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First Test Of Israeli Airborne Laser System Successfully Completed

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First Test Of Israeli Airborne Laser System Successfully Completed

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​​On June 21, the Israeli Defense Ministry reported on successful tests of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) laser interception system installed on a plane. According to the reports, the target drones were launched at different ranges and flight altitudes, but each time they were shot down by the laser beam.

The first test of an airborne laser system was successfully completed, in what Defense Minister Benny Gantz hailed a major “technological breakthrough.” It is for the first time that Israel used electrical lasers, instead of the chemical ones used in previous tests.

“You are bringing us closer to another important goal of our multi-level defense capabilities, which is to achieve protection at lower costs. The laser system will add defensive capabilities at larger ranges and against diverse targets, while greatly saving on the cost of interception and protection of this country. I’m sure our defense industries will succeed in this important venture and I’ll personally be involved with the entire system in order to promote it.” – said Benny Gantz.

The system was developed by Ebit Systems, and the tests were done in coordination with the Israeli air force and the Defense Ministry’s Weapons Development and Technology Infrastructure Administration (MAFAT in Hebrew). The project includes an airborne laser, developed by Elbit, as well as a ground-based laser developed by Rafael Advanced Weapons Systems.

The head of R&D at MAFAT told that the completely automated system had managed to intercept several drones at a range of over one kilometer. The system is aimed at being able to intercept targets at ranges of hundreds of kilometers within a decade, and with ranges of tens of kilometers even sooner

After the idea to use lasers to intercept rockets was first investigated in the 1990s, following the second Lebanon War, efforts to develop such a system were resumed, leading to the development of the Iron Dome.

A laser-based system, which development resumed the last years, is much cheaper than Iron Dome, and is aimed at complementing it, as well as David’s Sling (formerly known as Magic Wand) for mid-range targets and Arrow 3 for long ranged ones.

The completion of a prototype should be fulfilled in three or four years and by then the first system should be deployed on the Gaza border​.

According to the Israeli Defense Minister, interception using a high-power airborne laser system has many advantages, including a cost of several dollars per interception, the ability to intercept threats emanating from very long ranges, while operating at great altitudes with no weather-related restrictions, thereby providing a protective envelope over wide areas.

Incorporation of laser technology into an airborne system is an important step for further development with the potential to create a strategic change in Israel’s aerial defensive abilities.

It is a major success for the Israeli defense industry, while Tel Aviv is one of the first in the world that has managed to incorporate laser technology.


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Shimon Bar Kokhba

Russians will knock our door to get this tech.cheap,filthy,lying bitches.🙈🙉🙊

✡︎ Millennial Holocaust Survivor ✡︎

Putin said he considers Israel a Russian-speaking country given the number of Soviets returning to Zion, many of the richest Israelies happen to be Russian passport holders as well. Russians are in our midst already, that’s pretty much why they’re given a 60-second warning before IAF bombs Iranian terrorists in Syria.

Shimon Bar Kokhba

Putin was on his knees to Israel when Georgias Hermes Israel drones were mopping his dumb army in 2008 war.Anyone who is curious about Israel-russian co-operation in drones.Please google Israel-russia-georgia drone scandal and search the Georgian officers desperate contacts with Mexican drone companies from wiki-leaks.😂😁


Is that why they defeated Georgia in less than a week? Azerbaijan and Armenia conflict has proven the value of drones and loitering munitions, if what you say was true, it would’ve taken more than a week and far more casualties.


nuttytanyahoo often traveled to Moscow to beg Putin for assistance–u r now USA colony begging 3.8 billion $ a year from amerikans

jens holm

Communication is a normal procedure even You hardly know what it is. You are just an indoctrinated loudspeaker telling what Your maters tell You by TV.

Im sure Your version of “begging” is far out.

I again will remind You, that you dont produce those american money and they by that can use them as they decide. Thats done by their Parlament and probatly mainly by their “Warcommity”.

