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JUNE 2023

First Significant Victories Of Ukrainian Army

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First Significant Victories Of Ukrainian Army

T-72B3 is on the destroyed bridge near Kalinovka village. Click to see the full-size image

On March 3, on the 8th day of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) managed to achieve several tactical but significant victories over the advancing Russian forces.

Ukrainian forces recaptured the settlement of Bucha north of Irpen on the northwestern outskirts of Kiev. A Ukrainian flag is hoisted over the city council building. Earlier this town had been occupied with heavy fighting by Russian units. Retaking control of Bucha is primarily an important ideological victory for Kiev.

Near Irpen, a column of Russian paratroopers had earlier been defeated. Major General Andrey Sukhovetsky was killed. Sukhovetsky had previously commanded the 7th Airborne Division, and was most recently deputy commander of the 41st Army.

First Significant Victories Of Ukrainian Army

Major General Andrey Sukhovetsky

Units of the AFU had some success in repulsing attacks by Russian forces in the direction of Mykolaiv. A convoy of Russian military vehicles was destroyed on the outskirts of the city. Bridges across the Southern Bug River, including a railway bridge, were blown up. One of the road bridges on the approach to the village of Kalinovka was blown up as Russian military vehicles passed over it.

The AFU also seized several Russian BMP-3s and a Tiger off-road vehicle near Nikolaev.

The advance of Russian troops on this section of the front was halted.

After the heavy fighting near Vasilievka and the blowing up of bridges there by the AFU, there is no information about the advance of Russian troops in the direction of Zaporizhzhya and beyond.

There are fierce battles for Mariupol. Also there are still pockets of Ukrainian armed forces resistance in Volnovakha.

Around Kharkov, so far the Russians have not been able to neutralize mobile groups of Ukrainian nationalist battalions. These mobile groups carry out raids against Russian supply columns and destroy civilian vehicles thatseek to withdraw from the combat area towards the Russian border.

The overall slowdown of the Russian Armed Forces’ offensive amid tiredness from eight days of fighting, the local successes of the AFU, the mass arrival of weapons from NATO countries and mercenaries, mistakes of the tactical command in certain parts of the front raise difficult questions for the strategic command of the Russian Armed Forces.

If Moscow fails to reverse the situation in the next 72 hours, the war in Ukraine will inevitably develop into a long-term, bloody conflict. In this case, NATO forces will sooner or later become direct participants of the conflict, while Russia will be mobilized.

Kiev troops reportedly captured a Tigr (Tiger) vehicle and several BMP-3 vehicles:

First Significant Victories Of Ukrainian Army

Click to see the full-size image

First Significant Victories Of Ukrainian Army

Click to see the full-size image

First Significant Victories Of Ukrainian Army

Click to see the full-size image

First Significant Victories Of Ukrainian Army

Click to see the full-size image

First Significant Victories Of Ukrainian Army

Click to see the full-size image

First Significant Victories Of Ukrainian Army

Click to see the full-size image

First Significant Victories Of Ukrainian Army

Click to see the full-size image

First Significant Victories Of Ukrainian Army

Click to see the full-size image

First Significant Victories Of Ukrainian Army

Click to see the full-size image


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The ukraine operations and movements bearing the signature of Nato special forces and Nato advisers. Russia is since first day in war with NATO. WAKE UP RUSSIA!


This is what happens when you pussyfoot around to play the PR game. Especially when it’s a PR game you can’t win.

There is a LOT of weaponry that Russia isn’t using. They better start using it and quit trying to appease the false indignation of the west and their stupid citizens.

Universal Order

It’s less the weaponry and more the piss-poor logistics and defective vehicles (from years of zero maintenance).


Hmmm, blocked again… Yes and to use them indiscriminately as you suggest, would permanently alienate the population, which is not in Russia’s best interests. The tactics you espouse is exactly what the US/NATO does and that caused massive human suffering and casualties, destroyed entire infrastructures, creating millions of refugees (which Europeans like to insist are ‘migrants’) and how has that affected Europe? What shape are those countries in now? Look at the quagmires the US/NATO created that drained the US economy as well as continued to create casualties on all sides, not to mention the hate generated by those actions? There is method to the Russian’s madness, if you look. If you have not seen this video, you should… https://www.veteranstoday.com/2022/03/02/an-american-in-kiev-good-stuff/ If that is not enough, listen to the US Colonel on Fox, that stupefied the Fox talking head… https://www.veteranstoday.com/2022/02/28/surprising-col-doug-macgregor-says-ukrainian-gov-is-corrupt-and-we-shouldnt-help-them-fox-news/#comment-815406 Russia does have a specific goal and their tactics are to enforce that, they are not trying to appease western audiences, they are looking at their own best interests. They are looking at the long term goals, not at favorable news clips or quick results that will come back to bite them in the ass. In the end, when the smoke clears and people start talking about what has actually transpired, the view of their actions will change. One has to remember, right now Ukraine is in charge of the so-called info coming from Ukraine, but when it is over that will end.

