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JUNE 2023

First Prisoners Exchanged In 2023

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First Prisoners Exchanged In 2023

Russian servicemen

On January 8, Russia and Ukraine held another prisoner exchange which became the first one in 2023. This time, the exchange was equal, both of the warring sides got 50 servicemen back from enemy prisons.

The Russian Ministry of Defence confirmed that 50 Russian servicemen came back home as a result of the exchange. The Russian side traditionally did not reveal the military ranks of the released prisoners of war (POWs). All of them will be taken to Moscow for treatment and rehabilitation.



In their turn, Ukrainian officials confirmed the prisoner swap. The head of the President’s office, Andriy Ermak, claimed that 50 Ukrainian servicemen were released. According to him, there are 33 officers among them, as well as 17 soldiers.

According to Mr Yermak, Ukrainian POWs include those taken hostage at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, as well as in Mariupol, near Bakhmut (Artemovsk), in Kiev, Chernihiv and Kherson regions, as well as in other regions. The same claims were made after almost oll the recent exchanges. Thus, the real areas of hostilities where the Ukrainian POWs were captured cannot be identified.

Most of the swaps between Russia and Ukraine are not equal and the Ukrainian military receives more servicemen back than the Russian side. The last prisoner swap took place on New Year Eve on December 31. LINK That time, 82 Russian servicemen were exchanged to 140 Ukrainians.


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So we won again. Didn’t we? Why?

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Bruh, Russia is winning by storming AFU positions till their weak enough so Russia will take more land.


Poor bald basturds with their filthy Ukrap rag howling their naZi crap on the bus back to hell. Next week they will be back in the meat grinder and will not escape their inevitable dog food destiny a second time. You cannot help mindless programmed retards.



It’s a BIG mistage for Russia to exchange a larger number of prisoners than what it gets, and to exchange an officer (therefore more experienced in war) for a common soldier. I heard a Russian exchanged prisoner say that the Ukrainians don’t take many Russian soldiers as prisoners because they don’t need them: they take some prisoners and kill the rest!

Also, the treatment the Russian POWs receive by Ukraine while in captivity is intented to break their spirit to make sure they’re not in a position to fight again in the future, while the treatment the Ukrainian POWs receive from Russia is decent and they remain in high spirits!

Last edited 4 months ago by helen
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