Footage: More of Aleppo Residents Arrive at Government Controlled al-Naqarin Neighborhood in Aleppo City


The video below shows Aleppo residents arriving at the government controlled neighborhood of al-Naqarin in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

In al-Naqarin, civilians are able to assign into the government-held refugee centers and to receive medical assistance and humanitarian aid.


Video transcript:

0:52 vaccines for children aged between one day to fifteen years old
0:56 vaccines for women aged between fifteen to forty-nine years old
1:18 stay in line please
1:20 bread!
1:49 We are from the monastery of Mar Ya’koub headed by mother Fadia Al-Laham…
1:56 We were ordered by her to supply aid to those who fled eastern Aleppo and are living in refugee centers.

Thank you for the transcript to Syria General /sg/



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  • Barba_Papa

    I’m sure the Western media will keep on spinning this as further evidence of the Assad regime and Russia’s cruelty. See these poor people flee their violence. Apparently having to stay in an area that is surrounded, gets fought over, is under Jihadi control and being dependent on shady cease fires and the odd chance that an UN aid convoy gets in is SO MUCH BETTER.