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Forecasting Escalation Scenario Of Conflict In Syria

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This video was originally released in November, 2016. It depicts the worst-case escalation scenario of the conflict in Syria. The recent US missile strike against Syria showed that this analysis remains relevant to this day.


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In terms of the actual failure of diplomatic efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis, the threat of a direct armed conflict between Russia and the United States is becoming more and more of a reality.

In simulating a possible armed conflict between the Armed Forces of the involved countries, we can state with some confidence that it will commence with a series of provocative actions. Possibilities include air strikes of “unknown aircraft” on civilians, the use of chemical weapons, destruction of humanitarian convoys, “shooting” at military aircraft or ships of the coalition forces, and possibly even encompassing their complete destruction. The United States and Western countries will undoubtedly accuse the Syrian or Russian Armed Forces of any such action in this regard.

Furthermore, bypassing all the international organizations and their resolutions, a certain “group of friends of Syria” will declare a decision to establish a no-fly zone over Syria to “ensure the safety of the civilian population” as part of the US “R2P – Responsibility To Protect strategy. After a repeated provocative episode, for example, the use of chemical weapons, there will be an announcement for the beginning of a full scale military operation against the “criminal regime and its ally”

If it is decided to fully implement this power projection scenario, the target of the first strike will be air defense systems and command and control centers of the Syrian army. The US would show their strength and willingness to take extreme measures to offset the Assad regime. In this scenario, the campaign against the media propagandized “universal evil” is to improve the reputation of the United States on the world stage. This strike will be launched with cruise missiles upon the most vulnerable targets, which will be situated in locations with the weakest air defense system. The strikes will be carried out from a safe 500 km distance from the main targets. In this case, the US Mediterranean naval group will be out of the zone of defeat of anti-ship missiles “X-35″ (Range – up to 200 km) and “Onyx” (SS-N-26 Strobile, range – up to 300 km). The Syrian army will not be able to strike back on its own, and Russia may be willing to make significant concessions in the negotiation process. That could relieve the United States from the need to carry out more extensive and costly operations.

However, Russia is likely to act from the position of strength. Qualifying the deaths of several groups of Russian military advisors in the Syrian targeted areas as an act of aggression, Russia can execute a number of various military operations, directly or indirectly. In particular, several American ships in the US Mediterranean fleet could be destroyed by stealthy diesel-electric submarines the Project 636 “Warszawianka”. In addition, US warships can be attacked by Tu-160 strategic bombers. Or US warships, aviation and ground forces and facilities in the Middle East which were involved in the aggression can be attacked by Russian rocket, artillery and air defense systems from Syrian territory and on behalf of Syrian Arab Army. Any such direct or indirect operations will also be framed by the US as an act of aggression. Thus, they will move on to the scenario of a massive attack of the forces of the two fleets

In general, this strike can be executed by more than 1500 cruise missiles. Currently in the Mediterranean Sea there is deployed 4 guided-missile destroyers of the US Navy – USS Ross (DDG-71), USS Carney (DDG 64), USS Donald Cook (DDG 75) and USS Porter (DDG 78). Each of them is equipped with multiple vertical launch systems with no less than 90 start-up cells, each of which can be charged with an anti-submarine, an anti-aircraft or a cruise missile. When the strikes are executed on the ground targets each cell can be charged with a cruise missile BGM-109 “Tomahawk”. The naval combat group would be shadowed with one nuclear-powered Ohio-class sub with more than 150 cruise missiles aboard.

The US 5th Fleet has another powerful group of warships, which can be deployed in the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. Currently, in addition to the Aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69), it is composed of four guided-missile destroyers USS Nitze (DDG 94), USS Roosevelt (DDG 80), USS Stout (DDG 55), USS Mason (DDG 87) and two guided-missile cruisers (USS San Jacinto (CG 56), USS Monterey (CG 61). This naval group is reinforced with two guided missile submarines.

The target of the massive strike will be the ships of the Russian Mediterranean fleet, command centers, airfields, air defense systems and electronic warfare. The US and its allies will resort to the force scenario only if they can achieve overwhelming superiority over their stated enemy. In spite of the deployment of air defense systems “Pantsir-S1″(SA-22 Greyhound), the S-300 (SA-10 Grumble) and S-400 (SA-21 Growler), as well as sea-based air defense systems, the army command and control systems as well as air defense systems of Russia and Syria, would receive irrepairable damage in the case of implementation of a massive attack by cruise missiles from a safe distance.

