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First Step Towards Export of Grain From Ukraine

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First Step Towards Export of Grain From Ukraine

Port in Odessa

Turkish President Rejep Tayyip Erdogan held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski on 30 May. The turkish president discussed with his counterparts grain shipments across the Black and Azov seas.

Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the UN have prepared a roadmap that will ensure the operation of a safe corridor for the export of agricultural products from Ukrainian ports. This was reported on Thursday by the Anadolu agency, citing diplomatic sources.

Following the negotiations of the Turkish side with representatives from the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the UN, a roadmap has been prepared that will ensure the functionality of the “grain corridor” under the auspices of the world organization.

In the near future, a meeting of the Russian Federation, Turkey, Ukraine and the UN will be held in Istanbul to discuss the export of grain from Ukrainian ports. According to the report, the sides plan to create the grain export center in Istanbul which will regulate the interaction between the Russian Federation and Ukraine with the mediation of Turkey in coordination with the UN. The launch of the coordination center in Istanbul will allow 20 million tons of grain to be exported from the ports of Ukraine to the world markets.

Ankara reportedly believes that all major issues can be resolved within a week or two. The position of the Turkish President is welcome because Ankara is trying to get the palm in resolving the military conflict in the center of Europe.

Turkish Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu said that a contact group on the removal of ships with grain from Ukraine would be established. The group will include representatives of the UN, Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey. Ukraine does not want to see Russian ships in Odesa, and the Russian side is against the supply of weapons to Ukraine through these ports, so Russia will seek guarantees.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov commented :

«Although the West reminds us very loudly that the grain is not subject to sanctions, they for some reason shamefully keep silent that the ships that carry Russian grain are subject to sanctions: they are not accepted in foreign ports, European ports, they are not insured. And in principle, all the logistical and financial chains that are associated with the supply of grain to the world markets, are under sanctions of our Western colleagues».

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, on the other hand, voiced his position on May 30 at a meeting with French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna:

«They are in Russia’s attempts to establish its full authority in the temporarily occupied territories in the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions. In every missile that flies at this or that city of Ukraine or the object of our infrastructure. That’s all there is to know about the mood of Russia for negotiations. You have to agree that when you want to negotiate, you behave differently. So, Russia can make a hundred statements about how they are open to negotiations, but it’s all a classic KGB disguise – an operation to disguise their real actions.»

The European Union supported Turkey’s and the UN’s mission to create a humanitarian and grain corridor, but EU leaders doubt the success of the initiative.

A week earlier, Putin had discussed these issues with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron. He said that all the problems stem from the erroneous economic and financial policies of Western countries and sanctions against Russia. Russia, on the other hand, is ready to facilitate cargo shipments and grain exports from Ukraine and also demands that sanctions be lifted so that it can export fertilizers again.

European countries fail to mediate any steps towards peace in the region.

In turn, Britain and Lithuania proposed their own plan to lift Russia’s blockade of Ukrainian grain. The countries called to create a naval coalition of the willing and send warships to the Black Sea within an alleged humanitarian mission. LINK

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, says the grain problem is a global challenge. Washington continues to blame Moscow for a global crisis. According to Blinken, several factors have influenced the situation, including the situation in Ukraine:

«As a result, the prices of affordable food products have increased.»

The U.S. blames Russia for the situation. But Russia is also exporting grain. At the same time, Russia’s export potential is 50 million tons for the coming season. This year, according to the estimate of the Ministry of Agriculture, exports will be more than 37 million tons.

The success in negotiations can be seen as a step towards the resolution of the crisis.  Since both Russian and Ukrainian presidents recognize the necessity of creating a corridor for the export of grain. A road map has already been developed and the Russian and Ukrainian sides agreed to participate in the 4-party format. Perhaps this map will serve as the first step toward peace talks between the countries, although there is no change in the diplomatic field yet.


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Assad Defeated Zionists

Steal the grain just like the imperialists are stealing the oil from Syria and make it a requirement for the illegal occupying imperialists to leave Syria and Iraq before any Russian troops leave any part of Ukraine.


The Russians may raise an eyebrow on this topic when America returns Serbian Kosovo to Serbia. Until then … any argument about the correctness of the Russian operation in Ukraine is as important as dog farting in the wind …

jens holm

Kosovo was stolen from the Osmansin 1912. It has an overwhelming Albanian majority partly made from the Albanians in Albainia of today.