Israel is not begging. USA active support their existence because it makes sense for them and most of the rest of the world.

So its a matter of need and also control even both ways. USA has a very reliable stepping stone there. They also can test military equipment in real war conditions – so to speak – and do.

The russians and Turks do exact same thing in Syria and Turks in Iraq as well. But by that Israel pay back and are given extra information about their enemies but after what USA decide they should know.

Im sure Israel also are forced to attack targets, which USA for political reasons cant attack themself.


russian universities can create better technologies so they basically make a big show about something that young students in russia could do better


russian tcircon missile is a hybrid aswell between hypersonics and radar jamming plasma emitter technology the zionists would do all kind of things to have something like that and so would america


there are right now only 3 powers in the world who matter and these are china russia and iran the rest cant do what these three do despite all hostility against them they still are the most future leading ones in the world while the rest is defeatist and dead specially the americans + zionist parasit who are the most wasteful entity on earth and utterly unsustainable

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
jens holm

Those russians resettling in Israel mainly are old jews having saved for a house for many years.

Nothing strange they have a russian passport too. Double citicenship is normal for many countries.

You seemes to have no idea about what You insinuate. Its normal here in the western Europe, that older people has money savings. Thats not rich but normal.

The contrast probatly You are not that old and a uneducated lazebum sitting on Your hands 24/7.

Your version for where the Jews in Israel comes from is also highly incorrect. Russia as well as USSR and the Tzars supported Jews should have their own country and therefore support emmigration to Israel.

Before that the Tzars as several other nations tryed to make external or internal Jew countries and autonomes. That was done in Sibiria too but became no succes.

USA also support Israel because they are emmigrants as them and has a right to a life and defend themself.

Most Jews are not rich. You are poor because You are where there is no tradition for advanced education and reward of hard work.

Denmark is happy for Our Jews. We hardly see them. We have a very good taxsystem for everyone so Jews pay tax and by that the money they have are as 100% clean as any and them too.

We certainly anytime prefare them as one of us compared to others. In rich and poor they have exact the same traditions as we have.

We make GDP 61.000 and Israel 42.000 so we are more wealthy then the Jews. Why hunt them.

And what about all the other Russian emmigrants. We have some few here, but many are in fx USA. Are they all criminals by that. I dont think so.

Your problem is, we wont collpase or decline to Your low level and spend Our lives like You. No way.

A Clown like you

LMFAO it’s funded and used tech from the US monkey.

jens holm

Typical low tech comment. Things are stolen and the high rank is a monkey.

What are You Yourself.


we want to know if jens CIA drone or NSA robot—a distinction without a difference. LOL

A clown like you

Coming from the son of a hoe stfu kid. LMFAO

Last edited 1 month ago by A clown like you
jens holm

By that Im sure You didnt make me.

A clown like you

No, Nazis did…I never said I made you.

A clown like you

Typical low tech comment. Things are stolen and the high rank is a monkey.
What are You Yourself.

Here’s how to improve your English buddy…read what you say.

Last edited 1 month ago by A clown like you

without Russian scientists/engineers u would be 4th world—your door made of deermo

jens holm

Most likely it would be the opposite. This is not even about scientists but about what keep them and their innovations down.

Marxisme even wit Engells as supporrt in the Russian version never was a keep. The last hopes would have been new people as jeltsin and Gorbatjof in office at least 20 years before the crashlanded in a collapse not made by them.

We see exact the same for the rest of those new or regained countries. The ones which takes new things in are doing much better then the ones, which try to repair, what should not be repaired.

concrete mike

If your put your hopes on yeltsin, you are one hell of a kool aid drinking sucker!

jens holm

I never has supported any kind of Communisme. I have written several times, that if people like Jeltsin or Gorbatjov had vital influence many years before that, the dirty communisme might be still alive today being declined and renewed in a sober way.

