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Erdogan Vows To Declare War On Syria If Syrian Army Does Not Withdraw From Idlib

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Erdogan Vows To Declare War On Syria If Syrian Army Does Not Withdraw From Idlib

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On February 5th, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on the Syrian Arab Army to retreat from all Turkish observation posts, otherwise Ankara would be forced “to do it itself.”

“If the Syrian regime will not retreat from Turkish observation posts in Idlib in February, Turkey itself will be obliged to make this happen,” he said.

“Turkey’s air and land forces will move freely in all operation areas [in Syria] and in Idlib, and they will conduct operations if needed,” he added.

In other words, the Turkish president threatened to declare a war on Syria if the Syrian Army does not withdraw from the territory liberated from terrorists.

According to him, Syrian government forces are violating the ceasefire in Idlib, after an attack that killed 7 Turkish soldiers on February 3rd, he made no mention of the attacks by the Turkish forces on the Syrian Arab Army.

“The attack on our soldiers the day before yesterday was a turning point in Syria for Turkey,” he said.

He claimed that any attack on Turkish forces, or their allies, such as the Turkish-backed militants would be met with a retaliation, without warning.

In its military operations, “Turkey’s main principle is not to hurt lives or the property of innocent people,” he said.

Regarding the Russian support of the Syrian Arab Army, Erdogan said that he hoped Moscow understood “Turkey’s sensitivities” for Idlib.

Turkey has complained of the continued attacks and urged Russia to rein in its ally in the face of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces and stop the bloodshed.

According to Turkey’s propaganda, Idlib has been a stronghold of opposition and moderate anti-government armed groups since the outbreak of the “Syrian civil war” in 2011.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu further made a statement saying that Russia could, in fact, control the actions of the Syrian Arab Army and that statements that it couldn’t were false.

Cavusoglu noted that Ankara and Moscow are making efforts to stop the aggressive actions of the Syrian Arab Army, despite Russia actively airstriking the “moderate rebels.”

A lot in this matter depends on the Russian side, the Turkish Foreign Minister stressed.

According to him, the Astana and Sochi processes have not yet completely fallen apart, but are seriously undermined.

He also stressed that Ankara does not intend to ignore the shelling of its observers in Idlib.

“The Turkish armed forces retaliated in response to shelling and will continue to do so,” the minister said.

The US also quickly came to assist the democratic opposition nested in Idlib. The Facebook page of the US Embassy in Damascus, an institution that is not even located in Syria, posted a statement by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and even changed it’s cover image to a white “IDLIB” on a black background.

Erdogan Vows To Declare War On Syria If Syrian Army Does Not Withdraw From Idlib

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Statement by Secretary Pompeo on Escalation of Violence in #Idlib The United States once again condemns the continued,…

Posted by U.S. Embassy Damascus on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The US has given few statements regarding what is taking place in Idlib; however, it appears that it is planning to begin being more proactive.

A UN Security Council meeting on the Middle East and specifically Syria will take place on February 5th. The US, UK and France called for the meeting, and it is coming amidst reports that a false flag chemical attack, with the assistance of the White Helmets “rescue organization” is about to take place.

It should be reminded that the US, UK and France have, more than once, directly bombarded Syria in response to alleged chemical attacks. It appears that the Syrian Arab Army, together with Russian support are edging too close to finally defeating the “pan-democrats” in northeastern Syria Som they require some support from the Forces of Democracy.


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Julio Cesar Perez

US-ISIS-ALQAEDA-Turkish Terrorists


Starting to look like that Erdogan and Trump have set up Putin to take a fall. Interesting to see where Russia stands now regarding Turkey.


comment image

Concrete Mike

South front…please ban dis virtual slut

Arch Bungle

Oh come on!! I was beating off to that!

klove and light

over a year ago i wrote About exactly this Scenario……going even further…that not if but WHEN serious open war breaks out between Turkey and syria….the zionists will have their day cause that is what they were aiming for all the time….direct NATO Involvement in syria…….and when open war breaks out between syria and Turkey…..Nato articles will go into effect AUTOMATCALLY…the wosrt Scenario for syria…….

any human with character and Brains knows full well, that the turkish Government under erdogan was and is the number one enemy of the syrian arab republic.Erdogan-Akp-tURKEY IS MOSLEMBROTHERHOOD, syrian arab republic is the biggest enemy of the Moslem brotherhood ever since bashars Father banned them from syria under death Penalty.

