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First Russian Unmanned Combat robocraft Udar Ready for Testing

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The first Russian unmanned combat robocraft Udar is almost ready for its testing.

First Russian Unmanned Combat robocraft Udar Ready for Testing

Photo: bemil.chosun.com

The first Russian unmanned combat robocraft Udar, developed by the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute Signal, is almost ready for its testing, the Utro information website reported.

Earlier, the CEO of the Signal, Vladimir Shashok, said that the complete autonomy of the robotic system Udar is currently under work. According to the expert on armored vehicles, Aleksey Khlopotov, “this robot is a complete, remotely-controlled fighting machine.”

At the end of 2015, the unique robocraft was demonstrated at the Day of the Ministry of Defence Innovation exhibition, where it independently overcame obstacles and led fire on targets. There are no analogues of the armored vehicle, capable to perform combat missions without crew and under a remote control, in the world. The Udar will be able to conduct aiming at the target and fire adjustment. The robotic system will operate independently, without communications support, and independently analyze the emerging combat situations, using its intelligence system.

The robotic Udar was created on the basis of a hybrid, consisting of the BMP-3 chassis and the newest combat module, developed by the Tula KBP Instrument Design Bureau. The combat module can be easily mounted on any armored vehicles of a new generation, and will be used for the new infantry combat vehicle Kurganets and the armored personnel carrier Bumerang. In a case of the module’s defeat in the battle, the platform will remain intact, will receive a new module in a short time, and will join battle again.

The uniqueness of the Udar system is its variability and versatility. The robocraft is able to perform combat missions remotely or being under control of the crew. The combat vehicle is able to switch to offline mode for transportation of cargo and intelligence gathering. During the offline performance, the Udar will be protected from electronic warfare by special armor and regular radio ‘jammers’.

In addition to its combat purpose, the robocraft will be used as a transport for cargo and a tow truck for troops. The crew size has not yet been determined, but according to experts, it will not exceed three people. The fire control has a universal format that allows to manage it remotely and switch it to the crew. The Udar has three types of weapons, including the 30 mm automatic cannon 2A42, the PKM Kalashnikov machine gun and four guided missiles Kornet. The robocraft is able to fire at two targets at the same time. The fire control system (FCS) is equipped with the latest developments, allowing operators to find and fix the goal in different modes: from night optical to thermal.

It’s amazing, but the modern Udar is originally from the Soviet 1980s. At that time, the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute Signal began creating a robot-tank based on the T-72. And even at that time, scientists were able to control the T-72 remotely. But developers could not control weapons accurately because they did not have the necessary electronics and optoelectronic systems. There also were not powerful computers which could be made small-sized and installed in the tank. In the 1990s, the project was canceled due to funding shortages, despite the interest in the product from the military. But scientists have not given up the concept and were continuing the theoretical calculations until 2007, when the first state order for such projects appeared.

First Russian Unmanned Combat robocraft Udar Ready for Testing

Photo: zonwar.ru

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