Last edited 1 year ago by zman

Thanks pretty good videos


Look please on this video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1vdiEABLFoo


They don’t do it for the West they do it because they don’t want Ukrainians to turn against them while they’re trying to decapitate the Nazi regime.


Exacly and Russia needs to know and should know because the Syrian embasaddor said that the USA SENT IN GENETICALLY MODIFIED FORCES to Syria and he was horrified. Russian forces where in Syria and they saw first hand these HYBRID monstorosities. If you have never heard of the HYBRID GENETICALLY MODIFIED NATO FORCES here is a video.https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZyBj8T2wbfH0/


Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

A tiger proves nothing. Sounds like ukrobot propaganda. When we see pics or the Ru Mod confirms it than its true. Until then its pure propaganda.


Don’t get your panties in a twist 🤗 oye vey!!

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Indeed you shouldn’t.


This looks as psyops. Letter “Z” is not muddy as the rest of the so called “Tigr”. Besides letter “Z” on real russian vehicles has no drops as do by using poor color on those photos. SF from whom did U get this? Where are bodies of fallen VDV? I’m sure Ukrops would take pictures and brag!


A very legitimate question indeed!

Last edited 1 year ago by GodBlessMrPutin

Yes, good questions. And no bullet holes either, so this vehicle was probably abandoned due to technical failure and then claimed by the UAF.


Thanks, you beat me to it.


Russia needs to stop the bull sheet and utilize the more lethal alternatives it has at hand — the TOS–1A springs immediately to mind.

Further — those thousands of bomb-carrying drones — why haven’t they made a bigger appearance on the battle-field ?

C’mon Russia — get on the ball !

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Because than there would be tens of thousands if civilian deaths. With that much effort Ru could drop a tactical nuke on every major city and call it a day. They arent Americants.


But what is with the death of tens of thousands russian soldiers if they do not use finally more sophiscated weapons? What kind of sick ideology is it that the lifes of russian hating civilians is more worth than for russian fighting soldiers????


What about the families of the russian fighting soldiers? How u want to explain them that the lifes of these ukraine civilians are more worth than the lifes of their fighting sons? Sorry but in this context every soldier and parent prefers the US military doctrine. Bomb them ALL first to hell and later we can speak about everything. At least the chances to survive as a soldier are in the US military doctrine much higher.


War always has to be the last choice. It is a throw of the dice. A soldier has given up his life the moment he enlists. A soldier lives or dies by the choices of his superiors. The US and NATO have massacred millions in the last seventy-five years. Their illegal and barbaric wars have made their states illegitimate. Russia cannot do the same in the Ukraine or the Russian state will be illegitimate. It seems that no other choice was left to Russia other than war. The outcome of a war is impossible to predict. The US model has produced the disasters in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq. It is not something to be used by Russia if the desired outcome is not chaos.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Its called maintaining the moral high ground. They also abide the Geneva Conventions. Don’t buy i to ukrobot propaganda. Ru lost around 500troops sofar. Ukraine around 12,000 Around 400civs died, from that 400 around 250-300 were milled by Azov and Co.



Quote: “What kind of sick ideology is it that the lifes of russian hating civilians is more worth than for russian fighting soldiers????”

I told you already, it is jewish sick logic !!! Can t you read ? The jooish talmud says: ” One-thousand non-jewish lifes, are not worth a joo’s fingernail “. Realize it. It is their satanic pseudo-religious belief, these demonic bullshit, that is dragging the world from one war (including world war) into the other. Moreover it says:

In Sepher Or Israel (177b) :

“Take the life of the Kliphoth and kill them, and you will please God the same as one who offers incense to Him.”

Zohar (II, 43a), explaining the precept of Moses about the redemption of the first born of an ass by offering a lamb, says:

“The ass means the non-Jew, who is to be redeemed by the offering of a lamb, which is the dispersed sheep of Israel. But if he refuses to be redeemed, then break his skull….They should be taken out of the book of the living, for it is said about them: He who sins against me, I shall take out of the book of life.”


