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JULY 2020

Former Lebanese Minister: Erdogan Hid at Russian Base During Coup Attempt (Video)


Former Lebanese minister and a leading personality on Lebanese television, Wiam Wahhab, said in an interview to the Lebanese al-Thabat TV that Russia not only warned Erdogan of the impending military coup, but also allowed him to use its base in Syria as a safe haven. If this is true, the rapprochement between Moscow and Ankara could be much more close than it looks, publicly.



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  • VGA

    Cool story, bro.

  • paul

    For sure a Lebanese television personality is exactly the sort of person
    who would know all the secret information surrounding an event like
    this. Just because some politician says something that is no reason
    for SF to waist its time printing it.

    • Alex Popoff

      I disagree. At least it is interesting what people thinkk about Turkish coup, what rumors there are, because what people think is true is as much important as what is true.

  • Jens Holm