According to military experts, for the assured destruction of one Russian air defense complex, approximately 10 missile launches under the condition of retaliatory fire by the air defense complexes are required. According to some estimates, there are approximately up to 200 air defense systems on permanent combat readiness throughout Syria. However, the destruction of the primary radars can “blind” defense launchers. The only trump card in this scenario could be Russian top-secret electronic warfare systems, which theoretically could disorient the enemy cruise missiles as well as naval vessels. If this does not happen, it is unlikely that Russia will retaliate by means of conventional weapons. It may be sufficient, in one hour of operation, to eliminate the threat to the United States and its allies Air Forces.

In this situation, Russia will be faced with a choice: to abandon Syria, leaving it at the mercy of warring factions, or to respond with a tactical nuclear attack. The US calculation will be conducted based upon the premise that Russia in this situation would not dare to take such a step. According to I.27 of the Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation by 2014, “The Russian Federation shall reserve the right to use nuclear weapons in response to the use of nuclear and other types of weapons of mass destruction against it and/or its allies, as well as in the event of aggression against the Russian Federation with the use of conventional weapons when the very existence of the state is in jeopardy”. In this case, the United States and its allies do not use nuclear weapons and do not specifically pose a threat to the existence of the Russian state, although that point could be debated considering the US is continually imposing itself upon Russia’s borders and has played the role of aggressor since the beginning of the New Cold War.

Meanwhile taking into account the approximate flight time of cruise missiles to the target (roughly 40 minutes at missile speeds up to 880 km/h and the distance to target of 500 km), the military and political Russian leadership will have enough time to estimate the scale of the attack and resort to a Predetermined Response Plan. The main Russian counter strike would be executed upon the elements of the missile defense system in Europe. At the same time the concentrated forces of the 5th and 6th fleets will be entirely destroyed by the X-102 missiles from Tu-160 bombers. The US and its allies in their turn will try to launch a retaliatory nuclear strike on the territory of the Russia Federation. So the final step will be a strategic nuclear exchange.

However, considering a more likely the scenario that involves maintaining military parity in the  region, the parties may continue negotiations, gradually developing successes on various fronts. After the capture of Mosul and Raqqa the US coalition forces will attempt to gain control over as much Syrian terrain as possible. After the capture of Aleppo, Russia will also move to the center of the country. Thus, Syria will be divided into spheres of influence similar to post-war Germany. The parties then will begin long-term political negotiations on forming a national unity government and resolve the status of Kurdish autonomy. No matter how the situation  develops, Russia will continue to ensure the rise to power of a loyal government that is representative of the Syrian people, as well as being a staunch ally, and thus retain the Russian naval base in Syria. The recent win of Donald Trump in the US presidential election likely contributed to this peaceful scenario. Experts expect that with Trump in the White House, the main players in the region – Russia and the US – will have more chances to make a deal to divide the spheres of influence.

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John Mason

In other words, Russia, Syria and Iran made a tactical mistake allowing the US and Turkey to set up their bases. That was obvious and why nothing was ever done to remove them remains a mystery. Don’t need manpower when you have missiles.


It’s a war of attrition in which the US and its head-chopping, heart-eating rapers have the advantages of numbers, equipment and money. The Syrians and their allies need to follow a serpentine route to victory using force, guile, diplomacy and economics to get the best result possible, short of an overt war with the Washington barbarians. The quiescence of the west Syrian rebel areas was always based on it being in the US interest for them not to shoot their bolt. Syrian success in the east of the country, recapturing its oil and gas fields, have made it worth while for the Washington barbarians to expend their west Syrian proxy head-chopping, heart-eating rapers.

Chris Rose

sounds like someone is bitter :)

Bill Wilson

Oh calm down. Trump didn’t want to look like a weenie to the World so decided to hit the airbase where the jets supposedly came from. Rumor has it that the DoD warned the Russians of the strike ahead of time so they could remove men and equipment before the missiles hit. I doubt if Assad and Putin mind the US assisting the Kurds since we’re footing the bill plus our presence puts a limit on Tayyip’s adventures into Syria. I suspect that Assad, Putin and the US reached an agreement long ago for the SDF to clear out ISIS in eastern and central Syria while they busied themselves ousting the extremists in the west. The SAA is short on manpower too, which is why it taking them forever to clear out ISIS from the Palmyra region so they can advance to Deir Azzor.

