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Foreign-Organized Protests Threaten Shaky Stability In Egypt


Foreign-Organized Protests Threaten Shaky Stability In Egypt

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On September 20th, small-scale protests took place across Egypt demanding President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to step down.

Crowds primarily gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on the evening of September 20th and in the early hours of September 21st.

MSM reports paint a very one-sided picture of the protests, claiming that “the tyrant” el-Sisi needs to go, propagating small-scale protests, organized by a questionable self-exiled construction magnate and actor, turned activist – Mohamed Ali.

In a video on Twitter protesters shouted “The People want to topple the regime,” which it closely resembles the chants of the 2011 Arab Spring, but at a much smaller scale.

Police attempted to disperse the protesters by firing tear gas. There were also unconfirmed reports that police were using violent attacks to quell protests.

“No deaths, but I saw about 20-25 people arrested and held in police trucks. Some were released later. Currently downtown is full of riot police and plain-clothes policemen,” a Middle East Eye correspondent told the outlet.

These demonstrations appear quite orchestrated, as they came after calls by self-exiled Egyptian businessman and actor Mohamed Ali accused President el-Sisi and his government of corruption and called for people to take to the streets.

El-Sisi denied all allegations of misappropriation of funds.

“If el-Sisi does not announce his resignation by Thursday, then the Egyptian people will come out to the squares on Friday in protest,” Ali said in a video posted on Twitter.

Mohamed Ali has been exquisitely active on his Twitter, spurting a massive propaganda storm, showing el-Sisi as a tyrant, walking among ruins, similarly to how Syrian President Bashar al-Assad continues being presented in MSM. Naturally, that is simply a coincidence.

In a more recent video, Ali played the victim, despite him exiling himself to Spain, rather than being sent there by “the regime.”

“God is great … enough already, I want to come back to Egypt. I miss Egypt and my people. May God strengthen your resolve,” he said.

Human Rights Watch said that since el-Sisi secured a second term in 2018, “his security forces have escalated a campaign of intimidation, violence, and arbitrary arrests against political opponents, activists.”

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression, David Kaye, and the Special Rapporteur on human rights and counter-terrorism, Fionnuala Ní Aloáin expressed their “grave concern” over “freedom of expression” in Egypt, with the “regime” having blocked access to dozens of websites.

And Egypt is, indeed, in a crisis, but it is unclear whether it is due to el-Sisi’s “tyranny” or due to the fact that massive resources need to be allocated in fighting the rampant terrorism in the region, especially in the Sinai Peninsula.

The destabilization of Egypt is a worrisome prospect, as it is one of the key fighters (if not the premier) against terrorism in the region. A political and social crisis in the country would mean a harsh destabilization that would not only impact Egypt but every country in the region in which terrorists are active.

The suddenness of the protests, in a country in which the last protest took place in 2013 further raises some questions, as well as the similarities of other protests taking place right now. Venezuela and Hong Kong come to mind, as the active hot spots of similar sudden “democratic activism.”



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  • Saso Mange

    Egypt got screwed long time ago.

  • LR captain

    the Jews want the sini Peninsula. But Egypt has military there what to do. move isis cells there to destabilize the region. Mmmmm seems the Egyptians can still main enough security to prevent isis from attacking israel and provoking and intervention.

    Egypt then looks at where the isis terrorists are coming from Libya, so they support halftar. isis members are no longer getting reinforcements.

    US and CO failed to take control of syria and failed to bring the venezuela to its knees and it rapidly loosing the media war for hong kong. They need a victory some where.

    The suadis are borderline collapsing in thinking of pulling everything out of Yemen leaving a Iranian friendly shia group in charge of Yemen.

    Egypt won’t support US and co in an invasion of Iran. They also won’t back Israel if it gets attacked.

    Israels needs a buffer zone against the growing Iranian influence they need the Sai-ni peninsula as that buffer zone. Other wise they would be surrounded by Iran by on all sides not just the north of the country.

  • Xoli Xoli

    When Israel Sharon were keeping Jasar Arafat in house arrest.Mubarak was treated special with Gaddafi. But after Arafat died time to steal Libyan oil and gas were plan by France, Britain,USA and Israel.

    The best option was to created chaose in Egypt and removed Mubarak.When Mubarak felt no single wester leader visited or help him same to Gaddafi.

    Protest to cause disruption is France,Britain, USA mechanism and tool.Currently both South Korea and Saudi Arabia are under severe pressure from France,Britain and USA warmongers.

    Since Japan South Korean tension were created by west South Korea start passing intelligence to Saudi Arabia regard oil tanker sabotage by France,Britain and Israel.

    Saudi Arabia ignorance cause splitting between UAE and Saudi Arabia terrorists.Out of USA sanctions and warmongers pressure Saudi’s who proposed buying S-400 are no requesting South Korea defence systems.

    Saudi Arabia still belief in Britain France and USA dreams of succeeds in annexation of Libya, Iraq, Venezuela, Caucasus,Syrian and Iranian oil,gas and gold their will be used as refiners and main exporters.West are making Saudis so vulnerable until the will handover oil gold and gas control to them.Because this will keep Russia away and avoid market balance.

    If Saudi Arabia start thinking and realize the west danger.Then their can keep oil price cheap below market.Thus this alone will stop west war plan.West is used to war because market price goes up if their threaten with war.