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Foreign Diplomatic Staff Swarming To Get Vaccinated With Sputnik V In Russia

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Foreign Diplomatic Staff Swarming To Get Vaccinated With Sputnik V In Russia

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At least 183 attaches and staff of foreign military and naval attache apparatuses from 34 countries were vaccinated against coronavirus with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine at the treatment and diagnostic center of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

This was announced in a statement on March 18th.

“183 foreign military attachés from 34 countries of the CIS, Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America voluntarily took part in the vaccination against the new coronavirus infection with the Russian drug Sputnik V,” the Defense Ministry said.

In particular, military attaches from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Congo, Zimbabwe, Mali and Ecuador were vaccinated.

The ministry clarified that those who had not previously had COVID-19 and had no contraindications were allowed to vaccinate. Tatyana Kucheruk, deputy head of the medical center for medical work, noted that doctors monitor the condition of the vaccinated.

Sputnik V vaccine, created at the Center. N.F. Gamaleas were registered in Russia in August last year. The use of the drug is approved in more than 50 countries of the world, including Azerbaijan, Argentina, Serbia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Turkmenistan, Hungary, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan and Syria.

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) filed an application for registration of Sputnik V with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in mid-February, which is now under consideration by the regulator. Even before the agency was approved, the use of the vaccine was approved by the authorities of Hungary and Slovakia.

All of this happens amidst the massive smear campaign in MSM against the Russian vaccine. It turns out that despite the EMA’s attempt to cancel the vaccine without a fair review, and all of the claims against it in media, diplomatic figures in Russia are swarming the centers to get vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the widely-hailed AstraZeneca’s vaccine is struggling to get permission for use in every EU country due to controversy over complications. Despite the EMA claiming it is safe, many countries in the bloc are refusing to administer it.

Other vaccines are largely lacking throughout.


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No “COVID passports” for those traitors of Western imperialism :)
They’ll have to receive Western experimental genetic manipulation vaccine, to be accepted as civil servants of the Empire. There is price in serving the Devil…

johnny rotten

Reactions to vaccines, British government data. 502 dead, 87387 reactions, 43 blind, and I believe that those who can, try not to be inoculated certain crap, and run to vaccinate themselves with Sputnik, it would be stupid to work in Russia and not take advantage of the favorable opportunity.

Lone Ranger

Only shows Russia is the Leader of the Free World.
Even their enemies know that.
They trust Russia more than their own govt.
I rest my case…

Lone Ranger

P.S. U.S. Embassy staff got Sputnik V too…
Just sayin…

Band Itkoitko

Cowards, hypocrites, and egoists! That’s what they are. Cannot face and straighten their garbage system but care only for their personal well-being. Bashing on Russia on the outside, but using their privileged position of being in Russia and having access to probably the only reasonable vaccine available out there. They’ll have it well but their own deceived people are to voluntarily face vaccines with God knows what consequences, which have only 1% absolute efficiency.


I guess I will have to travel to st petes to get my sputnik v shot, since the EU does what it can to keep it outside the union.

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