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Former HTS Commander Accuses the Group of Treason

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Originally appeared at SMM Syria

The recent advances of the Syrian Arab Army in Idlib were facilitated by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) retreat from its positions, which was not co-ordinated with other opposition groups active in the area, said former HTS commander Saleh al-Hamawi.

On his personal Twitter page al-Hamawi wrote that the three main “operation rooms” in Idlib agreed on a plan to repel the SAA offensive, but the HTS retreat caused confusion and was followed by a rapid SAA progress.

The first operation room, Rad al-Taghyan, includes Faylaq al-Sham, Jaysh al-Nasr, Jaysh al-Nukhba, 2nd Army, 40th Brigade and Free Idlib Army. The second one, called “Allah has power to grant them victory”, comprises Harakat Nur al-Din al-Zanki, Jaysh al-Izzah, Ahrar al-Sham and Jaysh al-Ahrar.

According to al-Hamawi, none of the groups was warned about the HTS retreat. After the militants discovered that HTS had left, they sent reinforcements to counter the SAA offensive, but the government troops had already established control over dozens of villages and huge swathes of the adjacent area.

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Sometimes a cash payment is more effective than bombs.

Cheryl Brandon

HTS= Heinous/traitors/SERVANTS of Saudi Arabia=Turkey/Tel Aviv. SDF= Servile/DIVISIVE/fiends OF USA and FSA=FIENDS serving AMERICA and Turkeys’s avariciousness are all co RATTLESNAKES.As Dr Marcos Papadopoulos would say, “You cannot rehabilitate these Wahabhist rattle snakes/ Assad’s words “scorpions”; you must slay them all” Any other reconciliation ideas will encourage them to carry on poisoning uneducated and unemployed youngsters.They are in existence to DESTROY. .That is their only plan and to get PAID for their DESTRUCTION and a fake POWER like the Kosovo vassals.

Augsta “Augsta”

Fuck you when you say Kosovo vassels ass hole…

Cheryl Brandon

You must come up with Facts/history/ policies instead sexual explicit swears words.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Kosovo is full of Islamic gangsters , you may have your organs stolen if you don’t watch out.


Could be Turkey coming ‘in clutch ‘ in a way since they were allowed by Russia to attack Afrin. But it’s anyone’s guess

You can call me Al

I am exactly the same as you, it could be or couldn’t be. The only thing I can say that I am almost (sort of) confident in, is the fact that there maybe an agreement in place somewhere that we don’t know for sure of yet.


hahaha.. I didn’t know terrorists can complained..
I guess they HTS is being offered more $$ and left.. surprisingly he’s still alive to complain about it and tell us the story.. ex commander my foot lol.. you scum should be dead and rot in hell..!

Real Anti-Racist Action

Haha there’s a little comedy in every war.


We’ll see what they try to do over the next while. So far they’ve been quiet.

David Pryce

Cant.wait till it’s the sea or the advancing troops of the SAA and allies fot these fuckers
I’m going to put on some Mozart and watch the onslaught

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