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Following Israeli Air Strikes on Syrian Army, Terrorists Launched Full-Scale Advance in Quneitra Countryside

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On September 10, the Israeli Aimr Force made air strikes on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) positions at the village of Hader – the Unit 4 Base and Tiranjah in the  Syrian province of Quneitra. The air strikes were synchronized with the start of a full-scale advance of the Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat Al Nusra) and its allies in the same area.

The joint terrorist forces advanced on the Hader, seizing few sites in the vilage’s countryside. Heavy clashes are ongoing in the area.

Following Israeli Air Strikes on Syrian Army, Terrorists Launched Full-Scale Advance in Quneitra Countryside

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“Occupied Golan”, more propaganda! Syria attacked Israel, lost, and lost some territory, that’s the end of that. The Syrians were wrong to attack and deserved to lose land, and they did, so get over it, it’s theirs. That’s war, that’s how it’s always been, it’s just unacceptable to Muslims/Muslim sympathisers because no-one’s allowed to beat Muslims, especially Jews, only Muslims are allowed to beat Muslims.

As for this map, why is that northern bubble allowed to persist; why enclose your forces between two rebel areas? And yet the SAA focuses on fucking TABAQA, the Deir Ezzor delusion etc. They need to focus on simplistics; Damascus is both symbolic and of utmost importance. You have to clear the area around your capital! And yet there are numerous areas allowed that shouldn’t exist, that should at the very least have efforts to thwart, like the Beit Jinn area above. They have enough fronts as it is, not having to encircle various bubbles would free up so many soldiers!

Keep it Real

By international law its syria , end of the argument! Uss Liberty was attack by Israel they blamed it on the Arabs. declassified information from the US showed this. So spread your lies somewhere else. This is Syria!


Mate, Syria didn’t even exist a hundred years ago, it like a lot of nations was drawn up post-war.


Israel didn’t exist 100 years ago.


You, and apparently one other, didn’t understand my comment, at all; Syrians complaining that the Golan Heights are Syrian act as if Israel is illegitimate because it’s so new, but Syria itself is almost as new. As are its neighbours, the fellow complainers. I’m highlighting the hypocrisy. Syria was only established in 1930! Israel was only 18 years behind.

Obama K Huntman

You are wrong with the comparison…Syria’s population actually exists before 1943. The same cannot be said with Israel with their mostly “immigrate” people

The State of Israel is no different then if China, Russia and aliens supported Mexican insurgents to “reclaim their home”

If the Israeli’s deserve more land and their long ago home, then so do the Mexicans…

If you disagree you are a hypocrite…


But not the borders, which are the source of contention. Next to no-one lived in ‘Palestine just a couple of decades before Israel was created, it was noted as being almost entirely empty. Muslims only flocked to the area when Jews started building it up.

No, it’s infinitely easier to support Israel than Mexico, because Israel’s neighbours, what Israel would’ve been had it not been created, are just awful, Islamist, sharia dominated dictatorships that repress its people, basic freedoms, homosexuality etc. Israel are the clear good guys, we like them. Mexico doesn’t need more land, they have plenty and they wouldn’t be taking it from questionable people because Americans are alright. Not the case with Israel, it does need land and its neighbours aren’t great, as I stated above.

Jaguar Paw

@Aquartertoseven:disqus Can you admit here that you dont know what are you talking about. Who say that Palestinians are the same as those who use radical sharia law?

We live in 21 century, you cant drive a nation with “the victor goes the spoils” because that is from the old days. You see, you are big fan of Israel, did you know they have special buses for arabs, did you know that people who clean schools can only do their work after school, just because they are arabs, did you know as a big fan of Israel that they send children from age 12 to the prison, did you know if you are arab you judge by special law, not the same as Jews, did you know that you get bullet if you trow rock on armored officer (which is “normal” in EU states).

You are fan of that kind of country, that have seeing things like USA in 1950’s!?

