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“Former” ISIS Terrorist In the Ranks of the SDF: Report

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"Former" ISIS Terrorist In the Ranks of the SDF: Report

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On December 25th, activists from the Euphrates Center Against Violence published information regarding one of the commanders of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), providing evidence that he is, in fact, a “former” ISIS terrorist.

Muhammad Ramadan Eid al-Musleh, known as Ad Dabaa, which means “Hyena” in Arabic, was born in the east of Deir ez-Zor, in the village of Shhil. He was born in 1991.

When the “Arab Spring” came to Syria in 2011, Al-Dabaa was a member of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). However, a year after the start of the “revolution”, he tried to desert, but was arrested and placed in Sednaya prison.

He spent about two years in prison, until in 2014 he was released and returned to his hometown.

Ad-Dabaa’s elder brother Jamil Ramadan al-Musleh died when, together with ISIS militants, he participated in an attack on government barracks in the village of Ayash, located on the bank of the Euphrates. Then a massive amount of SAA weapons fell into the hands of the terrorists.

Then Ad-Dabaa openly sided with ISIS and soon managed to occupy a prominent position in the terrorist group. Al-Dabaa worked in ISIS’ security forces division, but soon retired, while maintaining close ties with terrorist leaders in eastern Syria.

When the Kurdish fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and US coalition forces arrived in ISIS-controlled territories, many terrorists, including Ad-Dabaa, switched to their side, quickly changing their allegiance. Quickly, he was able to gain the trust of the leaders of the SDF, and began to take a direct part in operations to export illegally produced Syrian oil.

ECAVT published a photo of Al-Dabaa with his patron, SDF field commander named Haval Firzat.

"Former" ISIS Terrorist In the Ranks of the SDF: Report

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Media center sources claimed that in order to prove his allegiance to Firzat, Hyena took part in the execution of workers at the At-Tanak oil and gas field.

The links between Al-Dabaa and the SDF are also documented. ECAVT activists published an official SDF document that authorized Muhammad Ramadan al-Musleh to carry weapons.

"Former" ISIS Terrorist In the Ranks of the SDF: Report

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“The certificate is intended for the attention of fighters in all military posts – promote the activities of their comrade Mohammed Ramadan al-Musleh, who works in the military department on the territory of Hajin. With him a weapon: a Kalashnikov assault rifle No. 617179 and a pistol type 16/9, No. 106820. The car is a Hyundai H100,” is written on a form certified by a seal with the inscription in Kurdish.

Thanks to the patronage of Firzat, Ad-Dabaa received a share of the illegal oil production at many fields of Deir ez-Zor province, such as Al-Bassam.

According to ECAVT, with the knowledge of the SDF leaders, he maintains contacts with the “emir” of ISIS in Syria named Abu Ward Iraqi. Ad-Dabaa uses part of his oil revenues to support the activities of the ISIS sleeper cells throughout Syria, supplying them with weapons and equipment.

Illegal oil production and smuggling is not the only source of Ad-Daba’s income.

"Former" ISIS Terrorist In the Ranks of the SDF: Report

Click to see full-size image

"Former" ISIS Terrorist In the Ranks of the SDF: Report

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"Former" ISIS Terrorist In the Ranks of the SDF: Report

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He is the leader of a gang engaged in racketeering in Shkhil and other settlements in the area of the Al-Omar oil and gas field. Armed bandits intimidate Syrian businessmen, accusing them of being ISIS terrorists, after which they offer the businessmen to pay for their crimes, so as not to be reported to the SDF.

With funds obtained illegally, Ad-Dabaa acquired a large house in the city of Hasaka.

As ECAVT found out, Ad-Dabaa was arrested during a raid conducted by Kurdish “security forces”. The reason for the arrest was the appropriation of about one billion Syrian pounds (almost $ 2 million at the exchange rate at the time of detention) of proceeds from illegal oil production and smuggling. But ad-Dabaa did not stay in prison for long. In fact, he bought his freedom with the help of senior SDF leaders and big bribes.