In Zohar (I,38b, and 39a) it says:

“In the palaces of the fourth heaven are those who lamented over Sion and Jerusalem, and all those who destroyed idolatrous nations … and those who killed off people who worship idols are clothed in purple garments so that they may be recognized and honored.”


In Hilkhoth Akum (X, 1) it says:

“Do not eat with idolaters, nor permit them to worship their idols; for it is written: Make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them (Deuter. ch. 7, 2). Either turn away from their idols or kill them.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Sörenson

10s of thousands? WTF did you get that? In case you people have not figured it out, they are using the same tactics they are using in Syria, to kill the enemy without doing the same to innocent victims. Russia created cauldrons of the enemy, which they then dealt with…without massive casualties or destroying more infrastructure. Those are US tactics…kill them all and let god sort them out. Really good if you want to create a scenario where the west is proven right…evil bloodletting Russians. How does that benefit Russia in the long run? What kind of propaganda would that give to NATO? Damn, people think.


Yes, I think you’re right. Russia is definitely holding back. They want Ukraine to be a friendly country afterwards. Ukraine, or the NATO advisers, in the meantime are starting to wage a ‘Volkskrieg’ à la Clausewitz. They know that, if Russia wants to win such a war, it will mean heavy (civilian) casualties. It also shows that Russia, by and large, cares more about the lives of Ukrainians than their own ‘führer’. It terms of overall operational goals, things aren’t going badly for Russia. A next step will likely be Odessa, where Russian troops can also approach from Transnistria. Sealing off Ukraine from the sea is an obvious strategic objective. From here, Eastern Ukraine can be taken… If that is accomplished, offensive operations will likely cease; it will then be time to stabilise the situation, establish bases and bring in more troops. Russia will likely get to work with creating new civil (administrative) structures right away. How aggressive NATO involvement will be remains to be seen. At any rate, a second wave of Russian attacks is likely for the coming week; more troops will be brought in. This will lead to more dogged defense in the cities, no doubt, but it’s unlikely Ukrainians will prevail and even stop the Russian offensive for long.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dave

They are already using the TOS-1A.

Universal Order

They can’t even position their artillery properly because of the HUGE traffic jams that resulted from poor coordination.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

The info came from.. Christo Grozev, executive director of fact-checking website Bellingcat… Aka Mi6 cyberwarfare unit fact checking SBU cyberwarfare unit..

Slow clap…


Yeah, color me surprised. NOT

Yamil Perez

Then it’s perfectly reliable then. The Putin cockroaches can bitch and moan all they want.


Really? Wtf SF…


You beleieved your own propaganda and lies? Welcome to reality!

Wake up, there is nothing more to win, stop this war NOW!

NATO will never provoke a nuclear war by getting directly involved in this conflict.

Whoever commanded and executed the shelling of russian speaking civilians in Kharkov and other places needs to be brought to a court!


If Russia would bomb the shit out of them the civilians will automatically start lynching the UKR forces on their own only to get out of the bombing hell


Very true. Sooner or later, hopefully not too late, this happens and Ukros will be the only ones to be blamed for it.

Icarus Tanović

Hey boy and girls. Just take it easy. Don’t get to some conclusions too soon and hastly.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Here is a real news tho…

“Vlodymyr Struk, of Kreminna in Luhansk, was killed on Tuesday and suffered a ‘gunshot wound to the heart’ after he was ‘abducted from his home’, according to his wife.”

The mayor of the town was killed by Azovisis for welcoming the Russian liberators. May he rest in peace.

Universal Order

“Liberators” Lmao, more like new management

Last edited 1 year ago by Universal Order

Oh, there’s definitely going to be new management.


Whatever new management that is NOT Nazis is liberation.


I guess this war will widen. There is no question, that the Russian army is in quantity of men and equipment stronger than the UKR one. But the russian army was also stronger than the afghan mujahedeen, but in the end they russian lost and were driven out of the country, because of the stubborn will of the Afghans to defend their country and back then, the Stinger support and more weapons delivery from the US. And the situation for Russia today is even worse. It is obvious to the whole world that this war, which Putin started on Feb. 24, is a direct war of aggression.

The NATO speakers (which are all assholes too – i make no mistake about it) warned Putin dearly, that if he attacks Ukraine, and even if he manages to occupy the country, that they, NATO, will do everything in their power, to make Ukraine a living hell of guerilla warfare to him. Ukraine has border to several EU countries. Like in Palestine/Israel or Egypt/Gaza, large hidden supply tunnels are likely in place already, through which all kind of manportable military gear as well as civilian stuff can be brought into the country, even if russia would manage to successfullyy wage drone war to stop the overearthly moving normal re-supply convoys. The carnage to the russian army will be such, that is much bigger than that of Afghanistan and Chechnya combined. And the morale of the russian soldiers will erode even faster. As they do not want to kill their brother-country men, or become cannonfodder.

