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For The British, The ‘Russian Threat’ Is Just Too Sexy

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For The British, The 'Russian Threat' Is Just Too Sexy

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Leaked documents show just how obsessed the British are with Russia.

Written by Peter Scholts, political analyst based in the UK.

One would think that with all the threats Britain was facing at the moment, such as terrorism and climate change for starters, the UK government would have more than enough to deal with. But for those stuck in the Cold War games of the past, nothing makes the heart beat faster than ‘countering the Russian threat’. Clearly, when it comes to existential threats, climate change is just not as sexy as spy games with Russia.

The UK had already declared Russia as the greatest threat to its security in the Integrated Review published in March 2021, and it has kept no secret of its antagonism towards Russia through its provocations in the Black Sea, and virulently anti-Russian rhetoric expressed by politicians and the military. But leaked documents published last month demonstrate just how far Britain is prepared to go to destabilize the political situation in Russia.

On 20th December the investigative website Underside published the first of several batches of leaked documents from the UK Foreign Office which show a series of grants given out to support various NGO groups and their projects. The projects are all focused on effectively ‘westernizing’ Russian society, particularly the Russian youth and encouraging them to sign up to liberal values.

Take, for example, one project entitled: “LGBT people in Russian language media 90-2000s”. The objective states: “We want to save the history of the LGBT movement and story of LGBT rights using Russian speakers’ media”. But this is clearly an attempt to undermine Russian cultural values. Gay rights is a controversial issue, as although homosexuality is not illegal, Russia remains a conservative country maintaining the values of the Orthodox faith. Yet a sum of 30,000 euros has been allocated to this project alone by the UK Foreign Office.

Several projects are centered on spreading the feminist message. Another champions “Mainstreaming Masculinity and Gender Equality in Russia” and aims to “advance both the evidence based for, and understandings of, men’s attitudes to gender equality in Russia in order to mainstream gender studies in Russian society and the policy sphere”. Leading the project is Dr Charlie Walker, a sociologist from the University of Southampton. Personally I find it ironic that the British think they have something to teach Russia about gender equality: women had equal rights with men in the Soviet Union long before they appeared in the West. In fact, the USSR set the standard for gender equality back then, giving women the right to vote in 1918. The same year Alexandra Kollontai became the first female minister in the world, before being promoted to the position of the world’s first ambassador in 1928 – the year Britain finally caught up with the Soviets, giving women the franchise.

So who has something to teach whom? Yet the British pursue their imperialist ambitions, like the 19th century Christian missionaries, only this time it’s liberal ideology, not the Bible, on the agenda. And they’re not holding back when it comes to financing this agenda. One project entitled: “The Real Russian World” pledges “to deepen the understanding the nexus between Russia’s domestic dynamics and its aggressive international posture, as well as to usurp, redefine and redirect the Kremlin’s master narratives by building a network of Russia experts (from the West and Russia) focused on long-term research cooperation and counter-narrative building”. The total cost of this project alone is placed at £81366.

The sheer scale of the financial investment into Russia has invited a reaction from Moscow, with Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova expressing surprise at the sum allocated by the Foreign Office for these projects between 2020 and 2023.

Zakharova commented on Telegram channel: “The budget is a mind-boggling 1.3 billion rubles [$17.3 million] set aside for 2020-2023 to finance influence programs for public organizations (that can be used to influence state bodies) and spur the transformation of Russia’s course in a way that benefits the UK”.

The UK taxpayer could quite rightly ask why this amount of money is not being invested into Britain instead. It’s been said that as many as 6 million British homes may suffer from fuel poverty this winter and be unable to pay their bills amid soaring energy prices – why is the government not assisting them? Or the 1 in 5 children in the UK who live below the poverty line? Instead the Johnson government is pursuing the agenda of a handful of Cold Warriors, intent on their ‘Russia games’.

While it may bring excitement and financial rewards for those establishment figures with links to private arms and security companies, it does no good whatsoever for the average Brit and instead does tremendous harm to our relations with Russia, and to global peace and stability. Not that the UK government seems at all bothered by that, as it mindlessly continues to provoke the Russian bear. The British behave like obsessed lovers, unable to get Russia out of their heads. Perhaps it’s time they got therapy.


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Chris Gr

The problem with the British and the American people is that they want to have the monopoly. They once had it but now they have lost it.


The people have as much say in running their country as you do running yours. A malevolent parasitical elite runs the show on behalf of their sponsors & reptile file holders.

Chris Gr

Farage is ok but too capitalist.

jens holm

I hope Johnson will be replaced next time. But Im sure reforms for their poor parts wil be very limited. In Russia any other elected is not even possible. Even 80% majority in the city of Krasnodar was not possible.

The last Russian gadgets was to close down the old “Memorial” organisation for human rights too. Russia the last many years has been changed to worse by paragraps. In GB we see few improvemenets.

So many in GB dont work even so many jobs are vacant. Dont blame Johnson for that. Its about the same here. If You eat You also has to work and pay tax. By that You are an integrated part of Your country instead of someb F…. well or bad fed Zoo.

