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Foreign Specialists Arrived In Syria To Stage Chemical Attack: Russian Defense Ministry


Foreign Specialists Arrived In Syria To Stage Chemical Attack: Russian Defense Ministry

Idlib, Syria. FILE IMAGE: REUTERS/Ammar Abdullah

“Foreign specialists” arrived in Syria to stage a chemical attack, which will be blamed on the Damascus government, Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said warning that the staging of the incident may happen within next 48 hours.

“According to the information that the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria received today from the residents of the Idlib, foreign (English-speaking) specialists arrived in the Hbit settlement located in the south of the Idlib zone of de-escalation for staging a ‘chemical attack’ using chlorine-loaded missiles,” he said.

Konashenkov further said that the foreign “English-speaking specialists” are planning to stage an attack involving “poisonous agents” in the “next two days”.

“In the most populated area of Kafr Zita, preparations are being made for a group of residents brought from the north of the province to participate in the staging of an “attack” of allegedly chemical munitions and bombs by Syrian government forces, staged assistance by mimicked ‘rescuers’ from the “White Helmets” and the shooting of video for distribution to the Middle East and English-language media,” he noted.

“Thus, the interested extra-regional forces are once again preparing major provocations in Syria using poisonous substances to severely destabilize the situation and disrupt the steady dynamics of the ongoing peace process.”



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  • Joe

    These Western countries are just too much.
    So blatant

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      blatant?…. or just plain stupid, marionettes?

    • hope springs eternal.

      Bcoz they think they are the Masters of the Universe.

  • World_Eye

    Typical shit what else can they do go fight fist to fist with SAA no! They must do shit with CW stages.

    • jakoDELETED

      What “fight”?
      They have lost that war on terrorist level.
      Idlib is their last stand.
      The only thing that is left for US and stooges is to use any dirty trick they can imagine (doesn’t matter how lame or stupid it looks) to justify bringing in NATO intervention as the last option to keep US-NATO foothold there

      • TS

        Every one in Idlib is being watched. These people are cowards in the first place, all of them.. No one really wants them, the ‘seperatist-freedon-fighters’ or their kin and in there convalescence, their ‘time out’ they where supposed to get drug free and realize that they had got a second chance to live, but they are choosing to die. These are the nut cases and if they have the ability to repent, they had better shoot themselves in the leg and make it look good in the heat of battle, in a place that they can be ‘captured’, but that is rather problematic, as the soldier in front and the mercenary in back mat shoot them out of spite.

  • leon mc pilibin

    nutandyahoo is going full retard,,he wont give up on his greater israhelli agenda dream.Time to end his war of terror on humanity.

    • Ivan Freely

      BiBi isn’t the sole architect of implementing the Greater Israel plan. IMO, he’s part of a larger cabal where his main role is to be the front man.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      you confuse the figure heads and the camera faces, with the ones who actually making policy and the decision makers, my friend.

    • Ronald

      But learn from him, everyone remembers his UN “art work” the round bombs with fuses.

      Russia should immediately call for an emergency meeting, bring this up, and add some “art work”. Even if the White Helmets stage another video, it will be on record that this is a staged performance.

      • Pave Way IV

        Yet the MSM propaganda will be eagerly lapped up as fact by a significant knuckle-dragging portion of the FUKUS public. Our governments already know they can act with impunity in Syria. The story of being outed ahead of time by Russia is never going to make it past the alt-media sites. The MSM already have their chemical-Assad scripts ready for deployment and plenty of stock Tomahawk launch footage.

  • Lazy Gamer

    Isnt there someone in the area who could secretly film the surroundings? High res camera/video shots from drones maybe?

    • Ivan Freely

      Nobody knows where exactly the attacks will occur. Assuming the attacks did occur. Sometimes it’s claimed an attack was made, followed up by a staged video.

  • occupybacon

    TOS them before they lay eggs

  • Rob

    Since Turkey military coup, Turkey have shutdown the US and NATO culprits Incirlik military base in Turkey.

    Since that time US and NATO culprits attacked Syria from Iraqi, Saudi soil and Mediterranean sea. No attack took place from Turkey soil.

    In this war now Assad, Erdogan, Rouhani and Putin etc are united against US and NATO culprits that have created and financed global terrorists (ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Israel.)

    • Tchoutoye

      Turkey is still double-dealing. It continues to support the jihadi terrorists in Idlib. The chlorine to be used in the false flag attack outlined in the article above comes from a chemical plant in Turkey.

      • jakoDELETED

        I agree with you.
        Turkey is “united” only with Turkey and nobody else and they push Turkish interests only
        Turkey is just investing to both sides.
        They don’t want to be on loosing side for some reason.
        If Russia and allays depend on help of Turkey than they are not in good position.
        But if they are determined to resolve situation despite everything (Turkey included) than I don’t see who can stop them.

        • HardHawk

          if they are determinate then none can stop them but are they?

      • Rob

        Benjanyahu last time SAA and allies captured some chemical and biological plants in Al-Suweda which were supplied from IIBR Israel. These Israeli culprits fight for greater Israel.

      • HardHawk

        how you know this for a fact?

    • zman

      Erdo is united only with Erdogan. He is a megalomaniac unto his own. He will be the destruction of Turkey…hopefully he’ll take NATO with him.

      • Rob

        Sorry Erdogan is allied with Assad, Putin and Rouhani. Therefore he has shutdown Incirlike military base only for Syria.

        • HardHawk

          i keep wondering what medication are you on.

  • Rob

    Israeli forces fire at sheep herders near the “Sofa” crossing east of Rafah, and military boats fire at fishermen’s boats in Khan Yunis.