There is no doubt there is a lot of bad muslims, but best recruiters of “bad muslims”, mercenaries, radicals and crazy people are nation like Israel and Usa, they start like milion of wars, they funded paramilitary from latin america, georgia to syria, because they have their goals and interes there. Jews like to play God, but i can assure you right hereright now, that nation that build walls and not bridges will fall.

I dont know who you are, and what you are, I know how much you dont know about the world. I can see that you talk about Mexico and USA in your last comment, and I think how you dont like immigrants, but guess what, all the people live in USA are immigrants, they all come from somewhere and steal land that didnt belong to them, the same thing like Israel stole Syrian, Jordanian and Lebanon land, but you are blind so much because you dont have your own brain to decide objectively base on facts and truth, no, you chose easy way, to believe in everything that say on wikipedia, and the owners are jews, from google, youtube and so on, but what you know about that? Only thing that leads your empty soul is hatred to those who are different from you, base on their skin color, religion or origin.

It is cool for that same america that have 5 milion homeless people, and 30 milion children that are hungry, but in the same way they give 50 bilion dolars for Israel defense budget. For people with empty soul and dead brain that is good. Inverted logic at it best!

I am done talking with you, because i see you are rock solid, brainwashed mummy. I only advise you to stay on internet, watch the news and look how invincible empires fall.

Best regards


Fact does, because Palestinians do live under Sharia, read about Gaza!

That’s no excuse, there are examples of land changes, look at the Sudan, you’re just saying that because it’s Israel we’re talking about.

Seeing as how there are so many attacks from Arabs, it’s not surprising that they don’t clean schools while the kids are there, would you risk your children’s safety during an unofficial intifada against anyone of your religion?

You’re painting these Arabs as innocent, do a poll and see what they think of sharia, of infidels, of homosexuality and anyone known that is into that. See how innocent they are then.

HA!!! You get more absurd! You’re defending the act of throwing a rock, a deadly object, at another human being?? That’s attempted murder. And I’ll tell ya, it most certainly is not normal in EU states, it’s a crime, and if an officer struck died and the culprit was identified and arrested, he’d go to prison for murder, for years.

I don’t doubt nor deny the constant uprisings and troubles caused by the West, particularly for oil or political change, for new puppets but as for bridges, what neighbour of Israel wants a bridge? They want Israel eradicated. Read up on taqiyya.

Yep, 5 million homeless and yet they accept immigrants en masse, even penniless refugees that can’t contribute anything, just take from the taxpayer, while there are citizens already present, born and bred, that struggle. I believe in helping yourself before helping others, and that isn’t seen anywhere in Europe or the US.

Mario López

Right, then if you need more land, then you invade. Excellent explanation! We do know now you support imperialist governments.

Mexicans genocided the indigenous Indians. Mexicans came into existence in 1821. It use to be called Tenochtitlan before Hispanics genocided them and renamed Mexico after their own racist selves. Mexicans have existed for less then 300 years. They are a new invention. Today, the Indian tribes are brutally put down by Mexicans. The Indians riot on a monthly basest against the racist-Mexicans.

Jaguar Paw

@Aquartertoseven:disqus how you can talk so much, when you know nothing? Are you a Jew? Chosen by God, and you give yourself a right to talk stupid things about you know NOTHING. Did you ever read about Neo-Assyrian Empire? First empire of that kind. You talk how Syria is established in 1930, it is only because it was occupied by barbaric nation, like israel is doing now. You see i am not Jew and I am not muslim, so i can see these things objectively. That same Isreal build walls in 21 century, and yet they dont know that every fortress go down. Jew farmers keep their sheeps with M4 rifles. Jews bombs hospitals, schools, civilians at most parts, they buy oil from ISIS, they take care of them with money and medic, as we can all see they even provide airstrikes for the terrorist that they created for their goals. That golan heights cant belong to Israel, you say how syirans lost the war so they should lose the ground, that is the example of guy who live in 21 century and thinks this is middle age, you cant steal someone land, but if you a Jew, then it is good. We all know that without that they would be thirsty. In shameful resolution jews gain only half of today territory, and yet again they take it all and push palestinians out, half of Jerusalem was in the hands of Jordan, and yet again israel just take over. There is a lot of example of theft, war crimes and lack of human feelings. Now we know why jews didnt have their own country for so many years, they are so greedy, and that will kill them on the end. They think how they control the world, they make up their history, base on lies from ww2 they gain country and now behave like barbaric tribes but in 21 century. We will all see what will going to happend with that kind of direction of one nation, which youth carry guns, burn pictures of baby and attack family with arsen gas.


