wasn’t the message the US gave the FSA before the Daraa/Quneitra campaign was launched, back then the FSA were told to go join their friends in Idlib and Aleppo, but this time they’re told to go join the enemies forces, very strange indeed, that is unless like me, you also believe that Trump really wants out of Syria, even if the deep state he governs doesn’t want out. Strike two for Trump’s curveball.
Now I’m waiting to see what Trump’s third pitch will be, hopefully a bomb with a short fuse.
Thank God for Trump Putin and Xi, the LGBTQI organizations mighty and bravest adversaries, and also the greatest proponents for retaining our traditional family values that are common to all humanity, no matter what your race religion or culture may be, thanks to them I might not have to wear a dress afterall.

Jens Holm

Hard to believe any of this. Russians dont like Iran/Hisbollah as well.

Most information seemes to have the purpose to mislead all having great succes. You not even are allowed to know, what You fight for – or against.

2 days ago is a good example. You were told Ragga was all ruins and had no water and electricuty. Many here took it as facts, because You only read, what You are allowed and of course blamed Jews, USA, Westerns and the rest of the world.

But Raqqa has full water and electricity supply.

Its said almost none lives there. Well if You insist in that, why is water needed then ?

And of course its not mentioned 12 mio. are displaced and only 2 of them comes from the SDF zone. So what about the 10 millions.

Its also not mentioned, that SDFs did not make those millions into refugees. Those were refugees BEFORE SDFs became a military force and because Assads were weak and had other priorities. Those 2 millions did not run away from SDFs.

alejandro casalegno

The great asset of Hezbollah is the ability to turn enemies in allies……AMAL was a enemy, the christians, the russians. Haffez al Assad , the communists in south Lebanon, all were enemies of Hezbollah in the 80¨s……………

Now are ready to fight with Hezbollah.

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