    Benjanyahu the culprit does not feel shame on killing sheeps and fishermen.

  • zman

    Since Russia obviously knows where this chlorine and perps are, best thing to do to defuse the situation is to assassinate all those involved. Make sure NONE of the ‘english speaking’ survive…then send their IDs home to their families, not US officials. End this game of not killing western SFs.

    • Concrete Mike

      Send a kalibr ated response

    • HardHawk

      assuming are americans and not brits or french or all of the above mix together, with mossad.

    • Ma_Laoshi

      This seems such an obvious way to go about it, and yet nothing like this ever happens. Sadly, it makes me suspect that on some level Russia is in on the joke and playing its designated role. But for the Syrians, none of this is funny of course. I would add that the White Helmets are even more vile to me than the average headchopper, making them fair game for priority assassination wherever they go. Again, they mostly seem to go home free. What’s up with that? Does Russia think that impunity for these dangerous people will earn them brownie points for restraint?

      • zman

        I think there is an ‘understanding’ of sorts. You don’t kill our SF and we won’t kill yours type thing(backchannels). They are traded for POWs, ransomed, etc…It’s the only thing I can think of anyway. It appears the US severely abuses this. Russia publicly warns the west they are going to go after their proxies (+SFs) and the US threatens a ‘response’ to a FF that they setup as punishment to save face. Each previous time it just so happened there was about to be an offensive on a stronghold. The same with the Israeli attacks. It seems this is mainly a Brit show, with the US/Turkey running logistics. Erdo is going to get his ass bit sooner or later. Putin’s use of public announcement is a good strategy.

        • Merijn

          But on the Other Hand this Whole Trading of Western Traitors & Phoney Accusations keeps on making things Visible….I Know my True Enemy….I got me (S)Hitlist ready… Dutch Muslims, Dutch Christians & Dutch Folks will not Fight Eachother….everything under control… we know how the Situation is….Fighting Like Brothers is OUR best option…Bringin’ everthing under control in Every Country….will be a good Strategy….take the Stinger out…. Syria has brought a BIG OFFER to give EVIL a FACE….

        • Bob

          The recent evacuation of White Helmets from southernmost Syria into Israel – that operation surely also involved, and concealed, air lifting NATO handlers/intelligence/SOF personnel, who were suddenly caught out by the sheer rapid advance of SAA as militant’s defenses collapsed across south.

    • TS

      Kill’m all.. then let god sort it out.. Tactical nuke of the strategic kind.. flatten the place, bake it to glass.

      • zman

        I’m sure the Syrians might have a different view. After all, it’s their back yard.

    • Merijn

      Yeah I’m PRO-Extermination of any Foreign Intel or Special Forces Kill them ALL..Aleppo-Style…. For They are Traitors and Should only Return in a Closed COFFIN or in PIECES….

    • putinbeater

      Russia dare not do this.

  • BlueInGreen

    This latest false flag attack yet to materialize comes at a time when the US/Israeli/Saudi Axis is backed into a corner given that they haven’t been able to oust Assad and get rid of Iranian influence in Syria, all the while Hezbollah (Israels kryptonite) is expanding its resources and fighting capability along with increasing its political foothold back in Lebanon.

    I have the feeling or more like a strong assertion that this false flag is set up to justify an attack that totally trumps the last one in scope. I believe the US and Israelis along with UK, France and Saudi Arabia have made a decision to use this chemical attack that will be perpetrated by terrorists to justify attacks on Iranian/Hezbollah assets in Syria. Israels periodic attacks on questionable “Iranian” targets just can’t seem to get the job done as far as reducing Irans footprint in Syria, so now they need the more capable nations to do the heavy lifting for them (Typical Israeli tactic, get some one else to fight your enemies, fucking cowards…).

    We see the US is amassing ships close to Syria for this, most likely Israel will launch a large scale Air raid as well in conjunction with UK,US and France.

    Idk what to say honestly, Iran just doesn’t have the military tech in Syria needed to guard itself reliably against the US and Israel. SAA can only do so much and the Russians won’t use their missiles but will only provide radar assistance (which is pretty substantial in of itself).

    Assad asking for Hezbollah to stay and possibly expand its role in Syria along with Iran increasing its support and reconstruction efforts will piss of the Axis since their main goal was to neuter Irans and Russias influence in Syria/Mediterranean area.

    Just going to have to wait and see how this new scenario plays out.

    • hope springs eternal.

      Good analysis. I feel the US/Turkey fallout will also be exploited with the help of the Kurds. The US/Israel have been on a losing streak in Syria, and they see Idlib as one last chance to turn the game around. Russia has given till 15 Sep to find a peaceful solution, but i don’t think the West can wait so long.

  • Barba_Papa

    What would be the point of staging another chemical attack? Don’t get me wrong, those ‘white helmets’ have staged them before, and the West seems to love lobbing a few cruise missile towards Syria in respone. But what would be the point? As in the first cruise missile attack attacking the Hama airbase accomplished fuck all, it was operational again in a few hours. The 2nd cruise missile attack only destroyed three buildings and basically accomplished fuck all. For all that bluster and bringing the world as close to WWIII since the Cuban missile crisis, what was the whole point? The headchoppers still lost, Assad still won. So what would be the point of doing this yet another third time? More cruise missiles for the scrapheap in the desert? Just like before, unless it will be a massive sustained air campaign that will change the course of the war, another cruise missile attack would be a futile exercise. So what would be the point for FUKUS to do it yet another time? What do these morons get out of this that makes it worth to yet risk WWIII all over again?