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Former Senior PMU Commander Training In Egypt To Become Military Officer – Report

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The Iraqi military is training a former commander of the Iran-allied Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) to become a high-ranking officer, the Reuters news agency reported on November 26, citing Iraqi government, security and militia officials.

The commander Hussein Falih Aziz, also known as Abu Zainab al-Lami, was the head of the PMU security branch. He was recently sanctioned by the U.S. for “killing Iraqi protesters.”

Former Senior PMU Commander Training In Egypt To Become Military Officer – Report

Abu Zainab al-Lami. Source: sotkurdistan.net

According to Reuters, al-Lami was sent to Egypt along with Iraqi officers for a year-long training. The agency reviewed an Iraqi defense document showing the commander’s name, with the rank Major General, on a list of officers attending the training in Egypt.

Iraqi sources said the recruitment of al-Lami as a senior officer in the military is a part of a wider plan to dilute the power of the PMU and Iran-allied armed groups in Iraq.

“The plan is to bring onside PMF leaders who are not seen as totally loyal to Iran and to ready them through this military training for positions inside the military and security apparatus,” a security official told Reuters. “Lami will be given a senior position when training is completed.”

The plan, which is apparently backed by Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, was described as a “risky gambit” by some critics as it will install Iran-affiliated figures in sensitive posts.

The U.S. has been in a covert war with pro-Iran Shiite groups in Iraq since the assassination of Quds Force Commander Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy-Commander of the PMU in Baghdad earlier this year.

The plan to weaken the PMU will not likely be a success as similar tactics were followed by the U.S. and its Iraqi allies in the past, to no avail.


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Fog of War

Getting trained by ZioAmerican lapdog Egypt ? Should I laugh or cry ?

Pave Way IV

Reuters once again spewing out narratives infused with and enclosed inside approved Zionist propaganda. They make Iraqi PMUs sound like units directly attached to the IRCG. WTF would make an Iraqi militia ‘loyal’ to Iran? I’m guessing (going out on a limb here) that the PMUs are grateful for all the Iranian assistance, but are actually loyal to the Iraqis and their state, not Iran. The PMUs wouldn’t exist if the U.S. wasn’t obsessed with rebuilding the Iraqi government with CIA plants and psychopathic crooks even worse than those in Saddam’s government. And then trying to build a ‘unified’ Iraqi military loyal to that bastardized, corrupt government.

Same old gameplan..

Neocons: “We killed that evil guy that was oppressing you. Here’s your new U.S.built and approved corrupt Iraqi government that doesn’t give a shit about the little people. An Iraqi military loyal to the Iraqi people means a U.S.-built Iraqi military loyal to the (new U.S. proxy) Iraqi government. Iraqi government = Iraqi people, because… democracy! See?”
Iraqis: Are you fucking nuts? Uh… I think we’ll just keep our guns and protect ourselves for now. Iran said they would help us since you won’t. OK?”
Neocons: [shrieking in horror] IRAN?? Nobody is allowed to accept help from Iran. Those are our rules! You fucking IRANIAN TERRORISTS!”
Iraqis: Terrorists? WTF did Iran ever do to you? And what does it have to do with us protecting ourselves from the Wahhabi head-choppers YOU FUCKERS enabled?
Neocons: What? Where’s the gratitude? We killed a million Iraqis to save you from Saddam’s WMD. Iraq is a paradise today thanks to the U.S. Coalition of Evil. You will OBEY US and HATE IRAN.
Iraqis: Yeah, sure. Just as soon as you rebuild our water purification and sewage treatment plants and get us drinkable water in Baghdad. YOU fuckers blew them up, remember? It’s been what? Nineteen years? Until then, kindly FUCK OFF. Oh, and those evil Iranis offered to help us rebuild a lot of the infrastructure you destroyed and never rebuilt, so forget about ‘helping’ us at all, bitch.

The Objective

Your long narrative does little to obfuscate the fact that Iran is building a private army in Iraq outside state control. The article just confirmed what I had been saying all this while. By this reply, I know for sure that you are a regime agent waging information war online. Thankfully, much of the world knows the truth about you Dark plans for the region and Muslim world. And Allah will surely cause you enemies of Islam to destroy each other. The current lethal enmity between you and Israel is not accident. No matter how much you doge a confrontation with them it’ll surely come, and will destroy you all.

Potato Man

Popular Mobilization Units work and fight next to Iraqi Army… PMUs joining the army is normal and is the next step.

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