Thats exact what they and we see. If they say they are not Brittish, they should go home and feed themself there.

Russia is no bear. Bears work hard to feed themself instead of being more and more skinny. There are no incitaments for that in Russia for most people. Some few are more rich then the western bilionares and has in common, they are grabbing thieves.

There is no taxsytems for increased production as well as for the rich. By that their Goverment cant devellop in needed education for making a productive middle class. They cant even finance their social security system – if it ever was there.

Jen's whore

Bro just stfu and stop posting on SF. Most of what you write is gibberish and when people can make out what you’re saying, its weak and absolute BS. Just here to constantly shit on Russia and countries that don’t go along with the west. Bro I really hope someone is paying you to do this because if you dedicate that much time for something so stupid you need to rethink your life choices.


Moronic gibberish by moronic NATO thrall from Aarhus sewers


May I suggest that instead of trolling here, with inane, incomprehensible rubbish, you occupy your time attempting to get a basic education….then perhaps you could play with the big boys and maybe, just maybe, write something intelligable.


The Brits have been a top Russophobic country since the 1850 when it still was an empire.

Heads Up for the UK - Please Read

Sort of off topic, but relevent to my British friends who may remain “Unvaxxed” as a warning for what is planned later this year:

I work for a very large British retail company and have seen documents that show the new camera equiped Self-Checkout and EPoS Terminals (aka ‘Self Service Tills’ / electronic checkout terminals / pay machines – call them as you will) which are now in use in most large branches of most major grocery retailers throughout the UK, will soon receive software updates to do the following in “real time”:

1) Scan Customers Face, record, and compare biometric data held on cloud database when a customer does “2” below,
2) Customer attempts to use Self-Checkout / EPoS (and is shown on screen a request to Scan Smart device Barcode via the Self-Checkout / EPoS terminal camera) and presents barcode.

(Note – the document does not specify the type of barcode, only that the new barcodes will contain biometric data, ie “face” and “other data relating to the individual which will prevent fraud”. I can however deduce this will be to check customer status such as current Vaccine Passport authenticity / validity.

Important part:
3) The Self-Service Checkout / EPoS terminal will only “unlock” and allow the customer to go through the purchase / checkout procedure if “1” matches “2” above.

This means that large Supermarkets such as mine are planning to eventually “Lock Out” some customers (which I deduce will be the “un-vax-sin-ated” and those with expired Vaccine Passports) from making purchases.

I saw no date for implimentation – just a description that the capability, and clearly intent, exists right now, all that is required is the software update.

This is very serious – we have already seen in Israel customers of McDonalds being locked out from buying food if they cannot provide a valid vaccine barcode. What is clearly being planned in the UK is orders of magnitude greater and more serious – effectively barring people from buying essential food and goods if they do have the correct barcode authority.

As almost every supermarket and large retailer now uses the camera equiped Self-service Checkouts / automatic EPoS checkouts / smart-tills the infrastructure is already in place nationwide. All that is required is a software update to effectively “lock out” a significant minority of the population (such as the unvaxxed) from buying food and essentials.

I fear that as soon as the electronic vax passports are up and running then a beta-test such as “priority checkouts for passport holders” will be run, bugs ironed out, and then the switch flipped for everyone. Please help share this warning as I can do no more.

Last edited 14 days ago by Heads Up for the UK - Please Read

“the UK Foreign Office which show a series of grants given out to support various NGO groups and their projects in Russia” Why the fck Russia allow this to happen? We saw british concern about “human rights” and “democracy” yet again with Assange. Perfidious scum from London fund NGO wh0res and terrorists in Russia yet Russia tolerate these spies and traitors for some reason. They all should be banned and arrested. Actually, Russia should completely break diplomatic relations with Little Sick Britain. there is absolutely nothing to gain from the Sheep Island, no reason to even have an embassy there. “Russians” who want to go there, let them stay there – never allow them to return to Russia. Lenin and Trotsky, and all other anti-russian terrorists in the last 200 years were trained in Britain, the center of global terrorism for centuries.

Last edited 13 days ago by Duniga

exactly. all that money (plus 10 more!) is for recruiting spies, bribing and corrupting people, funding anti-government propaganda and terrorist activities in Russia (and everywhere else) not for promoting gender rights and whatever nonsense. It’s just a screen. That’s how coloured revolutions are created


Whilst the UK regime denigrates all things Russian they are of course keen to take the money.

photo Alexander Temerko, right, is on the board of directors at Aquind



Women over 30 with some property got the vote in 1918, women got the vote on the same terms as men in 1928 (i.e. the vote was worthless).

Karl Wolfe

The British government despises its own population and is fanatically Exterminating them with the poison jabs and with Midazolam as fast as they can. Having protected the child murdering rapist Jimmy Saville the ruling elite have an absolute lust for killing peoples everywhere.
A shame: the People of Great Britain deserve better.

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