Fabrizio Brader

I also have a hint on it.

Jonathan Cohen

I expect SAA will, or at least should, dig in near Palmyra and transfer forces West to squeeze out HTS/AQ pockets while letting US and Daesh fight each other. If McMaster wants to defend HTS/AQ then wiping them out first becomes the priority. Trump seems to have forgotten that Hayat Tarir Al-Sham is Al Qaeda. So if I was Assad, then in response to this, I would transfer forces from Daesh fronts to concentrate on squeezing out HTS pockets and making sure the terrorists in them can never fight again. Let the US/YPG fight Daesh and Turkey too while you concentrate on HTS/AQ. That is after allowing abortions of course, like Russia and YPG do.

Solomon Krupacek

this was strategical mistake. putin already lost this game.


Are you a professional anti Putin troll, by any chance?

Solomon Krupacek

troll are you, not me.

i am a free man in free country. thus i can have critical viewpoint and do not fear of polonium tea.

fro you: check putins big speeches in sept oct 2015 and compare with reality ;)

Tudor Miron

Poles – still bitter and still funny, they never change.

Solomon Krupacek

what poles?? north and south together?


Polish/baltic anti-russians posters are rather standard.

Solomon Krupacek

1) i am not polish 2) i am not anti russian. critics =/= anti

Fabrizio Brader

Of course, but it was because there were several interesting issues for Russia (South Stream, Donbass, Assad…) and the two Presidents, Trump and Erdogan, indicated that they were open to discuss it. But it’s always very difficult to deal with traitors, even if an Erdogan no longer needs to be presented as such.


I say Iran will finance a North Korean or Chinese gang to do a chemical attack on South Korea to trick Trump into stupidity again.

Solomon Krupacek


Dod Grile

By the litany of war crimes mentioned, sounds like Murder Inc is raring to go for its take down. It should not blame anyone but itself for what is about to happen to it.

It is going to get its wish to meet the Devil.


36 out of the 59 Tomahawk missiles were destroyed by the Russian air defence system Pantsir-S1. So the Americans achieved nothing. haha. The bombed airport is again operational,and Putin is going to supply Syrians with the S400 missiles asap.

Chris Rose

its ok, the Raptor pilots need some combat flight hours anyways :)

Jonathan Cohen

I expect SAA will, or at least should, dig in near Palmyra and transfer forces West to squeeze out HTS/AQ pockets while letting US and Daesh fight each other. If McMaster wants to defend HTS/AQ then wiping them out first becomes the priority. Trump seems to have forgotten that Hayat Tarir Al-Sham is Al Qaeda. I would transfer forces from Daesh fronts to concentrate on squeezing out HTS pockets and making sure the terrorists in them can never fight again. Let the US/YPG fight Daesh and Turkey too while you concentrate on HTS/AQ. That is after allowing abortions of course, like Russia and YPG do.

Solomon Krupacek

36 out of the 59 Tomahawk missiles were destroyed by the Russian air defence system Pantsir-S1.

where did you read this, liar???


seems like this buddy is right, I did small research: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Shayrat_missile_strike (attack section) https://www.rt.com/news/383858-syria-us-strike-inefficient/ http://tapnewswire.com/2017/04/36-out-of-the-59-tomahawk-missiles-fired-by-nato-go-missing/

38% of the missiles wasted, or the same 22’1M dollars gone throught the drain

Solomon Krupacek

today already also al masdar news reported only about 59 fired. tehre is no evidence that only 23 fount the target. and sure nowhere is written abot that possibility, that they were destroyed. also the russians are silent. if they would have evidence, be sure, all russian and syrian newspapers would have on the first page.

btw, wiki is not relevant source. there are only som infos according articles from selected journals.

fyi, there is also no evidence about destroyed planes. it would be very easy and simply to shhow photos before and after attack with planes. and everybody could see, how many atre destroyed. probaly not 20 as reported foxnews, but also not 6 as reported syrians and russians. thi si propagadnda and you mis devide by 3 all infors, independently on source.


I didn’t said the russians intercept it, just that there is sources which says that a considerable amount of missiles didn’t reached the target.

