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Former Rebel Commander Assassinated In Al-Quneitra, Hezbollah & Syrian Intelligence Blamed

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An attack with an improvised explosive device (IED) had claimed the life of Issa Al-Janati, a former rebel commander in al-Quneitra, Enab Baladi reported on August 19.

A source close to al-Janati told the pro-opposition outlet that the IED attack had taken place near the commander’s house in the town of al-Zubaidah in al-Quneitra countryside on August 17. Al-Janati died of his serious wounds, while his wife was slightly injured.

Al-Janati, who is known by his nom de guerre “Abu Wassim,” was a senior commander in the Free Syrian Army. In 2018, he joined the reconciliation process. Nevertheless, he refused to enlist in the Syrian Arab Army or any pro-government faction.

According to Enab Baladi, local sources in al-Quneitra believe that Hezbollah and Branch 220 of the Military Intelligence Directorate were behind the assassination of al-Janati.

This was the first assassination of a former rebel commander in al-Quneitra. Such assassinations are taking place on a regular basis in the neighboring governorate of Daraa. In the most recent attack, that took place on August 18, Hassan Mansour al-Roudan, a former commander of the Tribes Army, was killed in eastern Daraa.

Opposition activists believe that Hezbollah and the Syrian intelligence were behind many of the recent assassinations. However, there is no evidence to back these accusations.


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Well done, why any Arab, be they Christian, Sunnu, Shia, Druze, or whatever would prefer to fight against the established government of Syrian president Assad while there’s a global Ziocorporte terrorist neocolonial human experiment being carried out on Arabs in the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine just across the border, is beyond any sensible reason. They don’t deserve to live in Syria or anywhere.

With luck they will be getting smoked like this more often.

johnny rotten

Every opportunity that presents itself is used to spread the slander against Hezbollah, soiling it with the accusation of being a terrorist organization, but which is not unlike the illegal occupier of Palestine, who is the real terrorist.

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, even the puppet “international tribunal” called Hezbollah a militant group and even Jew cunt Macron met with Hezbollah parliamentarians, so it is a respected organization and only terrorists are the Zionist and Americunts and their pathetic Wahhabi headchopper cowardly arseholes.

johnny rotten

Germany declared Hezbollah as a terrorist organization no more than a month ago, and in any case in the western fake media you find countless articles that carry out the accusation without presenting evidence, the halo is more difficult to cancel compared to the facts that can be denied by other facts, remember that Hez is always the worst nightmare for the Zionists, and the Zionists are the first slanderers in the world.

Zionism = EVIL

Germany is occupied by Americunts and hardly an independent country. What matters is Russia and China in the real world and they both support Hezbollah. Russians even wear Hezbollah patches in Syria on their uniforms.



Exactly!!! A terrorists would use an IED which might have killed his family who was with him. Its very unprofessional and we know Hez are pros and Syrian intelligence would have rather got him into a dark cell to tell tall tales..

Zionism = EVIL

Stupid Zionist and Wahhabi loser cunts see Hezbollah everywhere :)

Damien C


Zionism = EVIL

More trash to take out :)

Rafik Chauhan

Hezbollah doesnt need to assinate any cowards . they fight face to face. with any enemy. it must be isil or Israel or FSA rebel who wants to desatabilize Daraa region they are the only one who can benift


Who your Hezbollah going to respond? Nasrallah is very brave on the media….


relax is time to everything….dead is the crown of life….are you ..impatient…wait zios…are already…ZIC..or …

Lone Ranger

Good job. One rapist cannibal headchoppers ketss.


Why HEZBOLLAH & SYRIAN INTELLIGENCE needs to use a device like an IED is not convincing. They would just use a sniper and they have resources to not rely on such tactics where others can also be hurt. I highly doubt it was either of them. We have seen how they setup an ambush where Hezbollah took out 300 jihadists on the way from Jordan..

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