First Virus-Related Hate Crime? Man Wearing Surgical Mask Stabs Asian In NYC

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

A man wearing a surgical mask stabbed an Asian man in Brooklyn, New York, more than a dozen times over the weekend, reported the New York Post.

NYPD sources told The Post that the incident occurred on Saturday evening, around 8th Avenue, could be one of the first Covid-19-related hate crimes in the country. NYPD later tweeted that there was “absolutely no nexus between the attack and the coronavirus.”

Li Qianyang, 48, was walking down 8th Avenue on Saturday evening when a man wearing a surgical mask stabbed him 13 times, the police said.

A police source told The Post that the attacker “was on top of him stabbing him.”

“One guy was chasing the other guy, and caught up with him outside,” a store owner told the Post. “He stabbed him so many times, and I’m amazed he survived.”

First responders found Qianyang in a pool of blood, and it was reported that the attacker stabbed him in the heart. He was immediately taken to Lutheran Medical Center and remained in critical condition.

Video of the incident was recorded on a mobile phone, which shows how the attack played out. It appears the assailant had no interest in robbing the man but instead wanted Qianyang dead for reasons that are still unknown

If this incident were indeed a Covid-19-related hate crime, it would be the first in the country. Everyone in New York City is on edge as virus cases in the tri-state area have jumped 200% since Friday, from 49 cases to now 150.

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In Exile

Who was that masked man, was it the Lone Ranger, Superman or Congo Jim?


Are you supriced, huh, after years of reading news, and coments, I find the reality of it to be denegenrating, and now, the Yankikes are everywhere, insane nonsense pimped all the time, and if things where bad enough a year ago, it have morphed into hyper drive lately, because of the Jewish press and the insane Moronikan Gov, and the comentary field are riddeled with pure hate against Chines, where most of them claims, that they are practising uh…. buddists, witch is equally “real and genuine” as the western Judeo–christians in the comes to practising their faith, aka nowhere and nothing, just an hideous rotten society, both of them, but the truth is, China have their issues but the main above all problem is the Imperial banana republic, whom is running hate propaganda in/on all channels, and dont for an second think this so called Alternative sites is in any way or form any better, they are not, the worst nonsense and hate/idiot propaganda I read this days are in the so called alternative sites, and in that sense, both sides, the MSM and AltS. are 100% backing the propaganda war against China, and in Norway, I have in my lifetime never read this amount of utter bullshit, and lies, and on top of it, after whining about erDOGan, He suddenly become an statesman, yeah, an genuine humanist, caring for others aka refugees, and blames everything on the Syrian eh…. regime and that is echoned in the western Judenpress an mass and the Greeks are Rayzists and Natzees, yup, of course, what else, right.
I have certain issues with Chines, not the Gov to be spesific, but the overall Asian people, their way of treating animals, etc, but that isnt just confied to just China, its everywhere, but I would never go there on holiday, never, because I would be jailed, since I know I would punch them in their faces, purely because of their treatement of other life forms, slow boiling animals, and if I saw that, in an marked make shure I would take that persons and trust their head into the pan, and just long enougn to that their facial flesh and skin boils off and not kills, head or arms and to teach this low life scums an lesson, you can bet on that, and on top of this, this scums call them self Buddists, yeah, up my ass, they are as human as I am Santa-claus.
They will never ever get my respect, never, but I can defend them from lies, but thats about been steadfast, regarding principles, nothing else.

Thats why I never go to any Asian nation, and never will, I simply cant stant the people, their rotten mindsett and lack of moral, dont matter where, incl China.
And now when I get older, and uh…. wiser, I have more and more problems with eating meat, it burnds holes in my soul because of the way animals are treated, and in Norway the quality is just an inch above eating shit and most of it, taste piss, because the animals are treated like shit, its an result of capital intensive farming, and the worst animal abusers I know of, are all farmers, most of them are just f…. scums, nothing else by hideous rotten souls.
And do read the coments.



No one help the poor Chinese, but enjoying the road show with video taking. MSM never condemn such sickening public. That’s America.

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