Data collected by ECAVT activists confirm that ISIS fighters who joined the ranks of Kurdish armed groups have not ceased to be terrorists. Ad-Dabaa is only one of the thousands of ISIS fighters who are still at large and continue to do what they did as part of the terrorist group.


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Good article!

Lazy Gamer

Remember that time when the SDF outraced the Russians in the river and the oilfields… lol

Concrete Mike

Agreed, its.much.quicker to shave. A beard.off than build.a.pontoon bridge.


No doubt he only got this far because of his CIA and Turkish handlers. We should expect the CIA to eventually make the SDF, ISIS and XYZ moderate muslim headchoppers merge after they have been annihilated from Idlib and be used as a proxy force to guard Syria’s eastern oilfields and assist in oil smuggling. CIA will do everything to deny Syria it’s oil and make sure Assad and the Syrians remain miserable.

The SDF never learns.

Xoli Xoli

From day one up to illegal occupation of al Omar oilfields SDF and USA,Britain and France creation ISIS used to work together.
Turkey,Saudi,UAE,Qatar as weapons and financial sponsor split rank, because of Erdogan greed.As we all know Saudi oil wealth are depleting and Arabs could not afford to finance both Turkey under Russian sanctions and ISIS.

Then Brittain and France advise kick in to Saudi of rob all rich monarch and kings of their rich By arresting and locking up. Phase two was to invade Qatar and loot under false accusations and prevent joint Turkey oil pipeline agenda in Bahrain.

By that Erdogan was busy normalizing ties with Russia through Qatar and Iran.Initially Erdogan before that organized own coup to have sympathy and being excused by Russia. Currently Erdogan is not Russian friend at all he is grab by own criminal desires and selfishness. Erdogan is the only one who expose all Russian secret operations for world peace by let it known by NATO where and when.Erdogan hope once entering Russian weapon military factories he will steal vast secret of technology and please his friends in NATO.

Erdogan wants so sincerely to control,Greece,Cyprus,Syria,Libya oil’s wealth and gas.Erdogan wants to play a role of mediation between West and Iran to plays observation post in Iran.Nato allies doesn’t want to be control by Erdogan neither does Russia want Erdogan to oppress other Arab and Muslim countries.

King Cliff

The Syrian government must request for the SDF ronhand them over so they could be hang for crimes against humanity.

Xoli Xoli

ISIS airforce NATO exists out of USA,
France,Britain,Israel and Turkey with secret border crossings open facilitators Jordan fir ISIS.After masters airlifting criminals. Israel Godly principles by loving and protecting neighbors property is rob by Israeli evil rulers who refused to accept Jesus as Messiah.

Mehmet Aslanak

I thank author for the correct news. Old ISIS & al-Qaeda militants works for all sides; SDF, SNA, SAA, even US uses them for its own purposes. Of course they are supposed to condemn their previous alliance to ISIS which is long dead in 2018. There is a serious lack of troops on the ground for all sides, so every able-fighter is very important. Fake news says that old ISIS militants are only working for Erdogan, actually everybody wants them at their side, large swathes of Syria are uncontrolled just because lack of the fighters on all sides.


This is nothing new, it was happening since early 2018. What is news is, SDF has developed a taste for recruiting terrorists so much, after PKK (the founders) and ISIS, they now plan to absorb as much HTS and co. as possible.
Who’d thought gathering so much conflicting ideologies in one place is impossible? Apparently Saudi money solves everything.

Concrete Mike

Too bad that trick does not work.in palestine!

The further away.from Erdogan.and the turks.we can get the HTS/SDF/ISIS scum the better.

Turkey has cockblocked Syria enough now, herd all the irriconcilable ones into the desert, an let god sort them out.

Liberal guy

So this wahhabi coward is a lizard bussniesman

Liberal guy

More looks like a colombian drug cartel head such a scum

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