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Footage: Syrian Army Uses Malyutka Missile terrorist meeting in Tal AL Hmreah in Quneitra Province

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The Syrian army has hit a terrorist meeting in Tal AL Hmreah in the province of Quneitra with the Russian-made 9M14 Malyutka missile.

The 9M14 Malyutka is a wire-guided anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system developed in the Soviet Union. Its range is 3,000 meters and the armor penetration capability is 200 millimetres at 60°.

The source of the video says that the meeting’s participators were killed or injured. No more information is aviable.

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John Whitehot

im not entirely sure it hit the inside of the building. Seems they are aiming for the right window, and the missile hits very near the aimpoint, possibly inside it. It’s great to see that old soviet made antitank missiles retain this kind of precision: a malyutka missile fitted with a tandem warhead will still kill an Abrams or a Challenger tank. Moreover, at least some of the terrorists inside that house won’t be going allahu ahbar anymore, which is always a good thing.

Brad Isherwood

9M14-2F Malyutka-2F 3.0 kg thermobaric warhead. Intended for use against troops and soft vehicles.

To all Takfiri with wireless phone in Aleppo……..Google Thermobaric and Meet Allah : )



Rocket in video is basic HEAT 9M14M


Oooh, malyutka…

Brings back memories…

I think that Syria has manual systems, so that the accuracy depends only on how good the operator is. I just love the system, the only way that you interfer the rocket is to “disable” the operator. I remember recording from 80′ of Yugoslav instructor in Syria who guided a rocket at a distance of 2km 1m above the desert ground! We did shoting on 1,5km on 2×1,5m target, if you did everyting right you hit center of the target, of course, after 3 to 4 months of intensive training on simulator.

Brad Isherwood



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