TOW-anti-tank missile system, javelins, white phosporous, snipers, IEDs, poisons, drones, chemical weapons, car bombs and maybe even neutron bomb might be introduced into Ukraine through NATO countries and then used against the russian invaders.

The moment the war “ends” with claimed “russian victory”, it in fact will begin. The End is the Beginning. I tell you. This is because US/EU as well as Putin communist Russia are both playing foul. It is not a war between US/EU/UKR & Russia. It is jews on both sides, forcing christians men to brutally and senselessly slaughter each other. This whole war is just a big playbook carnage in order to deflect the world masses attention away from the jew-controlled, media-instigated fake-corona-pandemia and apocalyptical massmurder, resp. the serialgenocide which the global jewish rulers commited against the caucasic race, by forceful distribution of deadly mRNA based poison-injections which were satanically labeled as “vaccines” into all western population including children.

Therefore the war now is “needed”, to subdue the anger of the masses against the jews. Instead they created a film, with a boogeyman – Putin, and the Hero “NATO & Free world”. This film the jews want us to watch it, and to bind our emotions and lifes to it. But guess what – its like in a normal movie – the badguy as well as the heros are just actors – in reality they are working together. But in the movie they are playing their roles. And if we are mistaking them for real, then we get sucked into madness, and will lose connection to reality, and will be easily tricked into World War again. Realize, all the US/EU and RU leaders are just actors, puppets of world jewry ! With the world jewry wanting the non-jewish nations from around the world to start fighting each other till total exhaustion, in order to then overtake and grab power of what’s left of the earth afterwards. See also Albert Pike – 3 World Wars.

Most people do not realize that in 1917 the jews conquered Russia, made Wallstreet sponsered revolution, and slaughtered the Russian Czar, stole everything and massacred from 1917 to 1955 at least 60 Mio Russians. Russia is occupied since 1917 by jews. The West was occupyied by them even before ( the US was totally ensvaled by them since 1913 – founding of the FED). So today the USA (Jewnited Stupid Apes) and the EU / Jewropean Union(the so-called ‘West’) are bad yes. But Russia too is totally jewish and therefore bad too. And both sides, are now targeting the world population, us the people, and play theater as if they were enemies. There is also a short vid, where a russian man, speaks to his russian people, to realize who they are fighting for. See: https://bit.ly/3vqDdUv Both sides the US/EU and communist Russia & China just pretend to be enemies. It is just to fool us, the people of the world. Wherefore in fact they are all jews and collaborateurs with the global Rothschild Khasarian Mafia working hand in hand, on order of their masters to bring NWO/JWO Jew World Order upon us.

And then look at Selensky, Kolomoisky, Nuland, Putin, Merkel etc.- all of them are jews. And you think that is negletable, or is “coincidence” ? No ! God damn it ! It is the same old game ! Jews making christians fighting each other. With the jews selling the weapons and everthing and making money of it, while exterminating the enemy, without making their own hands dirty ! And these kind of wars including world wars will only cease to rise and happen, when we, the people of the world, wake up and realize the true enemy, which is these demonic jewish cabal, the international world jewry, and realize that it is behind the downfall and bloodshed of mankind of at least (!) the last 2000 years ! It’s all done on purpose. We need to stop being fools, need to stop let this cheap jewish trick happen again and again. I am sick of it! Wake up world now – because if you don t, these snakes will drag us into another stupid World War faster than you can imagine !

Last edited 1 year ago by Sörenson

Tunnels are not only one way. The russians can bring the guerilla warfare to the neighbouring Nato countries as well. Its a cheap and effective strategy.


Exactly, what is exactly why I said, that “I guess this war will widen. ” It’s in the first sentence of my above comment already. So what you wrote is fully supporting what I wrote before. You get that ?

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Ukraine is flat. Like a pancake. Nowhere to hide.

Tom Bombadillo

Like a doormat between the east and the west.

Tom Bombadillo

Repeatedly stepped on and used for wiping the soles. Kinda like Poland.

Tom Bombadillo

And from both directions in both cases just like a real doormat.

Switzerland does not have a flatness problem.