Now still most Folks believe here that Putin “just misjudged” the Situation with Turkey and the leverage he has on erdogan…….again as pointed out above…any human with a brain knows and knew the Situation with Turkey udner erdogan and the syrian arab repuiblc.
Withiout the DIRECT help from turkish Government agencies including army and intelligence, ISIS would nevre have floiurished as it did………99% of all ISIS oil was transported through Turkey and sold to ISRAEL.
AND even now jan. 2020, oil from the occupied east syria is beiing transported out through Turkey and sold through turky to ISRAEL!!!!
99% of ALL jihadis Fighting for either HTS or ISIS came through turkish borders.

SO NO ; PUTIN DID NOT MISJUDGE THE SITUATION……on the contrary….Putin with giving his green light for the turkish illegal Invasion and occupation of a UN member, syrian arab republic, played Right into the Hands of the enemies of syria and into the Hands of Evil satanic zionism.
And if i might remind everybody…this was not a “one button press” decision by Putin.
It all stared years ago with bs “evacuation”agreements with alnusra and co in aleppo in douma in quinetra etc… all were allowed to evacuate with small arms with their fucking jihasi families to IDLIB!!!!!

And years ago i wrote About this already and i celld Putin out for what he is.A treacherous Zionist pig.
And there was agreat article here at SOUTHFRONT About the following incident.Putin allowed per “evacuation” aghreement all jihadis including al nusra to evacuate to Idlib with small arms and their familes from Aleppo.When the Shiite Forces including hezbollah found About this ( might i remind again that the jihadis were totally 100% surrounded by SAA and allied Forces-in short-surrender or die…

the shiite Forces and hezbollah went beserk….they torched the busses for evacuation , shot at the busses etc…. please dont Forget, that These jihadis were the worst of the worst, commiting horrific torture procedures to ALL captives of SAA or hezbollah…commiting horrific cerimes against Children and women…..and THOUSANDS were allowed to evacutae to IDLIB:

this procedue continued qwith douma, quinetra etc…. all to IDLIB.
Then syrias number one enemy Turkey is allowed by Putin to invade and occupy AFRIN.
Then Turkey is allowed by Putin to invade and occupy Idlib.
Then Turkey is allowed by Putin to invade and occupy North syria.

and for all the Putin Lover donks and their message for the turkish Invasion was so that the turks will “take care ” of the kurds SDF/YPG and so frightend the kurds will come back to the Regime and Hand over east syria…LOLOLOLOLOL

nada……..Turkey is occupying and every day Fighting a more open and direct war against SAA while the east of syria is still under sdf/ypg Control with US aircover……and there are absolutely NO signs that sdf/ypg will come back to the syrian assad Regime.On the contrary again……the oil fields are now openly “protected” by US Forces no matter what.

so again… there are only 2 pssibilities with Putin……he is either the most stupid , uninformed commmander in Chief by CONSTANTLY helping the biggest enemies of his allied frineds or he is a treacherous Zionist pig.

i made up my mind years ago during the evacuationa Agreements, the Libya UNSC votes and the votes of UNSC on jemen but the “turkish Agreements” with afrin , Idlib and lately northern syria makes it just plain and simple and obvious.
Then again, if one studys history, and Maybe also the period of 1917 in Russia and the next 20 years in Russia KNOWS, that zionism took over Russia in 1917 and has controlled it ever since.

jhon malakiat

unfortunately i do agree with you.

but as putin said as years ago, in a war that you cannot win, you cannot take everything. You have to take some and give up some.

The problem is Syria unable to win this war alone. Syria needs Russian help. And Russia is reluctant to fight NATO and USA.

Then the best scenario is to give east Syria to the USA and north Syria to Turkey.

Its hurt, yes I know. but its the best for syria until now.


Giving in to a protection and blackmail racket is never effective in the long term.


Klove and light is so boring – always uses a 100-300 words when 5 would do! The guy actually thinks someone is interested in his wacky theories and shaky logic. Well, I guess there are always stupid people who might think he is brilliant. But those got to be really stupid! Lol!


