Footage: Turkish Air Force Bombs YPG Positions in Aleppo Province


Operation Euphrates Shield media outlets released the footage of recent Turkish air strikes on Kurdish YPG targets in the Syrian province of Aleppo.



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  • Ronald

    Syria could re-state its claim to its air space , and ground . The border is a “Safe Zone” , Turkey has stepped well beyond that , and as a good neighbor , should return to it . Syria has its own S 300’s , and all nations must notify the SAA on entry , or risk being shot down.

    • ‘Sup Bruh!

      It depends on Russia right now. Assad can not take down a Turkey aircraft on his own without making sure Russia is okay with that decision 100%.

      Because Syria is nowhere close to Turkey’s military power as of now.

    • Zak Ultron

      NO syria does not have the S300 , Russia has the S300 inside Syria , it doesnot mean it belongs to syrian regime , it is in Russian hands 100 percent