No, I’m not Jewish, just a fan. An ancient empire, one of many that rose and fell in the Middle East, bears no relation to current affairs in the Golan Heights. Assyrians are actually Christian, if anything the Arabs have stolen Syria from them since slaughtering their way out of Arabia.

So you’re painting Hamas as the good guys? Using human shields even after Israel dropped LEAFLETS detailing how they were going to strike these rocket launching platforms, to get the civilians out, which Hamas refused to do just so that people could be outraged that Israel killed civilians!

“Theft”, they were invaded and won, to the victor goes the spoils, if anything they were too lenient; like Gandhi they should’ve kicked the Muslims out fully rather than partially, would’ve saved a lot of trouble. “Human feelings”, ha, Islam is taking over the world and Muslims with their sharia, gay/women/infidel oppression, they don’t give a damn about feelings!

Nobby Stiles

You are also about 12 and British. Read some more history and then come back.

Assyrians in the Bible is modern day Turkey haha. You are such a liar. Turkey and Jews today are #1 allies. Assyrians and Jews work together today to destroy both Syria and Lebanon, and Christians in general.


And Assyrians have been reduced to just 25,000, nearly wiped out in Turkey, taken over long ago by invaders. Again, you’re saying that these areas historically belong to these peoples, and yet the current inhabitants of Syria and the like are ARABS, from ARABIA. You know, the Syrian Arab Army, why do you think it’s called that. Jews and Christians are solid, we’re like cousins, essentially Britain and Australia, we’re tight.

Tom Tom

dude, read Ezekiel 38 and 39 and see how God saves the (Messianic) Jews in Israel. Yeah, everybody else dies. I mean, gay parades in Jerusalem? Ha, I mean, c’mon. It was only a matter of time before the Lord got really p’d off.


classic dumbfuck who thinks anti semitism means hate against jews. people like you just dont get that theire is no way you will create a state in middle east to solve a problem created in europe its nonsences , pissrael its just a excuse to desestabilization of middle east even more a more jews are growing anti zionist because pissrael its just another way to bleed hebrews and theyre lost country, to the countrary syrian-assyrian civilization its a fact its the same people living in the same place, pissrael jsut exist because the west are willing to give it protection, what will happen wen the west lost the military upper hand?


Then Israel can defend itself, as it already has done against overwhelming odds, spanking its combined neighbours and taking massive amounts of territory like the Sinai Peninsula, which they were misguided in handing that back. Arabs can’t fight for shit, look at Iraq and Syria, 20,000 Iraqis ran away from 800 ISIS soldiers, they fled, they’ve got no stones, whereas Israelis are pretty hardcore. Krav Maga and shit.

Israel by human standards is invincible with 427 illegal nuclear warheads. Only Christ can destroy Zionist-occupied-Israel. And so He shall.


Christ was a Jew remember? He wanted to free them from the Romans! As for the threat, congratulations, you’re a cunt, go fuck yourself. I’m your “nemesis” for simply acknowledging that I understand why Israel are doing what they’ve done, what they continue to do? When I clearly said, explicitly, that I don’t condone at all, only merely understand, you threaten me? Fuck you.

As for your spiel on Europe being for the indigenous, how Islam is taking over, don’t you think it’s entirely hypocritical for you to be against the weakening, even just distractions, of the main terrorist exporters of the world? Of how all of the nut jobs that want to harm the West are being funneled into these areas and are being blown to kingdom come?