A Fellow

Iraq is flat outside of its Kurdish north. Still gave the United States plenty of trouble.


NATO will do NOTHING…just as the US will do NOTHING. They don’t want the sheeple to know just how helpless they really are. Sending weapons and fighters? Just how are they going to enter Ukraine? Invisible planes and trucks?


“It is obvious to the whole world that this war, which Putin started on Feb. 24, is a direct war of aggression.” This is utter BS. Russia was pushed to this fateful decision by its American and EU “partners” through virulently hostile coup d’état, sanctions fever and obstruction of Russian diplomacy.

Universal Order

I used to believe Russia had a clear superiority over the emasculated, racially diverse, female and tranny-inclusive US army. But now? It’d be an interesting war of the idiots.

The myth of Russian military competence has been shattered.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Not really. The crumbling americant empire needed 3weels to take Baghdad with whole NATO, and 3minths to take Kabul. First big Ukrop city fell, other two is about to fell, Kiev is in a headlock. All that in 7days against a Texas sized country. Not bad in my opinion.


When this is all over, these same idiots should compare civilians deaths in Ukraine to Iraq…not that that will mean anything to them. Even IF Russia were to be responsible for a thousand civilian deaths, that would still pale in comparison to hundreds of thousands in Iraq….Libya or Afghanistan. I would venture to guess that a very substantial number of dead civilians will be self-inflicted. How many civilians dead in Kiev…before the Russians even began an attack?

Universal Order

I mean, isn’t Russia now doing the same tactic as NATO did? The clean approach failed spectacularly and now they have to bomb the civilian areas that the UAF is hiding in. I expect substantial civilian casualties, if it’s more than the West or not will depend on how long this drags on.


The US, with a vast international army, had pounded Iraq in 1991, destroying the civilian infrastructure, and never let up with sanctions until they pounded the country again in 2003. Even after buying off Iraq military leadership in 2003, they still had to turn A-10s loose on Baghdad with depleted uranium. There is no question that the forces of the Ukraine are bolstered by NATO special forces and weapons, and still the Russiand have pounded them.

Universal Order

Ukraine is stilk up and running with a real threat of the war prolonguing for months, and the US didn’t have even half the casualties that Russia has been inflicted so far at the end of those wars.


Only in the minds of those who think every war should be one of attrition and complete destruction…which would include civilians. But, apparently they are of no concern to armchair generals who think the US way of war is best.

Universal Order

In a situation like this, it’s literally the only way to go. Which hilariously wasn’t the case in Iraq, so the US was unjustified. But here? The population HATES Russia, is armed and hostile. When civilians become active combatants and get forced into battle, or worse, into being human shields in cities, there’s not much else you can do than atomize everything and hope for a quick surrender.

My post was referring to the logistical disaster of this invasion, entire convoys stranded from running out of fuel and being taken out, repeated unsuccesful parachute landings and unsupported frontal attacks by forward units, etc. Even Southfront admits this.

Jean de Peyrelongue

Massive arrival of weapons from Nato countries and mercenaries ? Are they coming through Poland, Romania or Moldova ? Why Russia did not shot them as soon as they penetrate Ukraine as the air space is under their control ?


You can’t shoot imaginary targets.

Tom Bombadillo

Well he mentioned the vaunted Ukrainian jets, of course! But I think we were told several days ago that there are none left capable of flying in battle. So … we conclude … that he is hence full of baloney!

Yamil Perez

If Moscow fails to reverse the situation in the next 72 hours, the war in Ukraine will inevitably develop into a long-term, bloody conflict. One that Russia doesn’t have the money or the resources to sustain for long. A problem that Ukraine doesn’t have. NATO wouldn’t have to come anywhere near it. The Ukrainians will be more than capable to finish it off themselves.

Last edited 1 year ago by Yamil Perez

Bla, bla, bla…same ole, same ole. You propaganda whores would just love to see Russia use NATO tactics, wouldn’t you? THEN you would have something to faun over.

Yamil Perez

The propaganda whores bitching about propaganda whores. That’s golden.

