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For First Time Since 2006, Israel Carried Out Strike On Target In Lebanon

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Following a series of Israeli strikes on Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, the situation escalated in the Gaza Strip.

Three rockets were launched from Gaza towards southern Israel at around 9 PM local time on August 25th, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported. Two of the incoming projectiles were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.

There were some injuries and no fatalities. One rocket exploded next to the Route 34 highway in southern Israel, sparking a fire, according to local authorities.

Shrapnel from an Iron Dome interceptor missile struck an empty building in the town of Sderot, causing damage, the municipality said in a statement.

There is a video showing the shrapnel hitting the building and causing some damage.

During a concert, a civilian video allegedly showed the two projectiles intercepted by the Iron Dome.

The barrage interrupted a large concert in Sderot, known as Sderot Live. There were no injuries and the event simply ended early.

“Israel Police officers are working to disperse participants of the event in a way that is orderly to prevent danger to human life,” police said.

No group has claimed responsibility for the launches, but Times of Israel reported that Palestinian media had reported Hamas was abandoning its positions in anticipation of an IDF response.

And, indeed, IDF Air Force carried out strikes on Hamas targets.

“Fighter planes attacked several terror targets in Hamas’ military compound in northern Gaza, including the office of a Hamas commander battalion,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement.

“The strike was carried out in retaliation for the rockets launched from Gaza on Sunday evening. The Israel Defense Forces will continue acting against attempts to harm Israel’s citizens and views the Hamas terror organization responsible for everything that takes place in the Strip,” the statement read.

According to the Palestinians, the IDF hit targets belonging to Hamas’ military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades. No casualties were reported.

A Hamas spokesperson further said that the group didn’t carry out the launches in the evening.

The Coordinator of Government Activity in the Territories, IDF Maj. Gen. Kamil Abu Rokon, announced that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is also serving as Defense Minister, decided to cut oil imports intended for Gaza’s power station by a half in response to the rocket fire.

Possibly and likely part of the same escalation, on August 25th, IDF said that it had thwarted a drone attack by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ elite Quds Force.

The IDF released a grainy video allegedly showing the Quds Force operative and the “killer drone.”

Later, it turned out that the operatives were, in fact, Lebanese Shiite militia operatives (only two and actually from Hezbollah).

In possible response, the IDF Air Force reportedly carried out a strike on a base belonging to a Palestinian “terrorist group” deep inside Lebanon.

The group in question is the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command (PFLP-GC). It is different from the Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine.

Allegedly the group is based in Syria and fights alongside the “Bashar al-Assad regime’s” forces. The base is located in the Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon, near the border with Syria.

Videos posted on social media showed explosions accompanied by heavy anti-aircraft fire.

A spokesman for the group told the Saudi-owned Al-Hadath news channel that the “Israeli bombing in the Bekaa did not achieve its objectives,” but gave no further details.

That’s essentially a rumour right now, since there has been no confirmation by the IDF. In past cases of strikes in the Bekaa Valley, it was to stop allegedly weapon shipments to Hezbollah from Iran, going through Syria.

According to Israeli media, rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel on both August 21st and 22nd, with the IDF blaming Islamic Jihad, which Tel Aviv claims is Iran-backed.

The IDF’s Arabic-language spokesperson Avichay Adraee tweeted urging Hamas to “control” Islamic Jihad and not cause a large-scale escalation.

“We do not plan to accept terror attacks and rocket fire against our citizens.”

Israel carried out raids on Hamas targets in Gaza in response back then.

Finally, on August 25th, Israeli Prime Minister (and Defense Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu was on a tour in the occupied Syrian territory of Golan Heights (which is still only acknowledged as Israeli territory by Israel itself and the US), warned neighboring countries against being aggressive towards Israel.

“We won’t tolerate attacks on Israel from any country in the area. Any country that allows its territory to be used for attacks against Israel will bear the consequences. I stress: The state will bear the consequences,” Netanyahu said.

Israel’s attacks in the past days, sparked a response from Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah and Iran’s Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

“These insane operations will surely be the last steps of the Zionist regime,” tweeted Soleimani.