Jacek Wolski

Jews have lived in that area for over 2000 years you pleb, go and study some history


The ‘Jews’ currently occupying the land mass known as Israel are Khazarians from the southern Russian area. They are no more the true Jews of the bible than the people occupying Bejing are. There is no reason these Khazarians should be occupying the lands of the Palestinians.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I also have a map to back up your very good comment here brother.

Jacek Wolski

People of Jewish faith are multi-cultural. You should travel to Israel and have a look yourself.

Shems descendants lived in that area before the Hebrew people were even invented. Japeth, Shem, Ham all preexist the Hebrews. Hebrews came many years later.

Holy Gark

Middle Eastern Jews — yes.

European, Eastern European, Russian, American, Asian Jews — no, never.

The Jewish population in Palestine for instance was minority until it exploded in 1948:


anti-Shemitism means you do not like decedents of Shem. Syrians and Palestinians and Chinese are descendants of Shem lol. You are an anti-Shemitic-bigot. You are also anti-Japetic and anti-Hamitic as well. lol

Tom Tom

Greater Syria, or what the Arabs called “Filistin,” (for the land formerly inhabited by the Philistines before the Israelites showed up, and what the Romans called Paelestina, their word for Filistina) was a part of the Ottoman Empire.

That Guy

Fuck off you kike piece of shit.


Sore loser, the truth hurts! A tiny little country is fuckin’ dominant as anything.

That Guy

yeah this land (which is now known as “israel”) is for the semites ….. that’s true …. but the disgusting fucks that ocupy a land that was known way before israel ever existed as Palestine are not semites. They are jews yes but not semites so they should fuck off and get back to the countries they came from…. and the funny thing is, whenever you say the truth about them they call you an anti semite …… and I’m like “are you fucking serious” whenever I hear this shit.

in fact NO ONE likes the jews and if you check the list of countries that the jews were expelled from (it is a very very long list) you would notice that they are a cancer that every country tried to get rid of.


Considering how rapidly Muslims are taking over the Western world, having the same happen to them in the tiny slice that is Israel, it’s only fair.

Expelled from centuries ago you mean, as scapegoats like in England in yesteryear? Nowadays, even in the last century, they were well integrated, they’ve just been scapegoated again by the Nazis and Muslim nations in general. As for Israel itself, it’s the only democracy in a sea of dictatorships and is advancing in terms of research and technology in ways that Muslim nations can only dream of, so it’s all good.

That Guy

Muslims should return to their countries as well because Europe is not for anyone other than Europeans.

And for Nazis …. Fuck them … they gave the excuse for the EUROPEAN jews to invade PALESTINE and call it israel.

And for democracy that you are talking about …. it is a massive bu


You would rather be in a dictatorship where you live in fear instead of a democracy where you’re entirely safe so long as you don’t attack people? Okay then, move to Saudi Land! Terrorists’ houses are destroyed in Israel, seems about right to me. Running down innocents is not defensible.

That Guy

that’s not what I meant and you know that.

and for the houses …. those are some ordinary olive tree farmers in Jerusalem who lose their houses… they are not hamas …. hamas are in Gaza not in Jerusalem.

Now I want to hear the excuse of destroying olive farms…. I laugh at how hard israel’s lap dogs try to give an excuse for everything israel does and try to make them appear as the sinless angels.

For Saudi Arabia. .. they are US lap dogs which are Israel’s lap dogs….. fuck them they are a similar to Israel and the US in terms of being being a threat to the world . in fact I feel like they are buddies. so I would just hate to be in saudi arabia as well.

And if you are asking me where would I like to live at …. here is a list: Syria, Iran, Russia (because they have no tolerance to gay propaganda ;) I don’t want to see these cringe worthy parades ) , and living in the countrysides would be amazing.


Do I? Did you? You said that you’d be happy to live in a dictatorship so long as you got an education, which would limited to the lack of free expression.

