Footage: Government Forces Advancing Near Mahardeh


The video shows the government counter-attack that took place in the countryside of Mahardeh in northern Hama on March 27 and resulted in the liberation of Kafr Amim and Maazraf.

Footage: Government Forces Advancing Near Mahardeh

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  • Jakke1899

    The work of the Tiger Forces?

    • MeMadMax


    • Amber Saunders

      No , the work of carpet bombing… think more then half of Ass-ad forces wants to marry with commander Suhail Al Hassan. “SuSu” 4 his friends

      • Spunkyhunk

        Fuck off fifth-rate CIA troll… How much did they pay you for this shitty post?

        • Amber Saunders

          Still waiting for money to come. Pity for me that they didn´t contacted nor paid me. Maybe you are a russian whore paid by dicks like Assad & Putin.

  • dutchnational

    I wondered. The town is mostly christian, has a christian NDF. Why not create a wider christian militia with offensive capablities? There is zero risk that they will become islamists.