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Flaming Phallus: Starship SN10 Makes Spectacular Landing… Then Explodes

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Update (1845ET): After initial delays, SpaceX successfully landed a Starship prototype after a high-altitude flight test for the first time on Wednesday, marking a major step forward for Elon Musk’s company in the rocket’s development.

But minutes after softly landing on a concrete pad, the prototype rocket exploded. The cause of the explosion, or whether or not it was intentional, was not immediately clear.

We don’t think that’s supposed to happen…

*  *  *

Update (1543 ET): About a half-hour after Elon Musk tweeted to his 48.4 million followers: “5 mins to Starship test flight attempt” – 30 minutes later, he follows up the tweet with an explanation behind the aborted launch:

“Launch abort on slightly conservative high thrust limit. Increasing thrust limit & recycling propellant for another flight attempt today.”

Musk does say another launch could happen later today. 

* * *

Update (1524 ET): NASASpaceFlight.com’s commentators on the “LIVE: Starship SN10 Flight Test” live stream launch of the SpaceX’s Starship said an “auto abort” has occurred. The reason has yet to be determined.

Here are images of the aborted test flighted.

Flaming Phallus: Starship SN10 Makes Spectacular Landing... Then Explodes

* * *

SpaceX is preparing to launch another high-altitude flight of Starship.

“SpaceX is set to launch the Starship SN10 prototype to an altitude of approximately 10 kilometers. A launch attempt is possible between 9 am and 6 pm Central time on Wednesday. However, as with testing, there is always a chance that teams could decide to stand down and try again on a different day,” said NASASpaceFlight.com 

Watch Live Here:


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Musk’s rockets keep blowing-up on landing. Weird.


this wont work


using liquid fuel for this is delusional and i doubt that it will work the way they think and really what is the point of reusable liquid fuel rockets to begin with and i know they call it spaceship but that isnt really what it is since its still not even clear if they can reach space with this foolishness and land like they claim

viktor ziv

And landing without landing sprouts. The rocket itself looks like fat V-1. How many fuel is wasted upon landing too. This is complete nonsense project. RSA, NASA, ESA and others are “just stupid” while spacex is full of revelations. Even basic aerodynamics is lost in the dust of those spacex so called engineers. What a waste of time and energy.


the spaceshuttles were more promising than this nonsense and yes they were immensely expensive but this will be turn out even worse


a perfect trip means not to waste engines and other expensive materials all of the time you send something into space and that can be achieved in many ways


Its rather funny though.


Zero Hedge=fake heros to zeros,fake x!


Another “great success” for Musk :))

Miri Nature

Wasting money and people are starving, such a terrbile people we have !

Ivan Freely

I don’t see it as such. It would be better if money went to NASA than the Pentagon.

Supreme Blyat

Let’s drink and party!!!!

Assad must stay

This spacex company and elon musk need to undergo full and complete federal investigation

johnny rotten

The Russians told him, we tried in the 50s, it can’t work and it doesn’t work, but Musk thinks he knows more than the devil, today it seems that billionaires can do and talk about anything, not even in the worst times in history we were arrived at similar excesses.


Elon Musk knows vertical landings work, because he’s seen them with his own eyes on The Thunderbirds.

Thomas Johnson

Russia tried in the 1950’s? Golf clap…see you on the moon and then Mars- ok who are we kidding! LOL!

Dick Von Dast'Ard

I can’t be the only one whom bemoans the fact that Jef Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and Klaus Schwab weren’t aboard the (sub-orbital) starship at the time of the catastrophic testing success…

Better luck next time Elon!

Arch Bungle

Musk is living proof that you need not do a single original thing, have no need of a single original idea all you need is to rewrap the ideas of others with a cool label and simply use tons of other people’s money to become ‘the richest man in the world’ with a reputation as a glorious engineer.

Another Sergei Korolev he is not.


Thomas Johnson

Did your guy make it to the moon? Or did he blow it up on the pad?

Arch Bungle

He was the first to make it to the moon.

Not only that, he was the first to put Humankind (and dog Kind) into space.

And basically, he got us the first Mars landing.

Thomas Johnson

It was a test, and the test went well (lots of telemetry data). Meet back here in late 2021 so I can tell you “I told you so”

Ivan Freely

A redesign is needed.


I have been told that people who had the Pfizer Covid19 vaccine are rushing to buy tickets for a flight on this incinerator.

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