Footage: Iraqi Forces Use Guided Missile To Pound ISIS Terrorists In Makhoul Mount Area


The video shows the usage of anti-tank guided missiels by the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) against ISIS terrorists in the area of Makhoul Mount.

ISIS terrorists had repeatedly tried to break PMU positions there but were pushed to retreat under fire from Iraqi troops.



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  • Thegr8rambino

    russia needs to send in its Tupolev bombers again to really kind of finish off ISIS at jirah airbase, deir hafer, and weaken them further in raqqa and deir ezzor, as well as in iraq, if they are allowed.

  • Wolfgang Wolf

    i still wonder too, because there is evidently needed some carpet bombing… all this surgical single bombing is like hitting ants one by one

  • kraaiiii

    won’t be long before the ATGM will be redesigned with a different warhead to be anti personal

    • PZIVJ1943

      The Kornet 9M113F variant comes with a thermobaric warhead. Not sure about the others.

      • kraaiiii

        i didn’t know that learn something everyday

  • gold37

    Map of Western Mosul please Southfront. Thank you.