Footage: Militant Vehicle Targeted by Iranian Toophan Missile West of Damascus


The recently released video depicts a militant vehicle that has been targeted by an Iranian Toophan anti-tank on the road between Daer Mkaren – Efreh in the western countryside of Damascus.

Iran supplies to the Syrian army’s troops and other pro-government groups in Syria a number of military supplies, including anti-tank guided missiles.

Toophan is a series of Iranian-made anti-tank guided missiles. Toophan 1 was a reverse-engineered copy of the US-made BGM-71 TOW missile.



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  • John Whitehot

    darn. Line up the virgins.

  • Iranians are some of the most competent engineers in the world.
    Japaneses, Germans, Italians, Iranians, Russians. Without them, the world would not have sh*t. lol

  • Hisham Basmouk

    The Sound of explosion travel faster from sound speed, what !!!