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Footage: Syrian Army Capturing Souran And Tell Bizam

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The Syrian Defense Ministry has released a video depicting the yesterday government advance on the town of Souran and the Bizam Hill. As a result of this operation, government forces captured the town and the nearby hill from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and its allies. On Monday, they continued advance in the direction of Taybat Al-Imam.

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Wonderful news, Onwards to victory for the SAA.

Trustin Judeau

Now SAA is allegedly stroming Taibat Al Imam . After it is liberated Halfaya and to Latamiah


So they’re going for the gently push them back approach to reduce this bulge, not the cut it off at its base.

Bill Wilson

Why not? The SAA has the extremists outnumbered in the east so appears they’ll keep moving until they have the high ground overlooking that river valley. That will narrow the southern end of the salient which is vunerable to being cut off from the west. The SAA may be hustling units from the south to the west side to make an advance that will create a bottleneck between the high ground and the river valley. The extremists have to be aware of their chances of being isolated so should be making a withdraw to the north unless they’re stupid.


I hope not, looks better to flank these cities from the north across M5 highway and let them “wilt on the vine”. This would also create hardship for HTS withdrawal from the area.

Pampi Ta

Good news ! Go on boys !

DJ Double D

Good News. Please continue the momentum. Just don’t worry about the next false accusation of Chemical Attack.

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