Also wikipedia it’s pretty trustable, as it’s made out of milions of users around the world who constantly auto analyze everything they post, sustained by nonprofit orgs

Solomon Krupacek

look, already the older versions of tomahawk were very precise. i remember in the first gulf war, in baghdad in avenue flew tomahawk, in crossing turned in other street and flw to target. so, 50% missing of target is tale. something else is the truth. and russians also told only, taht 23 of alle hit the airbase. we do not know, how many should hit this target. therefore until we get better info, everything is speculative. :) have a nice day!

Hisham Saber

Bitter Jew.

Solomon Krupacek

who? you??

no problem, i am not racist.

Hisham Saber

Dude, the Russian MoD do not lie.


Solomon Krupacek

lied, beacuse today the almasdarnews already reported about 15 destroyed planes.


They were mostly/only defunct ones left there, as the best assets had been moved away hours before the dastardly attack.

Solomon Krupacek

why do you lie??? nobody jknows nothing about missing missiles (and also nothing about their real number). if you your meaning write as fact, you are lying.

Hisham Saber

It was announced by the spokesperson of the Russian Defense Ministry. They don’t lie.


Solomon Krupacek

sorry, but this is not trustworthy source.

where are the rests of missing tomahawks???


There were several hits on nearby villages. There is a pic of an intact missile in a vegetable garden. Pantsirs may have been fired but more likely they used only EW jamming. There is no doubt that the damage to the base is much less than 59 missiles should be able to do. The target was obviously chosen because it was outside any effective Russian radar or AA defence. the attack must have been planned weeks in advance.

Tudor Miron

Solomon, he scared you? Look at the link below – your master is not the all mighty :)

Solomon Krupacek

i am ateist, i have no master

Gabriel Hollows

Except there is no proof they were destroyed by the Pantsirs instead of just missing entirely and on purpose, because this was nothing more than a pathetic attempt of intimidation and had they actually wanted to cripple Assad it would’ve involved a much larger operation. You have a head, use it.


Missing entirely or even on purpose??!

Some parts of them have been found near Tartus.

It is highly likely that many of them got disabled, diverted or destroyed in flight, because less than 2/5 of them made it to the “target”


sources in english or stfu

Hisham Saber

here…Zionist troll. now you shut the f..k up.


Fabrizio Brader

I don’t believe it, all the Russian air defense systems in Syria are primordially placed to defend the Russian air and naval bases and the US Tomahawk missiles have not been directed towards them. Otherwise they will be shot down early.

Hisham Saber

Yes, you are corrct. Only 23 tomahawks made it, the rest flew off to nowhere due to Russian electronic countermeasures. You see, Israel tried to bomb Syria, but had problems due to countermeasures. They even had one jet shot down, and one damaged. So they cried to the U.S.(controlled by Jews) and thus the U.S. decided to use cruise missiles, but less than 50% made it.


Yeah, Russia will leave I know that already, as some Russian officials say, its not unconditional, witch means they are running home with the tail between their legs, of course the wankees will invade, they have said it already, and we know that this will come, and Russians and others will flee.

And what will Putin do, huh , threaten to hold his breath, in hope of the uISISa storm troopers laugh them self so they choke on something, yeah, another brilliant strategy, easy to do even with your thumbs up your ass.

And thats it, Iran will be next, yeah I bet they feel reassured by the dust from the Russians running like rabbits homeward. And Israel, yup, little Russia, just ask the Russian officials about Kurdistan and the Oil from Gaza/Golan, witch they support, we all know that, right Zakharova. Turks, well, they will get their part of Syria I know that to, beside Kurdistan, and Iraq will fail,inevitably because of uISISa, and their own corruption.

Yeah, Persians and Arabs, the storm is coming, and you failed, and to be honest, not even worthy to be called Men. Corruption, greed and ignorance, stupidity and hypocrits, some of you are not, but you are to few, we lost this one to, may the lord have mercy upon their(our souls.

The rest can rot in hell, along with the wacko Trump.

Why bother, the great war will be postponed some few years, then I talk about either China and/or Russia, you think you are safe dont you, well I know that this is an illusion, the wankers have made their move and you just run away. Just watch Asia, to coming weeks, where the storm is brewing against China, thru the lands whom is becomes Wankees whores, like the street thug in the Philippines and the India and so on, ramping everything upwards, but still the Chines crawls in front of the Wankees.