I never said that Hamas were in Jerusalem. These people that get their houses bulldozed tend to have committed terrorist acts. As I’ve repeatedly said, I don’t think they’re sinless angels, they’re supporting terrorists to try and weaken their enemies! All I’ve said that it’s not black and white, that their enemies aren’t angels themselves, they’re dictators.

“Gay propaganda”?? What? So you’re homophobic? You don’t want to see parades, so you don’t like freedom of expression then, when it means no harm to you? No wonder you’re on the side of the Muslims, democracy can’t beat your sharia dictatorships!

That Guy

I’m not on their side not at all. … I’m more on the side of arab nationalism which syria does represent and Israel cooperating with saudi arabia are trying to destroy it. and on the side of orthodox Christian Russia which is one of the only sane nations in the world. sane enough to ban a propaganda that would destroy their nation slowly but surely (gay propaganda). I would not hate something unless it is going to harm me….. having these degenerates parading their disgusting shit is surely not harmless.


Russia hates Islam, they refuse to allow any mosques built in Moscow, despite the massive Muslim population.

So everybody’s going to turn gay, that’s so lame! Why is homosexuality seen in nature? Think about that. It is natural. Not the norm, otherwise life wouldn’t see new generations, but it does happen, from penguins to humans. I don’t see why you care about why men stick their dicks in an alternative hole, why do you care?

That Guy

I don’t give a fuck about them as long long as they don’t go out and say “Heeeyyy look at how gay we are” as if they are trying to piss someone off and pick a fight with him .

And I repeat I am not on the side of Islam…. so don’t place shit in my mouth.


But you called it propaganda, as in false, lies, to be gay.

You care so much for Arab nationalism, what shit am I placing in your mouth that isn’t already there?

That Guy

when you said that Russia hates Islam etc etc …. I have felt that you were indirectly saying that I’m on the side of Islam.

Arab nationalism and Islamism are two different things so don’t take them as two synonymous things …..that’s stupid.


You are, Arabs are Muslims, Arab nationalism seeks their unity, and they unite under sharia, under the oppression of minority religions, like Christianity, under the oppression of homosexuals, women etc., under terrorism in Western, Christian lands, like Hezbollah have committed, and they’re brothers in arms with Syria and Iran.

You like dictatorships over democracies, you hate Israel and love Palestinians, despite the latter supporting Islamic, sharia extremists that do all of the above, so yeah, you sound like a textbook Muslim, the furthest thing from an Russian Orthodox Christian.

That Guy

Your ignorance is funny…. there is no point in arguing with.

especially when you said hezbollah has committed opression against minorities this one just means that you are not well informed.

Syria is a secular country which is well known for not committing opression against minorities and it is the biggest supporter of arab nationalism (which proves that Islamism and arabism are not synonymous).

In syria (which is repeatedly called a dictatorship) people can have school education for free and have free university education adding that there are zero taxes and no opression towards minorities and thus everyone is happy now you call that a dictatorship. ….While in the US (which boasts democracy and wants to spread its “democracy” around the world) people drown in debt because of University fees alone not to mention the crazy taxes that makes people drown even deeper into that shit and this is a democracy. So if what I mentioned are how dictatorships and democracies look like then no thanks the dictatorship is more preferred in such case (I’m not talking about those religious dictatorships that you always like to mention) .

And if you talk about opression then israel did opress both Christian and Muslim Palestinians . I do support Palestinians (based on their nationality and not their religion) but I don’t support hamas.

And by the way I didn’t say that I’m a Russian Orthodox Christian. I’m not . I’m just a fan …. okay… I am a secular person who finds that israel is a threat to the world peace and hates how media is overwhelmingly daramatizing the gay issue which is annoying (i mean yeah gays are okay as long as they don’t do it in public or boast about it but media please enough is enough stop viewing gays as people who deserve some sort of special treatment ….this is too much).

Every thing is summed up here no more lame arguments … bye ;).