Stupidity is a badge of honour for the Libtards these days.
American dual citizens are sooooooooooo emotional.


“Its hurt, yes I know. but its the best…”
Is this what you say when you drop your pants and bend over for the local bully?


ouch, russia is not a big power?

US-Navy Revert Shia

All BS you wrote a whole lot of Sh-t pal-! Iran just less than a month ago sent over 300 [US] kids is [US] Military bases in Iraq to the Gave, Hospital, and no mans land, Brain Dead.. Now no one Dreamed of Bombing a [US] Military base after [WW-2]


Russia has patience and will manouerver Erdogan until he shows his real hand completely. Then the watching world will have no doubt that Russia is justified in its battle to remove two faced Turkey from Syrian territory.


Have the Syrians stopped laughing yet?

Smith Ricky

the Mongolianss stopped crying yet?

Traiano Welcome

If Turkey decided to invade Syria, or otherwise prevent the SAA from retaking Idlib, would Iran retaliate?


This is what is being aimed for, NATO against Syria and Iran… Not a good scenario.

Traiano Welcome

Now I was Russia, I’d do everything I could to get NATO bogged down in the middle east, so I could rest easy up north …


I’m afraid that the target is the RF’s southern belly here…


It looks like Turkey is following USA-Israel-NATO orders. Of course, as a member of NATO.

Smith Ricky

Since day one.

northerntruthseeker .

Is this not irony…. Syria is trying to liberate ITS OWN COUNTRY, AND here we have the Turkish pricks trying to stop that liberation!

Every nation has its own rights to be sovereign and to control its own destiny and future… Now the sickos in TURKEY are trying to destroy that right and violate every concept of international law in the process!


The Turks learned this concept off the thugs that control the USA.

Black Waters

Turkey is a pawn of NATO, probably the U.S gestapo it’s hiding the best in their pocket, so they are giving the worst quality vassals at the beginning.

Don’t waste time with Turkey, nuke them if they keep pushing this way. All the terrorists rats that Erdogan created over time should be purge from this planet.

The Saint

This is a pitiful face-saving attempt from the increasingly ridiculous and isolated Erdogan.

Turkey has almost zero international support for its position on Idlib – only the US and even their support is weak and conditional. Turkey blew any international good will it had left when they attacked the Kurd in NE Syria. Yesterday there was a statement from the UN that fighting should cease between Turkey and Syria in Idlib – there has not been a similar condemnatory statement that the SAA operation against terrorists should cease.

Assad and the Russians have been quietly developing diplomatic support from regional and European powers, which is why the Arab league is behind Assad and there is diplomatic silence from Europe. By the end of Feb the facts on the ground and Turkey’s isolation will rule out Erdogan’s fantasy of an offensive in Idlib, and Putin will likely offer him a face-saving way out.

Samuel Vanguard

i see turkey intervening in Syria and fighting SAA on behalf of HTS

northerntruthseeker .

Therefore triggering a possible war against Russia?

Either Erdogan is the stupidest man imaginable, or he clearly is following the NATO wish to get directly involved in Syria to make sure it is destroyed for the Jewish pricks

Albert Pike

Erdogan is a Dönmeh Muslim – a Zionist, put into power on the anti-Zionist ticket, but send to destroy Turkey, and theTurks cheer for him, because they see him as the maker of a new ‘Ottoman Empire’. Most of the Sultans where of jewish decent too, because their slave mothers were often Bektashi-Jewish, so nothing has changed, same old …same old…


Have you got info about Erdo being a Donmeh?

Albert Pike

Somebody has written a book about him – and he didn’t survive it:

‘Author Ergun Poyraz, a Turkish wrote a bestselling book, The Children of Moses which is why he was 08/05/2013 sentenced to 29 years in prison for espionage against the Turkish government and he was later murdered 22 April, 2016. Ergun Poyraz reveals in his book The Children of Moses, that the current Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a crypto jew.
– Poyraz tells how President Erdogan came to power in Turkey with the help of Zionists which are behind the so-called JİTEM Turkey, a Secret Turkish intelligence service. JİTEM are believed to be behind many bombings, terrorism and other illegal practices. It is also understood to have close links with Ergenek, which is part of the US CIA Operation Gladio.’