I think You should wonder why Jeltsin and others becomes alcoholics.


hahahaha the tech that nobody wants to use because it can be beaten by painting XD

✡︎ Millennial Holocaust Survivor ✡︎

Lasers? The galactic federation is gearing up Israel to insane levels now, just like I told you before. Putin of course made all of this possible in the first place since he covers the operation and considers Uranus a “russian-speaking planet” given how many Soviets teleported there with nazi UFOs. Putins support allowed us to exploit the resources and the local population just like in Palestine.

One has to mention the space craft so thoughtfully provided by the yellow man, without Shenjew 12 we could have never dreamed of reaching Ouranus, …. or was it Uranus? Doesn’t matter, we can reach all of them now, the Jews are already so deep in Myanus that I’m starting to scream

Last edited 1 month ago by ✡︎ Millennial Holocaust Survivor ✡︎
jens holm

You read and understand as You wish. Mee too.

I see a succesfull experiment and compare to others. Here their company are doing a lot of front things very well.

Thats not the same as they are usefull yet, but they might be. Next they will be compared to other systems, where “best to the price” often is the winner.

Im impressed they can bring up a well enough laser and even hit moving targets with it.


jens try to hit cheese with bow arrow—hits boyfriend in LGBT ORGY

too much LSD or too much LGBT in Tel Aviv


If they want to convince me that LASER weaponry is practical, I want to see one of these tests on a rainy day or in heavy fog. Lets see how good they do in anything other than clear skies.

jens holm

Many are trying laser tech and do, because it has potential.

Most of the year its not rainy fuk.

I often see that kind of arguemnation. You optimize into a contrast, which is not even there – and next blame others for being wrong too.

And it was how good it is in that experiment and it did manege to hit something a kilometer away..

Drones are the upcommers all over and probatly that too.


nobody blames others except feminized amerikans dankymarks—we do not blame you for your racism and stupidity;;we comprehend that you were born as an inferior developmentally disabled racist

jens holm

I can only see You must be highly censured or worse.

jens holm

It seemes 4 has not being capable to read the article telling its a test drone, which did well.

Are Your helping hands and service dog on vacation:)


Flag waving hype. The aircraft seems to be flying above and at the same speed as the drone, and for quite some time. This will rarely be possible in a military attack situation where drone operators will implement defensive speed and directional manoevres, and of course there will be too many drones (swarm) to ‘fly alongside’. This will not save the zionists … the karma they deserve is coming for them.

Last edited 1 month ago by TEP
jens holm

It is named as “succesfull test”, so its a step.

I allow me to add that Israel also might attack and defend in swarms. If they were as stupid as You insinuate, they were not there any more – But they are.


jens failed all test when 8 years old–diverted into night porter training program

A Clown like you

LMFAO, first you have to find those drones after that you have to level or be above those drones.
LOL, most countries moving to use multi-drone attacks like China…how many planes do you have to use to shoot down those drones.
“range of over one kilometer”…LMFAOOOOO.

jens holm

Its a succefull test only. And Yours about swarms.

Well why should Israel not make swarms of them too and use them as its done with minefields at the ground. The laserdrones only shoot – and vey fast – when there is a target.


jens expert on heroin addict swarms in arhaus

jens holm

Yes, there is none.

A clown like you

Stupid Nazi kid tries to speak English…try to speak English, not perfect English, I’m not asking your much kiddo.

“Its a succefull test only. And Yours about swarms.”

Try again.

jens holm

I dont care half a Turkish tourist camel about 100% lawyers and doctors english transplanted by guggie from a very limited english compared to my to engleish very semilar one.

I write normal written and spoken fast english very well. Its understod very well in the whole western world.

My problem would be You didnt understood, what I have written unless Yóu are hit by born or indoctrinated stupidisme. So if You ask questions because You dont understand, I will write the same again with different words as well as it goes.

“Its a succefull test only. And Yours about swarms.” Is simple common spoken english.

I can do SMS english too or if you dont understand that, I can send MMS and hope pictures might help.