Yamil Perez Dead

Golden showers on your shemale face lol. The only propaganda whore here is you autistic gay bitch: a cheap, crazy and incredibly stuuupid gypsy whore (wannabe nazi lol) spamming endless mouth-diarrhea 24/7. Crazy bitch you have 1000 comments every day here with dozens of retarded gay nicks, yet these ‘Russian propagandists’ don’t even bother to ban you…

I kind of doubt NATO pays you for your worthless bs, everything you said in your entire loser life doesn’t worth 1 cookie from Nulands butthole. Nor your failed reject life itself. Probably just your mental disease and total lack of life and brain you filthy braindead cockroach. Russians buttfucked your grandma, they buttfucked your mama for 50 years and now you holding a grudge, inferiority complex, anger and bitterness, blaming them for your failed country and your failed existence (while being buttfucked by Yankee sailors until you die in that stinky basement in Moldava)

Last edited 1 year ago by Yamil Perez Dead
Tom Bombadillo

Russia hasn’t gotten the fancy advanced stuff out yet. It will.

Yamil Perez

The fancy stuff from the 1970’s? Can’t wait to see all that clunky metal.

Last edited 1 year ago by Yamil Perez

Quote: “One that Russia doesn’t have the money or the resources to sustain for long” Every 10% rise of the price of crude oil, Russia makes $32B more per year !

Biden is satan

iskander time

Ya ya ya

Why is that the Saker does not recommend south front? Maybe a lot of 5th and 6th columnist


You mean the very same Saker that lives in the same US state as the Donald? The same one that said Trump was the world saviour? It took 4 years for him to admit he was full of shit. Do you know who Russell Bentley is? Do you know who Ronald Thomas West is? They have their doubts about the Saker as well.

Tom Bombadillo

Who cares a hoot what he thinks? Just moar Internoise.

jos Boersema

Perhaps this is already a fact now, that it will be long and drawn out. Isn’t it always ? Soldiers danced and sang when World War I began. It would be short and sweet. It would be the worst. Ukraine is enormous. At the current speed of the Russian front, it looks like a forgiving statement to say 10% of Ukraine is conquered. While the aviation hit is a strategic blow I suppose, all the advances are in the easiest places. If it takes one week per 10% of Ukraine, it would be an incredibly fast 10 week campaign. Week 1. Western forces get some vacation leave, pizza & beer. Week 2: training against Russian forces. Week 3: more vacation. Week 4: learning about their specific deployment area. Week 5: vacation, and time for the media to hype up the war to the maximum “The Russians are nearing Poland !!!”. Frenzy all around. Week 6: time for shopping about what to bring to Ukraine. Week 7: deployment, and that still would leave 30% of Ukraine, likely in the west, under the control of “Ukrop” forces, which is about a third. They can then hype things up a lot locally, saying it is a people’s resistance (which it might even be), and then pour in NATO forces of whatever kind (open, covert, whatever), and rebuild some sort of airforce and start to balance / stop the Russian advance. Right ? Isn’t this a matter which can be decided at leisure by the western forces, simply depending on how much military/financial support they give to their 2014 coup regime ? I don’t say they will do it, but isn’t it so that it is in their hands to choose it one way or the other ? If they want it drawn out, they pour in more. If they want Russia to take all Ukraine, they give little or nothing.

What will the west want, I guess this is the question, since they have the control. If Russia had the control, it seems it would have needed to go faster and with greater certainty (more overwhelming forces) ? Either they don’t want to do that, or they cannot ? Anyway, to think about what the west wants: the west wants tyranny. Western bosses want tyranny. It is the same anywhere. The people do not want tyranny. Top bosses are maniacs, people are easily fooled. What helps the project of tyranny, be that in the west and/or globally ? War helps installing tyranny. They are getting something out of Corona, they are building their dictatorship. War hysteria is helpful. It is a distraction, a fear, dissidents can be labeled as being Russian agents or whatever. Populations who think they are being assaulted, become retards and serfs, they worship their bosses as gods more than ever. They start to want to mass murder on command for their bosses, to save themselves. A big war in Ukraine is just fine for this. If it is over quick, if Ukraine stabilizes under Russia, how does that help the tyranny project ? It might work if we have another Cold War, but even for a Cold War, it may help to first have a devastating Hot War, to strike the fear of death in the current generations who haven’t lived through a big war or any war.

We can also go by precedent: the war in Donbass was long over, but the USA kept keeping it hot. They wanted to keep the killing going for as long as it took to use it as a fuse for a bigger war (I said this from the start by the way, and now it came true). As far as I understood it, both sides where at some point really quite tired with the war, the front line didn’t move. If they kept this small war going, then why not a bigger war, for a similar purpose ? Ukraine as a whole becomes Donbass. The war is just going on forever, until the point that it is time for a further great escalation.