The next year 1913 Serbia also stole North Macedonia, where not a single Serb lived.

And yes. It can be compared. Its typical Communist rule threy take much more then they have any votes for.

By that the 18,8% Russians should Rule the 82,2% Ukrainians.

Serbs took away the Autonome right for all albanians in Kosovo. They fired all public employed and closed their small university as well.

It was Nato which interviened and not USA. Today UN is there and not USA as well.

Strange historybook You have.

SM Sparviero

Jens holm, another stupid US whore.

I am taking for Hawaii be freed by US governement. They steal Hawaii in XIX as well as almost all the west from indians.

So WTF USA government would be rabid about Russia ‘special operation’?

And no, Kosovo was not felt as necessary free state if not to punish Serbia.

And by now, Kosovo is also one of the worst criminal states in Europe.

So i said before, you are just a US whore.


Kosovo was slavic land. Albanians lived their as well and prior to the ottomans they lived in peace with the serbs. The ottomans turned the albanians and the bosian muslims into their “Punishing Forces” to seed hatetred which still persists to this day.


Terrible comparison.

Wayne Gabler

Alaska has the right to ask to be returned to Russia and have the sale nullified. That would make a few headlines in the lower 48 States.


Russia is so fucking stupid. This pisses me off. The west froze and stole $600 billion of their assets, but they are not stealing all the grain. This is some jewish collusion bullshit.


Are Ukraine in the world cup yet or did they come up against another red wall – Ukrainian Nazis, don’t you love it when people stand up to them and face them down!

jens holm

Wales won 1 – 0.


It will be sent to the USA to pay debts and stored in EU granaries for their own use ,it will be lucky if any reaches Africa.

jens holm

No way. We will make alkohol of all of it and sell it to russans for dollars. Their tanks really need something to feel better.


I don’t know that this road map will work because NATO have imposed sanctions on Russia. Wish you good luck to NATO.

10 Dead Generals

But Russians say that sanctions’s don’t work, why bitter?

jens holm

Its Putin one that if Ukraine can export for bread the Russians has to be allowed to that too.

Thats a no.


You don’t see what they are doing?

We got Turk-isis-stan, Yanuqis, British, and Zion… Remember the US+Zion fully trained Wahhabis in Iraq and Syria to destroy farm fields and food supplies – even to this day you see Wahhabis attack farm fields in Iraq.

Attacking and destroying farm fields + food supplies is one of the US and Zion’s primary tactics. I don’t even have to talk about British apes – they have a place in hell, all of them.

Now, think for a sec for the love of God, we got Turk-isis, Zion, yanquis, and British here… Do you really think they are just going to sit back and let those ships just go?

Remember, Turk-isis-stan is their lap dog. Turk-isis, Zion, yanquis, and British are losing the war in Ukraine and they will do anything to damage Russia at this point.

jens holm

According my knowledge rdogan has denied any kind of that grain traffic


Completely stupid of Russia, the Ukranian return ships will be loaded with contraband on the return trip.


Yes they will be Full off Isis and weapons.

Wayne Gabler

Why would Russia even want to talk about a ceasefire at this point? The time to do that is when it is the EU World Bankers in Brussels, and not Kyiv, that is looking to surrender unconditionally.

Jean de Peyrelongue

How can someone trust anything coming from Erdogan ? He is fueling the war in Syria, attacking Irak and at home chasing the Kurds. The boats would be used to bring weapons to Ukrain and eventualy take back some grains. I think that we are far from an agreement on this subject which should be solved before harvesting


Russia must blockade Odessa and capture it completely for good. Bring the warmongering a-holes to their knees and then dictate what happens with grain and other exports through Odessa.

Florian Geyer

The nigger in the woodpile problems are the thousands of sea mines seeded into the Odessa coastline and the fact that many mines broke free from their moorings, and the rogue mines are floating around the Black Sea. It could take months for Odessa to be viable as a port again.

Florian Geyer

ALL these mines were seeded by the Ukies.


lol they had so many they even used them on land in barricades as surprises to armor and carriers breaking barricades. Naval mines as land mines. Some people just have too much time on their idle hands

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