A clown like you

“compared to my to engleish”
1. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
2. Surround yourself in English.
3. Practise every day.
4. Tell your family and friends about your study plan.
5. Practise the 4 core skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.
6. Keep a notebook of new words you learn.

If you need more tips, don’t worry I got your Nazi boy.

Gay Ranger (ass for sale 90% off)

Russia is Love. Russia is Love.

Ccp eats batshit
Ccp eats batshit

9 Russians dead in plane crash


6000 dead gindoos in India from communist virus—incompetent Dalit requires Russian vaccine to treat her brain disease


BBC news did you have to get it for MI6 news.


dalit envious of China–more advanced,civilized


They made a laser weapon NOW, jess these zionists and the neocons are so back in time tho. LMAO.

A clown like you

They stole the tech from the US*
There I fixed it.

jens holm

Thats a very thin comment. Do others have laser and are able to hit something with it. And back in time compared to what ?

A clown like you

“Thats a very thin comment”?????????
“And back in time compared to what ?”????????????
WTH you smoking?


(South Front sucks for not letting people allow to post a messages before CIA infested Google’s captcha validates and probably throttles your expressed thought)

This is a Zionist PR piece. We learn very little about the technical aspects nor do we learn for what else such systems might be used or were already used.

Such a system seems to be a good source for particular mysterious fires and explosions all around Iran.


all journalism is a inadequate summary—SF is merely reporting

jens holm

None says You have to be at this site or internet at all. Supporting the Zionists as You write made it double strange. You even make them forced to live in golden bathtubs.


what happens when you polish the drone surface or don’t travel in a straight line for more than a second or two?


these pathetic zionists dont even have years left to exist so how do they expect to do anything in the last months of their existence first of all and second it just needs a heat resistant painting to defeat this overpriced useless system and even white color would do alot of the trick and no serious military considers this idiocy to be something serious and if the west figured out like china russia and iran how plasma particle emitter weapons or maybe “beams” work than maybe a plasma particle based weapon would work but laser technology concept is already beaten and that decades ago so spare us this nonsense

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

if the zionists had plasma weapons than maybe i would be suprised because its an actual future leading technology but they are just miserable as the west in the tech issue iam also not suprised that non of the west had the capability still to replicate supercavitating tech which is another future leading technology in navy field

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

zionists are really pathetic in the fundamentals which is why they have to come up with useless hardly to be anything but a pr show systems as its the case with alot of what they do


i never understood how zionists can be conceptual strong yet cognitively weak this is kind of abnormal and part of their problem why they couldnt ever do the things they planned as they are kind of abnormal in many ways and dont fit into west asia or any place near us

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
jens holm

Its because You are a no learner and try to add expectations, they dont have and are.

They are better then You, because You are bad.

Maybee You should use mirrors and more selfies and do more then think You look nice and innocent driven by Jews.

Fog of War

comment image

Last edited 1 month ago by Fog of War
jens holm

Its so funny haram with groucho, harpo and chico Marx You bring this picture again and again.

Its just as normal as a dog, a cat or a pig here.

We are not offended. We wonder why.

Religion is about faith and not etnicity or skin color.

Can millions of people from India, Nigeria and Indonesia not be muslims too :) Is there only one Islam? I see many.


Slow moving drone, whose course is known, at close range, in perfect weather conditions. To scale it up to tens or hundreds of km it’s going to take exponentially more power due to haze and bloom which means bigger power source and larger aircraft to keep the beam focused.

The Americans tried it with a 747 and failed … too expensive to generate that kind of power and what what do you when your adversaries start coating their drones with reflective ceramic coatings that reflect and dissipate heat?

Physics is a bitch … good thing investors didn’t have to take science to get through business school.

Last edited 1 month ago by HB_norica
jens holm

I agree, but those small laserdrones seemes to be for eliminating smaller drones. By that they dont have to have very strong weapons and protection might be to heavy for the attackers.

This might be infantery against infanery and not tanks agains tanks.

Thats my reflexion. Im no expert.

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