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Footage: Air Strikes Targeting Militants in Aleppo City


Intense air strikes on the militant-controlled part of Aleppo city.



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  • Pave Way IV

    That’s shocking! If you look closely, you can plainly see all these strikes were directly on children’s hospitals, elementary schools and orphanages. I can almost hear the cries of the dusty children now. Does George Soros or his NGO mouthpieces know about this latest outrage? Someone call the White Helmet al Nusra ‘Media Activists’ – CNN needs some heartbreaking footage for this evening’s anti-humanity porn show.

    • Thom Kinoshta

      the US backed rebels moved into the hospitals. War is war. If the enemy moves into hospitals, just bomb the hospitals. very simple

      • John Whitehot

        nice try.

    • Divesh Kumar

      How can you identify that airstrikes are on CHILDREN’S HOSPITALS………… People like you only propagate anarchy , who see red in every green and ironically there are a lot like you pushed in syria

      • Pave Way IV

        I was being facetious, DK. That sarcasm was directed at western MSM that constantly reports the airstrikes in east Aleppo as hitting civilian targets and killing children.

    • sagbotgamot

      Yes! i can clearly see an on-going wedding ceremony and another funeral march being bomb by the russians. didn’t you see that?