With all this madness going on, Corona, War, threat of World War III, and all the dictatorship, censorship, hysteria which it engenders, the central private bankers can quietly and smoothly keep printing fresh money until the bottom drops out of the economy, and until they have centralized so much of the economy that it has effectively become a centrally planned Fascist war economy. At some point they could switch currencies over to a digital system, such as for example in China, and link loyalty to the State using your computer phone to the payment system. No Corona injection, you have some sort of penalty, can’t go to a whole host of places, might even not be able to leave your city. You have been identified as someone who wants peace and democracy, then you could be branded as a dictator worshiping terrorist and get cut off from the entire payment system. Stuff like that. If you still want to live, you can get a hand out … in a nice and cozy work camp, with barbed wire facing inward. You get to send a postcard to your family.

This would just be the beginning, though. I think the western maniacs (which might include eastern maniacs, I wouldn’t trust anyone except Zacharchenko, but they killed him …) want something like that. This is their interest. I don’t say they will get it, but something like this is probably what they want. I think such a project of theirs, will probably call for a drawn out Ukranian conflict. If someone could argue why the west wants a short Ukranian conflict, I would be interested in hearing the arguments, thanks.


Maybe Putin should buy some Bayraktars from Turkey?

Arch Bungle

Stop trying to be nice, Russia and just go full thermobaric on these NAZI m***f***rs.

Pull an Uncle Sam and carpet bomb the place to dust!


Russia should have pushed all of their military in the beginning. Now that they stall for 7 days, each day goes by it will be harder for Russians to advance, Ukraine now has unlimited money and more advance weapons are pouring in and more and more soldiers coming to fight. I wouldn’t be surprised if Americans send their men and give them fake Ukrainian passports to help Ukraine. Russia could use more advance weapons that would work but the problem with that would be that there would be risk west would step in with the amount of civilians that would be getting killed and there would be nothin left of Ukraine and Putin at the end of the war would have gained nothing from Ukraine I highly doubt Putin is doing this to protect the Russia speaking people in Ukraine, since he has killed more Russian people than ever now. Putin needs Ukraine to not be destroyed otherwise he has no one to conquer over.

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Lesco Brandon

Why is Russia not bombing the supply lines coming into Ukraine from the west?

What was a General doing on the frontlines?


Due to the exhausted credibility of western media and insane censorship, I am forced to watch only their media. Every single person I know doesn’t trust western media not a dine, and since the only information we get are theirs, we believe the opposite of their reports, posts, and articles. And remember one thing people of Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Serbia, Bosnia, Afghanistan and every other country that tasted USA democracy, PEOPLE OF US DON’T BELIEVE IN THIS CRAP OUR MSM ARE THROWING ON US. Please don’t ever forget that. At least you have a chance to defend from the US government and the deep state. We, ordinary people of the US, are in this hell also, and we don’t even have a chance defending our free speech, or our family values. We cant even defend our family values versus this degenerate pedophile, transgender, sex fluid sickoos. I just hope all of your brave people will win in your fight for freedom and dignity. But remmember also, people from europe are that lazy to look for real informations becouse they dont care if civilians are killed by Azov nazi (u can google Azov and see nazi flags and marks). Fashism and Nacism never stopped to exist in western EU, you can ask every single immigrant from all around the world (from Doctors, engineers, ITs, to simple labor workers). It is time that someone strong enough finally stands in defense of normal, family values. We in US knew it will be Russia, one way or another. We are really sorry for all the dead and injured in this process, but you gave us a glimpse of hope that this CAN BE CHANGED. Unite and endure this fight, cause if you win your fronts, we in the US will fight next. GLORY TO FREEDOM, GLORY TO FAMILY



It is a partly complicated comment, you made. Lots of truth in it, but also lots of misinterpretations and swallowed propaganda-lies. Lets go through ya post step by step. Good thing is, you know, to never trust the medias. Another good one is that you realized that familiy value, and all this stuff that has to do with natural things, and national identity, healthy living etc. are the true values.

But when it comes to who is fighting for them and who is not, who is the enemy of it, and who not, your post had some elementary flaws, which are directly based on old but still working media lies, implanted into most of todays people.

For example that you automatically interprete “people waiving NAZI flags” as “bad persons”. Why is that ? It is because the medias told you “NS Germany was bad”, “people waiving Swastikas are evil people”. Nothing if more away from the truth than that.

And remember, who told you that Swastika, NS Germany etc. was evil and bad ? Nah ? It was the medias, and the state sponsered education & history systems.

Maybe you should go study a bit about one of the most famous US generals of World War 2, General George Patton, and listen carefully to all the quotations and speeches he gave since 1945 before he was trashed (murdered through fake accident). He was a brave man, and spoke out the truth ( which is why the US government ordered his elimination). Or check out what one of the greatest geniuses of chess playing, Bobby Fisher said, about who is behind the evil in this world.