I didn’t say that Hezbollah committed oppression against minorities, I said that they committed terrorist acts against the West.

Syria was well known for that, for some minorities, how about the Kurds though, because undoubtedly were oppressed, they weren’t even allowed to use the Kurdish language, even to name their children!

It is a dictatorship, I’m on Assad’s side but come on, who are you kidding!

But Palestinians and Islam go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other.

You keep saying goodbye and yet constantly come back, because you know that you’re representing your argument poorly and feel the need to come back and try to better reassert yourself, which still is yet to work.

That Guy

check my comments …. you won’t find me saying goodbye. … so …this is my last statement and I will repeat my goodbye here in case you still want me to come back . so bye bye I’m tired of this argument. have a nice day ;).


“Every thing is summed up here no more lame arguments … bye ;).”

“you are clearly a (good goyim) and there is no point in any sort of argument with you.”

*Tired of being wrong

Real Anti-Racist Action

Your civil rights statement is 100% correct my friend.

Nobby Stiles

A tiny little country armed with modern weapons and with 200 nukes if they get worried. A tiny little county that wouldn’t exist without US support. Just to be clear, I support the right of Israel to exist but don’t pretend they are underdogs. It’s ignorant.

That Guy

why do you think that a bunch of immigrants have the right to ocupy a land that is not theirs.?

this land is for Palestinians regardless of their religion. … not for only jews regardless of their race…. this is plain stupid.

imagine if someone broke into your house, kicked you out of it , then he uses these two excuses : ” we are the god’s chosen people”, or “jews used to live in that land 2000 years ago (although it is the semite jews are the ones who used to live in this land and not those wankers that hitler have brought in ww2)” how would you feel… it is gonna be a rage for sure….. I don’t blame the Palestinians for being pissed off.

Nobby Stiles

What’s done is done. You can’t make it good by doing wrong.

Brad Isherwood

Palestinians can overrun Jerusalem in a hour. They can get in easy. …be on the other side of Jerusalem with a IDF gun in their hand ..in an hour. When the Palestinian people go from cringing chicken to men…it will be all over for the Fake Kingdom of David and Solomon. The bottom line is fear….The Arab is more scared than the Jew. Until the fear is dealt with….Israhell will kick Hezbollah. ..Syrian and Palestinian.

Israel fears the numeric surge. Arabs have the numeric….but are still to afraid to really fight.

Nasrallah and Putin need a 2nd tier commander who will surge at Israel, Will shoot IAF down. After Israel cries to Uncle Shlomo or UN…the politician can drop the sat photos On crying Israel’s crimes.

chris chuba

It IS occupied Golan. That is the most accurate way to describe the area. The Syrian attack on Israel in 1973 gave Israel the right to OCCUPY Golan in 1973 but occupation does not automatically grant the right to annexation. This is a simple tenet of International Law. This does not have anything whatsoever to do with the U.N. being dominated by Arab countries.

Personally, I don’t lose any sleep over Golan’s status, but calling it occupied is a perfectly accurate term. It is highly unfortunate that Israel has chosen to be Al Nusra’s air force. Israel should be condemned for attacking a sovereign country suffering a brutal civil war. As a U.S. citizen I condemn my country’s illegal support of rebels attacking the same country.


But any other time in history that this has happened, where territorial gains were annexed, have been simply accepted and that’s that. But the Muslim world despises Jews, and that’s why this particular case is unacceptable, where it’s held to a singular standard that no other nation is held to account underneath.

Israel supporting the extremists is iffy but understandable; they’re surrounded by those that want to destroy them. Syria is basically a vassal of Iran, who particularly want to see Israel annihilated, Syria funnels Iranian support to Hezbollah, so there is a purpose in weakening it and therefore this alliance, however deplorable the means to do that are. What with the Islamic world’s massive population growth too, a big war to cut down numbers, potentially partition the nation with Kurdistan in the north taking a few million and much of the oil reserves, Israel have a lot to gain from the turmoil. It’s a shame that the main forces for them to use in their quest are fuckin’ nutjobs. I’m not condoning their actions, only acknowledging that I understand why they’re doing what they’re doing, and they are to a certain extent justified, it’s just a shame that minorities such as Christians, Yazidis etc. have been thrown under the bus in the process.