Nasrallah, on his part, threatened Israel with a reprisal attack after two of Hezbollah members were killed in an Israeli strike in Syria, and two UAVs crashed near the Hezbollah media office in Beirut (one UAV exploded, another one remained inact). The drones were allegedly Israeli and attempting to carry out an attack.


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The Evil Entity called Israel is desperate…
Any time the Syria Arab Army makes gains against the terrorists…Israel attacks.

Zionism = EVIL

It is a bit more deeper than that now. The Zionists have detected weakness and will go in for the kill as the Syrians, Iranians, Hezbollah, PMU and Iraqis have proven again and again that they are unwilling to retaliate. Zionists are now totally out of control and this will get far worse.


You’re stupid or what? What is happening in Syria now zionist?
“… the Syrians, Iranians, Hezbollah, PMU and Iraqis have proven again and again that they are unwilling to retaliate”.
Are they sending the jewish mercs to the virgins as a friendly gesture? Are they helping the MIC make more money? What is this if not “retaliation”?
The jews are out of their depths in fear and you talking rubbish. Carry on and thanks for the laugh. Your state of desperate panic gives me assurance that all is well on the front line.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Sending Goyim to the grave is what the Jews want to happen.
So far only 200,000 less Goyim on earth while the Jewish population explodes.
Killing Goyim is not the answer.


Who cares what the jews want? They are not getting it, so….?

P.S. you forgot to upvote yourself.

Codenamed 'Gordon'

Nice! Now, go with saturation missile attack for overwhelming zionist defences. And bye bye iron drome

Zionism = EVIL

Nope, Hezbollah and its so-called allies are pussies and will keep on taking Zionist belting which will get worse. It is human nature that cowardice brings on more aggression from the bullies. The idiotic mullah bark a lot of nonsensical threats but do fuckall, besides making rosy poetic speches.

Fleecing Rabbi

Khizbullah more talk than action, harpy coming soon for turban man hiding in bunker.

Zionism = EVIL

As I predicted, the Zionists have rightly figured out that Iranians, Hezbollah and Arabs are complete cowards and now the bombing will get far worse.

Lena Jones

Premature ejaculation – hold your horse, buddy. Everything Nasrallah says he will do actually happens.

The crypto jew Arabs in the Gulf are the cowards – the Levant Arabs are the opposite, as their history attests.

Zionism = EVIL

Hope you are right, but it is unlikely. The Zionists are very good at looking at the political and military barometer and they have tested the pussy “axis of cowards” and seen that nothing will bring about retaliation as the Iranians and Arabs in general are cowards.

Lena Jones

The zionists are good at shitting and getting the Anglos to wipe their asses for them. You should know better than others that the timing of an op is everything. Nasrallah said yesterday that the response is imminent – israelis believe him – high alert in both countries today.

Zionism = EVIL

I know that you mean well and are smart, but I am much older and have seen a lot of ebb and flow of history, the problem is that Hezbollah waited too long and did not retaliate at growing Zionist arrogance and attacks. The Syrians and Iranians also proved weak and vulnerable as the Zionists kept on hitting them with impunity and became so arrogant that they openly boasted that “we have been killing Iranians for years now”. If Hezbollah does not retaliate it will become irrelevant and wiped out. Arabs like most people only respect strength and Hezbollah’s aura is fading sadly.

Sage Durham

I’m sure there are reasons. There is much buildup in the North of Syria and also containing other areas. I’m sure the priorities of winning this overall geopolitcal chess game is in the hands of the best possible chess players Syria/Iran/Hezbollah can offer.

Zionism = EVIL

From what I know, the Zionist savages are out of control and their aggression will get worse as they have attacked three Arab nations in the past 24 hours with complete impunity.

Lena Jones

Alright, father time – you can put the ‘wisdom’ feather in your cap. But when the hezb retaliates, I expect you to reach out to me and admit to wrong hezb analysis. I know you’re honorable enough to admit a miscalculation.

