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Footage: ‘Moderate’ Terrorists with MANPADs Appear in Daraa Province

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The footage appeared on Youtube on October 29 shows a member of the so-called “46th Infantry Division” of the Free Syrian Army’s Southern Front with a Man Portable Air Defense System (MAPNAD) in Abtaa in the Syrian province of Daraa. The MANPAD shown in the video looks like a Soviet-made 9K32 Strela-2 missile. Nonetheless, the shown missile tube has a lack of thermal battery (without the battery it can hardly be used).

No more information is aviable now.

Footage: 'Moderate' Terrorists with MANPADs Appear in Daraa Province

thermal battery #3

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Disturbing. Where do these bastards have the old Soviet Strela manpads from?
But, do they still work?
I have been teached to shoot with the Strela during my army service. The way that guy holds the Strela is a bit ridiculous. Not only that there is no battery, there are also the sealing caps still present, and I would not recommend to use the Strela without protection goggles, in particular not in the dusty landscape of Syria. And firing the Strela in such a steep angle is the best prerequisite to burn the own heels.
Enough advice. Russia should bomb the Hell out of these bastards a.s.a.p.


Most likely bought by Saudi terrorists from Ukraine terrorists in Kiev


One other possibility is Libya.

Gue Bjuen

ex warsaw countries which joined the nato or are planing to join.


The streela has a “refresh” pack when internals expire


Bulgaria and Ukraine have pro US governments and are selling weapons and munitions to Saudi intermediaries for Syrian militants (batch of 100 Bulgarian T-55 tanks recently bought), appears Czech republic is starting to sell too, as recent brand new Grad rocket deliveries to militants in south Aleppo were mix of Bulgarian and Czech made. These supplies are sent via Turkish ports and airports and use Turkish haulage companies to get into Syria. There is big logistics chain to keep militants supplied involving third party states and intelligence services.


To supply Manpad to Syrian militants by the US or its allies, would probably clear the way for Russia to arm Syria to the teeth and Russia likewise can supply its Manpad to Yemen houthi and Afghan talibans and similar freedom fighters in Palestine or Kurdis or anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter whether Arab oil rich countries made the purchase or other USA allies, Russia should not need to think about who is behind this BUT act sooner to counter-balance and help those who are fighting against USA and its allies.


NO PROBLEM !! You can paint the Russian Jets in NATO or Israeli colors !! :) :) Or you can order some Hueys from Philippines !! :) :) Duterte will be more than glad to sell the stuff to the Russians !! Is a wonderful New World out there my frienda !! Happy Halloween !!

John Whitehot

don’t fret. if the stupid motherfuckers show they have a similar museum relic they must be desperate. that missile will never fire, at least the one shown here. Another doubtful possibility is that they show old and disabled hardware like this to lull the enemy into thinking they haven’t got modern manpads, only to bring them out when needed. But it’s a very remote possibility, in that case they would had better stfu.

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