Nobby Stiles

Ridiculous. If that were so India would still be British.

That Guy

So you are justifying what israel is doing in syria…… well …. you are clearly a (good goyim) and there is no point in any sort of argument with you.


The Khazarians that are now occupying the land known as Israel adopted the Jewish religion about 740 AD. They are a cunning and warlike people, and not at all Semitic. They were hated by their neighbors in the Southern Russian area and eventually driven out. The descendants of the ancient Hebrews are the Palestinians. These Arabs are no match for the Khazarians and nuclear weapons have been brought into the conflict with the Syrians on the night of 3-4 May 2013 and again circa 6 August 2016. Obama stopped another possible nuclear attack circa 3 September 2013 when two sub launched Israeli missiles were shot down by the USN. Israel is the most Anti Semitic country on Earth.


Well said. This fool is likely hasbara judging from his profile. Real jews get blamed with israeli crimes too much in my opinion though. They don’t support israel and neither does the Torah. Judaism is only used as a mask and a shield. Nkusa.org and truetorahjews.org can explain this much better than myself though. Ironically Iran has the second biggest Jewish population and Christians, Muslims, and Jews get along fine there unlike israel


Except that what you typed is a total lie, the Muslims in Iran massively suppress and even arrest religious minorities like Christianity, just for holding services, even in their homes.


So that’s why there’s churches and synagogues in Iran,even in Teheran.It makes them easier to find lol. You may have mistaken saudi arabia with Iran, or more likely, just be lying. All that anyone has to do to check is look up images of churches and synagogues in Iran to see some ancient and many modern examples of them.


How modern? After the 70s, because I doubt it! Google. I dare you. Google the oppression, arrests of Christians, of their services, churches etc.


Israel has no land. they are occupiers by nature.


Yeah, but thieves never prosper, the Jews will be forced to give up all the land they stole in Syria Palestine and Lebanon, as soon as their pet gorilla(USA) is taken down, which is happening real soon.

Nobby Stiles

Your argument consists of “get over it”? Israelis would never say something like that. That would be like saying Vespasian expelled the Jewish people from Israel, now get over it.

Hello zionist-surpremisist. You are my nemesis. Bye for now.

Tom Tom

could you repeat that? I wasn’t paying attention.

Keep it Real

And the jews work hand in hand with terrorists!

Boris Kazlov

This is quite clear, they are the real instigators of this disastrous war, the idiot above is a paid propagandist who would justify illegal settlements also, not just the occupation of Golan.

Divesh Kumar

There is no iota of confusion that Israel is hand in gloves with head chopper scums and that best option for them is to let SAA occupy that area. But some how they are convinced that they are more safe with these head chopper scums. God save them…………

That Guy

Israel is the main reason of the shit that is happening to Syria. since the SAA is a greater threat to it than the head chopping scums (which are just tools of israel) israel’s plan is to weaken the Syrian army then invade syria and take more lands till it reaches the euphrates.

And yet that won’t be enough for them….. they will try to become the ruling state in the world (just like UK 100 years ago and like the US now) but this time israel is going to be the ruling state (this is a bad news for the US).

Get rid of israel and this world will be a better place to live in.


So does Russia defend Syrian airspace or not? We may fulminate at the injustice of it all, but the realpolitik seems unchanged: Turkey, Israel, Qatar, and Jordan are up to their neck in this mess and yet their countries are safe as can be; Bulgarian ships move hundreds of tons of weaponry for Al-Qaeda without a worry. Nobody touches the scum, because their alliance with the US protects them. Syria however is a Russian ally in which case, well, your mileage may vary. As long as Russia accepts these basic rules, it start from a lost position every time, and other countries will notice.