Also, since Iran entered the Syria fray some 7 years ago now, it has lost a total of 19 fighters to israeli strikes, some 12 in a big one three years ago. The israeli media, which is controlled by the army censors, is full of shitting shits on the topic of Iran. The jew terrorist attacks in Syria have been MOSTLY on Syrian targets – mostly warehouses of old weapons – but the jew press always lied and said it’s striking Iranian targets.

And you confuse ‘playing the long game’ with cowardice. This is your major blind-spot.

Zionism = EVIL

I started my professional life as a soldier/aviator to be exact and then moved up the chain and went into strategic and operational planning. Rule number one of deterrence is the ability and willingness to retaliate, once your enemy loses that fear you are finished.


These Israeli attacks have only just happened yet it seems you want an immediate response – better to wait a bit have a considered & measured reply which requires good planning.

Fleecing Rabbi

3 Ayrap countries attacked by Harpy in one day and no response. Mazal Tov!

Lena Jones

There WILL BE retaliation by the hezb – violent enough to deter the terrorist jewish state again. And it will be televised live. It will be a retaliation that will both hurt and humiliate. You are mistaken if you think that the hezb, who lost so very many of their people to create a balance of terror with the jewish state in the first place, will just let this slide. “We will retaliate REGARDLESS OF THE COST!”, asserted Nasrallah yesterday. “We are not be going back to the old days of random israeli strikes – Never!”, he stressed.

The man never makes a promise he can’t keep.

Patience, dear Z=E.

Zionism = EVIL

You know if you think rationally and take all emotions out. It is mind boggling that the Arabs have killed 500,000 fellow Arabs in Syria for no reason and do not attack the main source of the cancer that is destroying their lands and children for the past 70 years old Zionist occupation of Palestine. Imagine if half a million young Arabs would have died fighting the Zionists, it would have been all over by now. There is something really fucked up in the Arab mindset.

Lena Jones

That’s an over simplification. And nobody’s perfect.

The head-chopping terrorists that invaded Syria were not all Arabs (30.000 Ughurs, for starters!) – but they were all wahabis and wahabism is talmudic-islam, the most violent sect in islam.

And actually, it’s much worse than you say: trillions of royal gulf monies have been poured into the Syria war and its ‘extensions’, while half of the Arab world starves. Worse because according to their prophet Mohammad, monarchies should not be allowed and the wealth of the islamic centers like saudi arabia (oil and religious tourism) is meant to be divided among ALL muslim nations and not fleeced by a single family.


lena jones, zionist=evil is most likely an israeli troll in disguise, always belittling russia and syria and iran and turkey in a sly sly way – ignore


Well if you recall back to 2015 Hezbollah hit an IDF convoy with anti tank missiles killing 2 soldiers & injuring 7 more in retaliation for Israeli strike which killed 6 Hezbolllah fighters.

So they do have form for hitting back.

Zionism = EVIL

I hope you are right, it is good to be a lion for day then a jackal for a hundred years. Hezbollah’s survival is based on deterrence and once it fails to deliver, it is finished. I know the Zionists better than most and know that they are soft, corrupt luxury oriented thugs who have no stomach for a long fight that will be costly and destroy their comfortable western welfare life. One missile at the shining Azreal Tower in Tel Aviv or Ben Gurion airport would empty the place.


Lets not ignore there are Israeli elections next month so Bibi has a habit of attacking on the eve of elections.


Yeah, the coalition of the unviling, and you HasbaRats never ask why, why dont they retaliate, because everybody else, is warning them about that, everybody, incl the NorDicks, the Russians, etc, to European nations incl EU, and then the UssA and so on to the Canuks, huh, and I also guess IMFs, to ECBs, etc, etc, dont fire back or we crush your economy, thats why, and do watch how silent it becomes when the Scums of this Earth drools of course something, anything, and gives us Videos witch tells Me nothing, Holloweed productions of crappy propaganda to have an reason, and you bit onto it every god dammed time.
Norway is suposedly sending millions to Palestina, and I know nothing of it comes thru because of the scums of this earth, whom have blockaded the Gaza for decades, and on top of it, Egypt, yeah, nice Mofo and somebody tells us they are goooood, uh….. Muslims.

