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First Step To Peace: Humanitarian Aid Arrived In Ukraine

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First Step To Peace: Humanitarian Aid Arrived In Ukraine

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On March 3, the second round of communications between Moscow and Kiev did not result in any steps towards the end of military operation in Ukraine. However, an important agreement on the humanitarian aspect was reached between the two sides.

Negotiations between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations took place in the Brest region in Belarus. At first, the Ukrainian delegation refused to fly to Belovezhskaya Pushcha, but agreed by the end of the day. The 3rd round of negotiations should reportedly take place before the end of the week.

” The only thing we can definitely talk about is that we clearly discussed the humanitarian aspect. There are a lot of cities surrounded now. There is a dramatic situation with food and medicines. ” – adviser in the Office of the President of Ukraine Mikhail Podolyak claimed.

The first final communique between Ukraine and Moscow stated that an understanding has been reached between the parties on the creation of humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians, for the delivery of medicines and food – with the possibility of temporary ceasefire regimes in the areas where the humanitarian operation is being carried out at that time. For this purpose, special communication channels should be created between Russia and Ukraine for interaction in logistics within the framework of solving humanitarian tasks.

According to the Office of the Ukrainian President, humanitarian corridors are needed in Kharkiv, Kiev, Mykolaiv, Luhansk, Donetsk and a number of others. At the same time, Kiev was not included in the list. Meanwhile, joint forces of Russia, the DPR and the LPR are securing humanitarian corridor in Kiev, as well as in the blockaded city of Mariupol, where nationalist battalions target civilians who are trying to leave the city.

On March 4, the Ukrainian Tochka-U missile hit the headquarters of Azov nationalist battalion in Mariupol. The reason was the unwillingness of local nationalist commanders to obey Kiev’s orders, probably including preventing civilians from leaving the city because they are being used as human shields.


The most difficult humanitarian situations are now in the cities of Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Mariupol.

In addition to the military equipment, the Ukrainian Western “partners” are delivering humanitarian aid to the war-torn country and welcome Ukrainian refugees.

Since February 25, 834 cars and 19 wagons with medicines, food, clothing and other humanitarian aid have arrived at the western border of Ukraine from international partners and organizations, according to the State Border Service of Ukraine.

The first train with humanitarian aid came to Kharkiv today.

At the same time, the Kiev regime has almost completely lost the control over the local administrations in various districts of the country.

Thus, in its turn, Russia provided humanitarian aid directly to the currently besieged areas, including the cities of Kherson and Mariupol, as well as to the LDPR.

The office of the UN Secretary General said that the organization’s staff will be sent to Moscow to ensure coordination on humanitarian issues in Ukraine.

More than 5,8 thousand people were evacuated from the territory of Ukraine during the day, among them more than 1,6 thousand children, the Russian Ministry of Defence reported on March 4.

217 tons of various humanitarian goods were delivered to Ukraine, 20 humanitarian actions have been carried out so far by the Russian military.

There is a long queue for humanitarian aid from Russia in Melitopol

“Anyway, it’s a gesture of humanity, I think so,” says a local resident.


Unfortunately, the humanitarian procedures faced several provocations in Ukrainian cities.

In Kherson, a part of the pro-Ukrainian population boycotted the humanitarian convoy. Some people were threatened to take the Russian aid.


On the videos from the city that were shared on social media, some activists called on the civilians to join the daily demonstrations in the center of the city. The footage confirmed that the Russian military does not react to any provocations and does not harm civilians who are not armed.




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Porc halal

Today’s summary: Russians continue to de-nazify Ukraine as planned …

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Azovisis will cry and rage 🤗🤡


The most beautiful part about it, is Ukrainians will denazify themselves.


So the Russian knew where the Azov battalion headquarter was but they didn’t hit it, the Ukrainians hit it…smells like little green logic :D

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Someone hit it. Whoever it was deserves a Nobel peace prize. Amen.


fucken idiots Russians and Europians are both suiciding while Turkey getting stronger every day…wake up morons!


Isn’t the Turkish economy in the toilet? Turkey is playing a double game, yes I admit. But don’t act like you’re done, the US will try to draw you into a war as cannon fodder. Remember, it was Russia that tipped you off about the attempted coup.


If these protests are allowed, why isn’t there more people? I swear there were more people in my city in Belgium against the killings of the US Nazi regime in Colombia last year. My town is smaller than Kherson too and this is about Colombia… there’s no American immigration here. In Palestinian protests there are 500x more people.

Are these the only liberal pro-Nazi shits that found the need to show up? Are Ukrainians too busy at work right now?


Not sure why they are allowed tho, protests are not allowed in Kiev or any other city under regime control. Protests should not be allowed during the war, especially in conflict zones. Major security threat.


The people of Ukraine will turn on the Nazi captors that have held the nation hostage for a long time.

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