Never forget this, full spectrum dominance means just that, and they are on track.


Solomon Krupacek

you rest in peace

Gabriel Hollows

You are one butthurt little kike. I’m going to laugh my ass off when your US attack dogs are nuclear glass and Hezbollah comes knocking to collect ;)


No one can possibly make a better argument for a strong Israel than you. You are the turd that civilized people scrape off their shoes. Keep up the good work.

Please boycott the following inventions made by Jews: Prozac, Valium, the Polio Vaccine, Radiation, Chemotherapy, the Artificial Kidney Dialysis machine, the MRI machine, the Defibrillator, the Cardiac Pacemaker, Vaccination against the Hepatitis B virus, the bifurcated vaccination needle used to prevent smallpox, the multiple sclerosis drug Copaxone, anti-leukaemia, gout, meningitis and herpes drugs, LASIK eye surgery, vaccines against cholera and bubonic plague, and Laser Technology.

Kindly stay true to your heartfelt beliefs and die an early and miserable death. You won’t be missed.

Gabriel Hollows

>b-but g-goy you c-can’t live without muh inventions! You forgot usury. Cry more kike. The holocaust didn’t happen but it should have, and it will.

You will be screaming shoah for real this time when your US slaves aren’t there to save you HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m preheating my oven already. Expensive F-35s downed by measely S-200 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you kikes are useless for anything but bombing Palestinian schools aren’t you? LMAO the whole world is awakening to your jewry and not even daddy Trump will save you. Kvetch kvecth kvetch, my sides have trascended infinity. Jerusalem will be CHRISTIAN again after Hezbollah turns you into lampshades for real this time LOL

Hisham Saber

Beautifully said. Heres what Jesus said of these nefarious sub-humans.

Ezekiel 36:31-32 New International Version (NIV)

31- Then you will remember your evil ways and wicked deeds, and you will loathe yourselves for your sins and detestable practices. 32 – I want you to know that I am not doing this for your sake, declares the Sovereign Lord. Be ashamed and disgraced for your conduct, people of Israel!


John 8:44 New International Version (NIV)

44- You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

…is it any wonder why the Jew has been exiled and/or expelled by the rest of humanity a total of 109 times. From 84 different countries or regions?

They ARE BEING WATCHED very carefully. Another asswhipping is coming their way soon.


Another Nazi sack of shit.


May (((Jesus))) have mercy on your soul. And no, I didn’t bother to read your insane comment. You’re not worth it.

Solomon Krupacek

whatr are you smoking? f-35s are not in service..

Solomon Krupacek

i am not american and not america fun. i am only realistic.

Hisham Saber

Southfront is fully trolled by miserable, bitter Jews. The Storm is coming to Israel soon. The occupied lands will be liberated. Jackass Jew. You Jews are good at nothing but death, destruction, thievery, crying night and day about a fake holocaust, and financial swindling. Your father is the devil, JOHN 8: 44….


Good. Glad we’re driving you insane. You’re a worthless waste of life. My guess is you drink out of the toilet. I just come here to laugh at you shitheads.

Tudor Miron

What planet you are from?


The U.S: ships get sunk in a massive counterattack and that will be it.

That will stop another U.S. aggression in its tracks. The sabre-rattling NATO members will shit their pants because they will realize that they could be the next target and either back down in embarrassment, or face rebellions, revolts, or even revolutions at home.

Trump will probably get impeached and hanged like a common war criminal and that will be the end of it.

Never forget this: full spectrum dominance is just your pipe dream because it is easily wrecked by superiority in a few key areas (such as underwater thermonuclear explosions near the coasts, which will give the Americans the cleansing wash that they and the rest of the world so sorely need).


For the US to win a conventional war against Russia in Syria, requires that the US wants a full on war with Russia. I promise you, they don’t! And if they do, they can’t. They will huff and puff, but they are hoping that Russia is afraid of going to a full on war more than they are. Russia is NOT! They do not want to, but they are NOT afraid. Another thing left out of this scenario is the fact that Iran, Syria and Hezbollah are on the ground as well. The US cannot win an asymmetrical war in Syria unless Russia allows them to. Russia will not!

