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JUNE 2020

Footage: French and US Artillery Units Pounding ISIS near Mosul


The Nov.5 footage depicts French and US artillery units, pounding ISIS terrorists in the countryside of Iraqi city of Mosul.

US M-109 Paladin and French CAESAR self-propelled howitzers provide artillery support to the Iraqi military from the area of the Al Asad Air Base in the Al Anbar Governorate.



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  • Serious

    Seems like Daesh is helping France and Anglos to colonize Iraq and Syria. Just remember that France and UK have colonized these two countries in the 1800s.

    Stop the west colonialism and terrorism.

    • TS

      Perhaps the Saudi wells really are pumping to much water ..

    • sólyomszem

      Why do you repeat this shit everywhere? In 1800s there was the Osman Empire.

      • Serious

        Turkey is next to Syria. England and France are thousands miles away.

        Colonialists stay colonialists. And murderers stay murderers.

    • So “Colonization” is where “Racial-Replacement” happens.
      The Jews of the west launch the war to help push Iraq and Syria to colonize the West.
      14,000,000 people have to move into a land for it to be “colonization”
      Iraq is not being colonized, Europe and America is being colonized because of Jewish interest.
      Oh yea, one more thing. Jews and Arabs are the same brown family. They are all Shemitic decedents of Shem.
      Europeans are Japethites. Africans are Hamites.

      • Serious

        The west is colonizing the middle east in a military way. They occupy Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan by military bases.

        The west invited all the aliens that are coming. nobody told them to take the so called migrants. The west created the so-called human rights to colonize others people and now, the west is stuck with it and with the defeat of national-socialism.

  • Hanny Benny

    Give them hell they pray for!!!!!!!!