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JULY 2020

Footage: ‘Moderate Rebels’ Fire US-Supplied Anti-Tank Missile On Civilians Walking On The Street In Southern Aleppo


Footage: 'Moderate Rebels' Fire US-Supplied Anti-Tank Missile On Civilians Walking On The Street In Southern Aleppo

A screenshot from the video

New footage shows so-called “moderate rebels” firing a US-supplied anti-tank guided missile on people walking down the street in southern Aleppo.

The video was released on December 28. The incident took place in the Dahiet Al Assad area.

Pro-militant sources claim that people on the video were “regime fighters”, but fail to provide any evidence of this.

The video does not indicate these people as armed fighters.

Most likely, the so-called “moderate opposition” just killed another group of civilians returning to homes in the souhthern part of Aleppo.



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  • Pave Way IV

    I didn’t see any obvious weapons on these guys. Maybe they were some kind of high-value target, but you would expect them to at least have armed bodyguards if they were walking around this area. They look more like a group of guys walking home from work. In any case, the head-choppers just used a $70,000 wire-guided anti-tank missile to kill five apparently unarmed guys walking away from them. I’m guessing that qualifies as an inhumane and disproportionate use of force according to Geneva. But then, so does head-chopping [sigh…]. F’cking cowards.

    • John Whitehot

      and god is the greatest.

      • SnowCatzor

        Apparently every killing proves this point… their God must really love death and murder.

        • Joseph Scott

          It’s even better because “There is no victory but through God.” They see themselves as little more than God’s puppets, physical tools to pull the triggers, implying their God is actually doing all the killing, not just being glorified thereby. Every Muslim who doesn’t subscribe to the idea of belonging to a wholly nihilistic death-cult should be grievously offended by the existence of such deeply blasphemous people. (And certainly some are. Putin really ought to give Kadyrov his wish and let him send all the Chechen volunteers to Syria. I know there are some already there covertly, but 10,000 openly deployed Chechen troops would be quite the shock troop division.)

  • paul

    Welcome to the ceasefire.

    I am not in any doubt as to what I saw- just sadistic pleasure in
    killing. For sure negotiations are possible with such people

  • Hanny Benny

    goddamn godless assholes
    give them weapons and they will just burn paradise in the name of their “god”

  • Trustin Judeau

    If only the SAA wasnt so depleted the situation would have been far better.The good thing is that the new 5th Corps will become active after 5 months and it will have a lot of soldiers.

  • Viper666

    This video sponsored by our wonder CIA – Clowns In Action…..
    The misery that these Clowns have caused thousands of civilians is unfathomable.
    I’m sickened.

    • Dontlietome

      Clowns In Action???????…………………. more like Cuntz In Action !

  • PZIVJ1943

    This is sadistic. And a second ATGM used to hit rescue van! What is their point in releasing video. Is it to say they have no interest in the ceasefire plan? The agreement has nothing to do with this Jihadist group, they can not be reconciled, and have no interest in peace. Keep up the airstrikes on Idlib province, PLEASE!

  • gustavo

    Wait a minute, this suppose to happened in Allepo , right ? but this city is totally under syrian controlled. So, why did this happen ? why are these terrorists still walking with these weapons on the streets ?, and even worst, ceasefire are under way with these cowards-criminals !! ?

    • PZIVJ1943

      May have happened In S Aleppo outskirts or southern Aleppo province. Ceasefire is not meant for these Jihadist, and they want to overturn all plans for agreement with other areas. This is why they show this video.

  • DYPG

    Footage with higher resolution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Io5yFJtfA4

  • Loveyou

    USA has allot of blood on its hand

    • Cliff Roesli

      .. those puppets, paymasters and elites are indeed dirty creatures ..
      .. kick them off this planet ..

  • David P Kervin

    We can only hope that the coward that pulled the trigger and the one who shouted their tiring cliché will end up laying face down with flies buzzing around their heads.