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JUNE 2021

Former Ahrar al-Sham Official Accuses Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham Of Fueling Large Conflict In Idlib

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A former official of Ahrar al-Sham, Labib al-Nahas, condemned Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its leader Abu Muhammad al-Julani.

He published a series of tweets accusing HTS of planning a comprehensive war against the Syrian revolution. In a tweet, he said that Al-Julani is an adventurer who takes his own decisions and jumps into the unknown.

Former Ahrar al-Sham Official Accuses Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham Of Fueling Large Conflict In Idlib

Al-Nahas accused Al-Julani of allegiance to Al-Qaeda and gave the enemies of the Syrian revolution all the excuses to fight it, and put the interest of his organization above the interest of all.

“Al-Qaeda isn’t a social club you entre and then cancel your participation, this matter has consequences that shouldn’t be paid by the people, not even by HTS fighters themselves,” Al-Nahas said.

He also accused Al-Julani of working to fight Turkey, and criticized both Nour al-Din al-Zanki movement and Jaysh al-Ahrar on their support for the HTS.

Al-Nahas was the head of the Office of Foreign Relations, but was removed from his position earlier this month. However, his brother Kinan al-Nahas member of the Shura Council of Ahrar al-Sham movement, and the two brothers have significant influence in the movement, according to opposition sources.

According to leaks published by opposition sources, Al-Julani took the decision to fight Ahrar Al-Sham two weeks ago, but he doesn’t want to rush because of the opposition of some HTS commanders, including Abu Mariah Al-Qahtani, Abu Al-Harith al-Masri, and Abu Abdullah Al-Muhaisani, while other HTS commanders encourage Abu Muhammad al-Julani to confront Ahrar al-Sham Including Abu Hussein al-Ordoni, the commander of the Elite Army in HTS,.

According to the source, HTS plan is to control certain sectors of Ahrar al-Sham and isolate Saraqib and Al-Zawya mountain and tp separat Sahl al-Ghab from the north.

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Its a typical falling out amongst warlords and smugglers that all Empires have faced when using Proxy Gangs of thugs to further Geo political Agenda’s. The British were experts at it during their Empire.
Divide, Rule and Plunder.

Its the turn of the US now to use death as the driver of their prosperity.


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and fail at it hopefully as previous fallen empires lol


Indeed they do. It seems that the human emotion of Greed is so powerful that it erases all the lessons of history.


Yes its amazing isn’t it?sad too


How does this article have 10 star? Good job SF


Why is this Julani person still alive?


No one’s ever seen him. Go figure!


Now we know which group is backed by turkey – Qatar and which groups are backed by the Saudis -CIA.


nice to see terrorists blowing each others guts away for a change, makes SAA and russians job that much easier i think :)))


As far as I know HTS have started an offensive on SAA in Aleppo front. That is where the war is going

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