Leaving aside 6:45’s Golan politics, indeed: what’s with those terrorist pockets? Coexistence would be one thing, but aren’t these endless staging grounds for mortar attacks and other nastiness? Where do the supplies come from, what aren’t we told? Wouldn’t shorter front lines be, like, better?

Nobby Stiles

I’m sure the Russians know what they are doing

Nobby Stiles

A better question is whether the Israelis are freelancing or acting on American instructions


Even if one sympathizes with Russia’s stated goals, how can what you say be a starting assumption for them but not for any of the other actors? Especially when it is so clear in retrospect that Russia dropped the ball big time with its spring ceasefire. This Israeli action fits a pattern where, one year in, the deterrent effect of Russia’s presence in Syria seems to be rapidly approaching zero. For anyone supporting their objectives, this is a terrible development.


The occupied Golan Heights is a major reason for this immoral war against the Syrian people (Druze, Kurdish, Christians, and Muslims). Legally it remains Syrian territory, and that is the problem. Beneath the Golan Heights is a gigantic strata of oil, estimated to be as large as Saudi’s. Look up “Genie Energy Ltd” and “AFEC Oil and Gas” both out of New Jersey. They are owned by J.L. Rothschild. If Syria can be broken into smaller countries , Israel then can legalize their occupation. There is so much money involved , the loss of life and suffering has no meaning to some.

Andrew Illingworth

Attention all well meaning people … just ignore the troll who goes by the name of “Aquarterofseven”.

On the one hand who poses as a Jihadist, on the other as a Zionist. It’s obvious he is a troll. There is no point in trying to justify things to, or through him. You’ll be doomed to frustration. Trolls require angry people to feed off. So again, just ignore him.


It’s Aquartertoseven, get it right Andrew, I know your name! How am I a jihadist, I explicitly said that I denounce the use of using wackos to achieve ends that I merely UNDERSTAND. There’s nothing wrong with being a Zionist, the only other alternative to that is being an Islamist. Perhaps you want yet another sharia dictatorship to replace Israel, like its neighbours? And yet you paint me as the bad guy.

“There is no point in trying to justify things to, or through him”

Ha, I’m justifying this entire war, just pointing out why the West are doing what they’re doing, and you’re all vilifying me for it! Very civilised of you. Why would you or anyone be angry at understanding the purpose behind a war? When people point out that a separatist shot the Archduke before WW1, do you disparage them for that too?

Andrew Illingworth



The irony, you nut.


Whatever happened to the S-300/400???

^.^ >_?


I will not waist time on the pack of drooling hasbaratnjiks but focuses upon this facts that is in this acts. That is whats is the clue, and to those whom think this is about Jews I can only shrug and repeat it again, its NOT about the f…. jews its about rabies infested lunatics from the asylum Kneeset in Tel-aviv. Get it.

And this actions tells us everything, confirms most of whats been sayed about this criminal entety called Israel. For the Jews, I feel sorry, Israel have highjacked the Jewish people and pushing that infront of their own agenda witch is Eretzh Israel, from Litany to the Efrat.

wake up jews or go down with it.


Israel is a democracy. If Jews really do not support genocide of others, then they would have has a revolution already. You are playing a Jewish game called “Accept No Responsibility” Zionist-Jews are the enemy of us all. Now their are good-Jews. For example, 150,000 good Nationalist Jews fought on the good side in the second world war. To bad the good guys lost. And the Zionist won the war. Zionist-Jews created the Holodomor to genocide indigenous peoples groups and to wipe out Christians. Jews have created their own destiny. If Jews do not overthrow Zionist themselves, then the world will do it and hold Jews responsible for their own evil-deeds. https://holodomorinfo.com/


another aspect of the dirty war in Syria….all ‘civilized’ western countries support terrorist islamic groups. now its Israel’s turn……very dirty war indeed…..

Nardeep Pujji

Israel has been covertly helping ISIS AlNusra since 2011

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