Many people don’t understand that Russia CANNOT loose Syria. Sure they are helping the Syrians now, but that’s to save Russia later. Russia compromises until they can no longer compromise, then when they act – it is clear and direct. Sure, letting the US onto Syrian territory delays the war. Have you ever wondered whether the Russians are allowing the US in so that the US forces are in harm’s way without air cover? Do you think the EU and NATO wants to go to war with Russia over Syria? Hell no! America and Europe will NOT EVER be able to win a conventional war against Russia in Europe or the Middle East. If they US could, I promise you they would have.

For the US to partition Syria and Russia just sits by for some negotiated settlement that breaks up Syria is laughable. First, the very areas the Kurdish want, is the area in which the US wants to build a pipeline so that Europe can bypass Russian gas and strangle Russia economically. The very reason for the war. If Russia allows that, then it defeats their purpose. Are the Syrians and Iranians gonna sit idle as Russia breaks up their country, then still be friends with Russia? I don’t think so.

Another point missed in this analysis is that the US may have numbers in the ME, but they are stretched. The muster a force large enough to attempt dislodging the Russians in Syria, would require them to bring back a lot of forces elsewhere. Don’t forget, they know China cannot wait to dislodge them from Asia. Also, the US bases in the ME are nothing but satellites, and they are vulnerable. Russia won’t just sit for them to gather. How many casualties you think the US can endure before, the whole government is strung up in Dupont Circle, then flogged out of town?

Trust me, the US hand is NOT strong here. The only thing they have going for them is their bluster and hope that the Russians would decide against a war. That could happen, but then Russia would have to expect a bigger challenge next time. My bet is that Russia understands this. Had Libya not been successful, Syria would not have happened and Ukraine would not have happened. At least not till at least 10 years had gone by. Well, Russia wasn’t waiting and would have been in a more powerful position by then. The US had to act now, and Russia knows that they have the ball in their coat. If they loose it, they may as well be ready to fight on Russian territory. Russia’s new military doctrine demands that never to happen again. The US is tricky and I am wary as well. They play on human decency and frailties. But so far the Russians have been masterful. I see them playing a game to break the US in the ME. As time has gone by, that is becoming reality. It is a dangerous game, but so far they have played it masterfully.


Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. The ” Muddled East ” is best left to the warring sectarian factions to blow themselves apart. Why wastevtime, money and the lives of the military on a mad Hatters tea party.


The key aggressor sectarian Sunni factions are recruited, organized and paid by external parties. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey all run proxy Islamist Sunni militants organizations that are the real fighting opposition in Syria. These groups are coordinated from joint NATO/ GCC military control rooms in Jordan for south Syrian Islamist military operations and Turkey for north and central Syrian Islamist military operations. NATO and GCC are up to in their necks in this and they are keeping the war going – by consistently sponsoring Islamist militants financially and strategically.

Hisham Saber

You forgot to mention Israel, which has bombed Syria too, breaking international law and norms. The terrorists are primarily a British, French, U.S. and Isreali project, GCC and Turkey, Jordan just follow orders.


Israel is the only country that is taking in Syria’s wounded, you dumb piece of shit. Go fuck your mother, Nazi. You are America’s enemy.

Reggie Mumba

Yeah, wounded Jihadi’s


The wounded are Al Nusra Islamists whose bases under Golan Heights are also benefiting from Israeli artillery protection – IDF is firing on SAA when they attack Al Nusra positions there. Al Nusra are, of course, Al Qeada, they are supposed to be America’s greatest enemy, yet they seem very chummy with IDF.

Jonathan Cohen

Let the abortion banning, overpopulating cannon fodder kill each other.


Dead Victim in Syrian Gas Attacks opens her eyes …


Rüdiger Preiss

*** How supporting alternative media can avert a total war ***

Pretty accurate, with the exception that Trump himself is being cornered. He has been given the choice, to either play the Neocon game or he would “disappear”. The real criminals work in the background. The current incidents serve to test how far they can go and whether the population keeps swallowing the propaganda. What can we as individuals do? Support alternative media as much as possible! There is a reason why these are being attacked as never before. A few hundred, even thousands of £££ (U$) are nothing, compared to what will happen if we don’t stand up to this aggression.