Thank you! If you come across or remember more stuff let us know!

Jim Bim

its time for Putin to follow Lavrov`s critic on Turkey for not fulfilling the Astana agreement.

Ricky Miller

Yes, all of this chaotic mess could have been prevented long ago by President Putin saying clearly what Russia will and won’t tolerate from other state actors illegally deployed inside Syria. He’s left so much wiggle room and vacillation that others are left to interpret the situation as weakness and use it to advance their own goals. By delaying a scuffle with Turkey and or the U.S. earlier, in an incident that could have been contained as an isolated incident that defined boundaries, now Russia may have to suffer either a serious and sustained fight or a humiliating reverse that tarnishes not only the reputation of Vladimir Putin but also Russia at large.

Jim Bim

Well said.


In reality, Turkey declared war on Syria in 2011.


keep on moving… this is the best time to finish the job while the world is busy in fear of coronavirus spreading

Black Waters

Tactical nukes problem solve, nuf talking.


Unfortunately, Syria does not have any nuclear weapons.


eh, let’s see what happens.


Syria has no alternative but to go on with their operation to liberate Idlib! This imbecilic cretin erdogan can suck on a lemon! Fuck Turkey! Assad has greater popularity in Syria then Erdoglu in Turkey!


Russia should bring more AA systems around Idlib to prevent Turkish planes crossing the border.


Syria, Hezbollah, Iran should push for maximum help for turkish Kurds if Erdogan dares retaliate against Syria.

Assad must stay

Does the dickhead realize turkish army is no match for a battle hardened SAA????


It’s pathetic how Turkey keeps insisting these “moderate rebels” actually exist when by this point, everyone knows they are just Al Qaeda type a-holes. Even if they are ‘moderate’, the SAA still has a right to purge them in its own country.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

So far Erdogan’s proven he’s no bluffer, what he says he’s going to do he usually does, so this latest statement shouldn’t be dismissed as nothing more than bluff and bravado, it’s far better to work on the assumption he’s going to do what he says he will, that way we won’t get caught with our pants down if he actually does.


comment image
Crypto jews in Turkey

The Maimonidian shephardic shabbateanism (ie. Lucifer worship), ie. the crypto jews have long had strong roots in Turkey. There is a statue of Maimonides in the congress of US. This fake Muslim sect is called in Turkey by the name Dönmeh. The sect Dönmeh mixed Talmudist kabbalah (lucifer worship) with Islamic Sufi mystery religion. The concept ”dönmeh” is a derogatory synonym for the word ”transvestite”, and also a word for a group or a person who try to act something else than they really are. The founder of Shabbateanism, Šabbetai Tsevi was a kabbalah Talmudist rabbi who was born in the Ottoman town of Smyrna in year 1626.”


comment image
Erdoganand his jewish friends



Draining the Intelligence Community Swamp

“……………………..The State Department is fully staffed with Jewish Americans who are ardently pro-Israel at every level that relates to Middle East policy, to include David Schenker as head of the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs and Nathan Sales as Counterterrorism Coordinator. Elan Carr fills the bizarre position of Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism and Cherrie Daniels is the Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues. Morgan Ortagus is State Department spokesman.

In Congress American Jews considered to be strong supporters of Israel are prominent in Committees that deal with national security or the Middle East. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has described himself as “shomer” or “defender” of Israel in Congress. Congressman Adam Schiff, head of the House Intelligence Committee, recently featured in the attempted impeachment of Trump. Eliot Engel chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee, where he is joined by Brad Sherman, Ted Deutch, Andy Levin and Lee Zeldin. The House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Intelligence and Counterterrorism, chaired by Max Rose, an Israel partisan, recently held hearings about “ confronting the rise in antisemitism and domestic terrorism.”

And then there is the president himself and his paymaster Las Vegas casino multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who have been the driving forces behind moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, endorsing Israeli annexation of the Golan Heights, and dropping the description of the Israeli occupation settlements as “illegal.” It was all accomplished while closing the PLO representative offices in Washington, defunding the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), and eliminating security assistance to the Palestinians. Along the way Trump’s Zionist mouthpiece Ambassador David Friedman has endorsed every Israeli atrocity and war crime, to include the mass shooting of unarmed Gazan civilian protesters………………………..”


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