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Foreign Media Expelled From Belarus As Propaganda Against Lukashenko Ramps Up


Foreign Media Expelled From Belarus As Propaganda Against Lukashenko Ramps Up

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Protests continued in Belarus, with tens of thousands of people taking to the streets each day. August 30th is expected to be a big event, and together with it appears that international journalists’ credentials were revoked in the country.

the Belarusian Association of Journalists said at least 17 journalists were stripped of their accreditation, which are issued by the foreign ministry. Among them were a video journalist and a photographer from Reuters news agency, two from the BBC and four from Radio Liberty.

There is even a video purportedly showing a Radio Libery (a US-state funded media) being apprehended by an unidentified man dressed in black.

The Associated Press news agency also said two Moscow-based journalists who were covering the recent demonstrations in Belarus were deported to Russia on Saturday. Also, the AP’s Belarusian journalists were told by the government that their press credentials had been revoked.

Opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who escaped to Lithuania, said she was worried about the government targeting the media.

“The only way it will attempt to cling onto power is by fear and intimidation,” she said.

Several Western embassies in Minsk issued a statement against President Alexander Lukashenko’s government and in support of the opposition.

“We condemn the disproportionate use of force and urge the Belarusian authorities to stop the violence and the threats to use military force against the country’s own citizens and release immediately and unconditionally all those unlawfully detained,” the missions of the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the European Union said in the joint statement.

“Intimidation and prosecution based on political grounds need to stop. We call on the Belarusian authorities to respect the country’s international obligations on fundamental democratic and human rights.”

Meanwhile, Senior Prosecutor of the International Legal Department of the General Prosecutor’s Office, Counselor of Justice Vitaly Volskiy resigned in protest against the actions of the authorities.

He is one of many individuals leaving government service in presumed support of the opposition.

Foreign Media Expelled From Belarus As Propaganda Against Lukashenko Ramps Up

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The opposition media network is reporting on the “unstable mental condition” of the usurper – in wording and claims very similar to what was said regarding Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro starting from February 2019. The long coup attempt there, however, appears to have entirely failed.

The Belarusian one is still only beginning. And it uses all the common accusations found in MSM, such as the mythical Wagner contractors and more.

“Friends, this week has shown even better the unstable mental state of the usurper. Throughout May, June and July he frightened us with Russia, looked for the Kremlin’s trail in any candidate, smashed Belgazprombank and detained the Wagner PMC fighters.

After August 9th, the psychopath began to threaten to bring Russian troops here. He blamed the Czech Republic and Ukraine for all mortal sins, and military army helicopters shot down balloons on the border with Lithuania. The United States has replaced the Kremlin as the main threat.

At the moment, the madman thought of transferring troops to the western borders and accusing Poland of trying to seize the Grodno region.

It even came to a violation of the religious peace, threats to Christians, detentions near churches and churches.

We believe that such actions of the state treason can lead to sad consequences. The Belarusian people must go out and show that they stand for peace and friendship with all their neighbors. And also will not allow the invaders to destroy the sovereignty of our country.”




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