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Footage: Pro-Erdogan Protesters Burn French Flag Mistaking It For Dutch Flag


A group of pro-Erdogan demonstratos have burned a French flag in a protest against the Dutch government actions during the ongoing diplomatic crisis between the Erdogan regime and its Dutch counterparts.

The pro-Erdogan activists just thought it was a Dutch flag.



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  • Barba_Papa

    Hahaha! Morons!

  • Kim Jong


  • El Diablo

    And the Hungarian/Mexican flag if they have something against Italy XD

  • John Whitehot


  • Nexusfast123

    Dumb as well as being useless and dangerous.

  • Tchoutoye

    Sometimes October Surprises fall in March.

    After Brexit and Trump, and with French elections coming soon after, the Dutch elections were, rather uncharacteristically, the focus of international attention. Neo-Liberals needed to be seen on the rebound. By manufacturing a diplomatic crisis with Turkey shortly before election day, with a kind of diplomacy-on-stereoids that is highly uncharacteristic for the Dutch, Prime Minister Rutte could present himself as “the nation’s great helmsman standing up against the barbarians from the East”. Politicians of all competing parties had to back him or be seen as unpatriotic. Similarly the Dutch press unanimously heaped praise on him for his heroic defiance. While taking a leaf or two out of Geert Wilders book of populist nationalism to pander to Wilders’ base, Rutte is now claiming that his victory is a defeat of that same “nefarious populism”.

  • Just turks …..

  • Jagan

    Pre-civilization: that times when we navigate the world while trying to figure out which is vertical and which is horizontal. We’re back to that times?

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    This is about the intelligence level that Turks are able to achieve.
    Evolution has not been kind to them.