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First Photos Of New Secret Russian Fighter Jet

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First Photos Of New Secret Russian Fighter Jet

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The first photos of a “brand-new” multi-purpose fighter were shared online. The photos were made during the preparation for its presentation at the MAKS-2021 Air Show at the Zhukovsky Airfield.

According to the reports, a completely new military aircraft developed by the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), under the control of the Rostec State Corporation will be shown on July 20.

“Russia is one of the few countries in the world that has full-cycle technologies for the production of promising aviation complexes, as well as a recognized “trendsetter” in the creation of combat aircraft. We are convinced that the new product developed by UAC specialists will arouse genuine interest not only in our country, but also in other regions of the world, including our competitors abroad, ” the Rostec representative claimed.

Details about what class the aircraft belongs to were not unveiled. It is a light multi-purpose fighter. Its main feature will be a single engine.

Judging by the company’s advertising video, the new aircraft will be export-oriented.

First Photos Of New Secret Russian Fighter Jet

Click to see full-size image

First Photos Of New Secret Russian Fighter Jet

Click to see full-size image

First Photos Of New Secret Russian Fighter Jet

Click to see full-size image

The International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS) is held every two years in Zhukovsky airport near Moscow since 1993. It has traditionally become a platform for the demonstration of the Russian latest innovations in the field of military and civil aviation.


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Chess Master

It’s so invisible they had to cover it with a blanket, to know where it is.


the hardest part is after removing the blanket then finding out where it is to re covert it

Lone Ranger

Its probably a Mig.
I don’t like single engine designs tho.
Would be funny if could do everything the Flop-35 cant…
I was hoping for a UFO tho, aka Black Knight…
Oh well, its good enough.

Icarus Tanović

Strange for VKS to produce jet fighter with single engine. But, it is only for expost, so that explains this.


Russia has to incorporate single engine designs into their airforce, or else they can kiss goodbye all the single engine contracts the US currently enjoy. Single engine designs are cheap, low maintenance and high availability for service, and are really what about 70% of the planets militaries can afford to run.
Russia itself needs twin engines due to the ranges they have to defend, but they already used single engines up to Mig23, 21, so there is a use for them outside of border protection.
If Russia doesn’t build and use them for themselves, they will find it hard to sell them to others.


Useless to guess what it might be. The fact is the Sukhoi Su-57 is in serial production and the MiG-35 should be near serial production as well, if not already.

A “rolling” mock up is not to be taken seriously.


It is a Sukhoi design. That much is known.




Não acredito que seja só para exportação, ele pode ser um bom complemento para o Su57, o custo dos vôos será bem menor, só não sei onde se encaixará o Mig35 na Rússia.


MIG 41 ???

Peter Jennings

On the outside, most fighters look very similar. It’s what they have packed into the aircraft as regards to systems and weapons that’s important.


What i find most interesting is that the inlets isn’t the usual russian ones but rather more like the western fighter jets.
Even with this probably being an mock-up that is something that i find very interesting since it indicates that this is an entirely new design.


it looks like a yak-141 from its shape, but maybe this is an updated version and added technology. Maybe I’m wrong it’s just a guess…


Omg I hope it is the mig-41!!!!

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