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JUNE 2023

Former NATO General Speaks Openly of Nuclear War With Russia

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Former NATO General Speaks Openly of Nuclear War With Russia

Originally appeared at DWN, translated by Karin exclusively for SouthFront

NATO is intensifying the rhetoric against Russia: The British NATO general Alexander Richard Shirreff talked in his new book openly about an atomic confrontation with Moscow. He accused Russia of planning an attack on the Baltic states – a thesis that all military experts consider completely unfounded.

In his newly published book “2017 War With Russia” former British NATO general Alexander Richard Shirreff outlines a nuclear war between the West and Russia for the year 2017. The date of the beginning of the war the General sets at May 2017, reported “The Independent” newspaper. The General claimed that Russia would attack the Baltic states- a scenario that is considered as downright absurd by any serious military strategists, because there is nothing to gain for Putin but trouble.

“One should have no illusions (…), the use of nuclear weapons is part of the military strategy of Moscow”, cited the Austrian newspaper “OE24” the General. The war is said to have particularly dramatic consequences for Europe. In his prediction, Russia would attack the Baltics and threaten NATO to use nuclear weapons should they respond militarily.

Therefore, in the opinion of the General, the Europeans and Americans must show “strength”. That’s the language Putin would understand. But Western statesmen and NATO are giving an impression of weakness; this will strengthen Putin in his ambitions.

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Ole Johansen

That there is a new world war coming is for sure. But if will start off in the north by Norway buying F35 with secret drone controller built in. The US will use their remote to start a war between Norway and Russia in the North and from there is all hell…


In that case you had better say your goodbyes as very few people will survive.

Ding Bat

Drone controller was used in 911, MH 370, MH17.


He has obviously come off his meds.

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