Lebanon alone could crush ISISrael within some few weeks, I dont doubt that at all, I have said it before about how and dont bother to repeat it, then why isnt it happening, yeah, ask the Saudi-barbarians, the UAEs, the Quatarsian rats, etc, whom is slaughtering Yemens, and on top of this if this isnt bad enough, nobody cares, nobody, and then we have the system witch is supousedly there to enshure Human rights, f….. scums at the UNHRC, yeah, didnt bother to write about Yemen nor Palestina when it came to killing Children, and why the f…. does that happen, huh, because nobody cares, whines about white ass nationalism, racism, but when it comes to dealing with the scums of this earth, slaughtering humans an mass, its dead silent, and blames of course the victims, and guess where that pholisophy comes from, huh.

Yeah, the Jews, just because most people are morons, packed to their pathetic brains to the bloody brim about idiot propaganda about 6 gassilion gassed and other fairy tales, they can do whatever they want, and then we have the rat, NothingButYahohoho, an f…. Polak, huh, and just by writing this I am automaticly an Jewhater, give me an greak, they are fake thruout, most of them, and the few that are Semits, the Hebrews are treated like shit.
But hey, look, an squirel tapp dancing, cuuuuuute, right.



The IDF attacks Syria incessantly saying that Syria is threatening it. Any rational right thinking person can see that the belligerent attacking the other party without provocation dozens of times more frequently is the aggressor who is the primary threat, not the party being attacked. All of the lying Jew’s false accusations don’t make them true. And just prove that Israel is a serial international law violator and number one regional threat who is by far the primary problem.

Lena Jones

Actually for the most part it attacks Syrian bases and residential structures and says it’s killing Iranian Al Quds fighters.

Rhodium 10

Palestine home made rockets hit Israel and people in panic…imagine hundred of ballistic missile hitting tel Aviv….surely population hide in sewers like rats…

Fleecing Rabbi

Mazal tov, the Ayrab animal will not fight.


Like in 2006, it looks like that Hezbollah will totally stop Israel here since they have now even better weapons.


Iran should not have had even the slightest mercy on satanic Isisrathell.


Is it just me or are those two Lebanese Shiite militia operatives much better looking people that the Jewish big nosed, eyes too close together, rat faced invaders? About 80% of the Israelis look like a scientific experiment in inbreeding gone wrong…

Real Anti-Racist Action

Israel has learned from this that they can fly warplanes into Lebanon and bomb civilian structures and there is not consequence from it. Lebanon should have unloaded 100-1,000 missiles within a 1 hour window. But nothing….


Had they done that Israel would have sent in a squadron of fighters & inflicted huge damage.Any response needs to be measured & planned carefully.


comment image

Fleecing Rabbi

Looks more like a welfare line survivor. Mazal Tov!


Call that proof? Pfft!

Xoli Xoli

M16 are also behind Russian missile explosion.Hacking and tampering.CIA advises are hiding behind.

Barry Warmkessel

1849: Gutele Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife dies. Before her death she would state, “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”
Israel was created for the Rothschilds by the Balfour Declaration. There will never be peace on Earth as long as Israel and the Rothschild Banking Cartel exists!


Theodor Herzl wrote his book, “The Jewish State” in 1896 – 67 years after Rothschild was attempting to buy Palestine from the Sultan in 1829.

Baron Rothschild has engaged to furnish to the Turkish Sultan the enormous sum of 35,000,000 piastres, at three instalments, without interest, on condition of the Sultan’s engaging, for himself and his successors, to yield to Baron Rothschild forever the sovereignty of Jerusalem, and the territory of ancient Palestine, which was occupied by the twelve tribes. The Baron’s intention is, to grant to the rich Israelites who are scattered about in different parts of the world, portions of that fine country, where he proposes to establish seieniories, and to give them, as far as possible, their ancient and sacred laws.



Helen4Yemen I always like your posts. Keep it up!

Romeo Pesiao

The attacked against Iranian proxy forces in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon is the responsed of Israel, in connection with the pronouncement of one of Iran high ranking official, that Israel and US has no power to attack Iranian proxy forces.

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