Also you should think about who ownes all the media stations and corporations. Who owns all the banks? Who ownes Facebook, Youtube and all these “political correct” social media outlets ?

Is there a certain group ? And is it maybe especially this group against which the National Socialists of Germany were fighting ?

I tell you – yes it is ! And these group is much more powerful then you might think now. It took over the whole US, through hijacking the complete USA, starting with its financial system, creating illegal anti-constitutional Federal Reserve Act, and then founding the devilish FED and later creeping deeper and deeper into every single part of the US system. Then in 1917 the same evil group took over Russia, by first murdering the legitimate russian Czar, and then disbanding the old state financial system and forcefully replacing it by a Rothschild central bank plus murdering several million normal ethnically russian christian farmers (Kulaks) as well as intellectuals, and instead putting jews in every high position in politic, military, education and justice.

And then from 1918 till around 1922, after the German Emperor Reich lost the first World War (a war which was only created by the international central banker elite, in order to deflect attention away from their Federal Reserve Act Coup in USA), also in Germany, the same group tried to implement their satanic money system. Lots of street battles but also lots of heavily and bloody, very warlike battles took place in Germany, merely between 1818-1923, and then later in 1928-30 again which left the group shocked, realizing that here they obviously could not get through that easily. So they prepared a trap. They stopped trying to block the growth of the free peoples will and their national and family values abiding forces in Germany. They even donated money and made false promises to them (in around 1936 Hitler was announced “man of the year” in the US jewish medias) and so on. But at the same time, instead they (the jews)readied the USA and the just (about 15 years ago) conquered Russia, to smash the stubborn and rising german nation in total war. The group ordered its puppets in UDSSR to rob every citizen of nearly everything and murder who every might stand in its way. All this in order to get enough grain and money, for driving up the military capacities of the country fast. So in these times the Red Army (Rothschild Army) was established in the, back then, UDSSR called Russia. And also in the USA and UK large war preparations were initiated, with plans to build immense fleets of large bombing planes to be ready within the next max. 10 years for war.

Then, like today with Ukraine, Donbass and Putin, nearly the same trap was set up for Hitler, and like Putin now, he stepped into it, (the Poland – Danzig trap) got tricked also by several other strawman-countries and the rest is history. First UK, France declared war to Germany and later, USA and Russia, all ruled from behind the scenes through the jewish control of the financial system, came in (partly even invited to do so by the German government shortsighted reactions to the provocations), and unleashed unbelievable war machine output against NS Germany, and massacred millions of its civilian population via bombing raids and war crimes, and literally bombed back the country into stoneage, murdered what was left of the german government, and then installed full jewish control of Germany, and all of western Europe. In early 1960 also China fell victim to that group, and the jewish communism-ideology and central bank financial system was also forced on that great nation, which since then was communist – and therefore in the jewish pocket – too. Later all western european countries were put and bound together, the jewish EU and the EZB central bank were establish, making the EU in fact a new UDSSR, but just a western version of it, what is why lots of people call it the EUdssr.

So on all sides you now have jews as rulers. US/EU as well as RUssia & China are ruled by the jewish cabal, which has the aim to bring World War and maximum genocide to the world, and make the people of the world fight each other till total exhaustion reduce world population ( see also: Albert Pike 3 World Wars ), in order to afterwards easily take over what’s left of the world, and establish their jewish luciferian total dominance over the earth, and make those non-jews who survived the carnage become the miserable slaves of them. While they the jew being the nearly godlike masterrace then ( see also speech of Israeli Ex-Primeminister Menachim Begin / masterrace ).

Notice: Selensky, Kolomoisky, Lagarde, Soros, Merkel, Nuland, Putin (his mother is a maidename born SHALOMova), they are all jews, and are just puppets of their higher-ups, following orders to put the world into Armageddon, and make as much as possible non.jews slaughter each other. If you realize these facts, then EVERY ACTION taken by Putin as well as USA and EU, Selensky etc. will become clear to you.

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At first glance at your comment, I can only tell you are right. Especially on high end jewish influence. But i need at least 24h to search and investigate every sentence u said. I don’t mean to disrespect your comment, actually one of the rare comments that is coming from a healthy brain if i must say so.




Ha ha , maybe yes maybe now ,they were photographed like this where everyone can recognize the location and shoot them instantly, which is an inaccurate text in favor of fashi Ukrainians

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