John Mason

Trump has always been a neocon, his election antics were for show and he told the audience what they wanted to hear, like if he becomes President, Clinton will be up for charges. Never happened. The guy is so full of the proverbial dung we can smell it here all the way to Australia. Yanks got so used to the smell they are unable to decipher the difference between good/bad, truth/lies.

Bill Wilson

Trump has always twisted the truth in his perverted quest to become fabulously wealthy.

Rodney Loder

I was posting since Trump’s miracles entery into successful Presidential Campaigning that the D’s had convoluted physically (in the basement of Pizzagate) into a inescapable erroneous position, they were stuck making war in the ME and needed to pivot to confront Chinese ascendency, as Obama was doing before France and Britain dragged him and her into Libya, but they couldn’t budge, so they threw the election by a whisper campaign and also by not campaigning in key States. I was correct which shouldn’t be surprising because I had an informant in Heaven. Anyhow, Tillersons remarks concerning the recent Florida meeting with Xi, “the personal disposition of all concerned (meaning Trump) really set the tone for our high level delegations at subsequent meetings”. I being a Salafist can tell you very well exactly what that means, he’s going after the nearest easiest enemy. His national and international audience understand that, however the only one who doesn’t is Duterte.

Rodney Loder

Thank you, thank you Southfront, I donate 50 USD a month, 10 on patrion and 20 at the start and end of the month once I donated 200 outright.


Russia has cruise missies with a 2500 K range that can disgorge torpedoes into the sea… I doubt very much Russia will ever have to face a saturation cruise missile attack on their air defence and command centres. Not from the US navy at least.

Anthony Papagallo

The forecasting and analysis of possible outcomes are strictly academic. In War events unfold in completely unforeseen ways. A battle can turn on the simplest of acts carried out by a single pilot or soldier. Acts of selfless bravery (Russian soldier who called in a missile strike on himself in Syria) or unmitigated cowardice (American sailors surrendering to Iranian gunboats and falling to their knees crying for their mothers) can make the difference between defeat and victory.

War is coming, that much is inevitable, anglo saxon elites consider Slavs to be ‘untermensch’ and will never accept them as their social, political, cultural or moral equals and they will burn the earth to a cinder before they relinquish their perceived authority upon it.

That Guy

I find it odd that so few people bring up the fact that the Syrian Kurds (allies of PKK) have created a nation state right on Turkey’s border in Syria.

What happens to Rojava once the Syrian conflict is settled? Especially given how strong the US support has been for the YPG, is Turkey crazy enough to shake that beehive?

I just cannot imagine a scenario where Erdrogan tolerates it’s existence.

Jonathan Cohen

YPG will bring abortion rights to Raqqa! hooray!

Bill Wilson

I doubt if the Kurds in Northern Syria want to break away from Syria since that would leave them with two long borders with hostile countries on either side. What may happen is a Kurd being elected president of Syria if Assad decides not to run. That should make Erdogan twist off.


Fundamentally, this is a victory for Sunni Islam (the Global Terrorists). They have used their employees in the CIA and Western Media and Donald Trump’s stupidity to turn the US and Russia against each other and away from themselves.

Jonathan Cohen

Trump seems to have forgotten that Hayat Tarir Al-Sham is Al Qaeda. So if I was Assad, then in response to this, I would transfer forces from Daesh fronts to concentrate on squeezing out HTS pockets and making sure the terrorists in them can never fight again. Let the US/YPG fight Daesh and Turkey too while you concentrate on HTS/AQ. That is after allowing abortions of course, like Russia and YPG do.

Nigel Maund

Excellent analysis. The US “Deep State” controlled by the Globalist NWO International Banking – Corporatist Cabal want to install their one world Fascist Dictatorship over the entire planet and Russia, Iran, China, Syria and many in the so called west now know it. As Trump has now totally caved into the Globalists, if indeed he wasn’t from the very outset one of them anyway, one can expect exactly the same policies and Zbigniew Bryzynski CFR – Rockefeller inspired strategy as pursued by the Clinton’s, Bush and Obama from the Trump administration. Eventually, Russia must either push back hard or cave in to the Globalists.

Nigel Maund

Good and well thought through little video! However, I wonder what unannounced technical advantages Russia is holding back in the event of a conflict. For example I have a feeling that the recent US cruise missile strike was rendered ineffective by Russian counter measures. One wonders what they may be able to really do once the “gloves are off”, so to speak. The USS Donald Cooke being yet another example.

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