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First Photos of Russian Amphibious Personnel Carrier ‘Bumerang’ Appeared on Network

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First Photos of Russian Amphibious Personnel Carrier 'Bumerang' Appeared on Network

The photos of a new version of the Russian wheeled armored personnel carrier Bumerang appeared on the network. This time the Bumerang has two snorkels located behind the platform for the combat module. This suggests that this is an amphibious version.

According to the Defence Blog, the photos of a new personnel carrier were taken by residents of Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod. Apparently, the updated version is being tested near the city.

About a month ago, the Director General of Military-Industrial Company (VPK) Alexander Krasovitsky outlined plans to create an amphibious version of the new-generation Russian armored personnel carrier.

‘Today we have solutions for the using of new types of steel. We reduce the weight of the personnel carrier, and we have a task to make Bumerang to float. Now it weighs a lot, but we think we can do this,’ Krasovitsky told the TASS news agency.

He added that any fighting compartment can be installed on the platform of the wheeled armored personnel carrier.

The new-generation Russian armored personnel carrier was first shown to the public during the Victory Day parade in Moscow on May 9, 2015. The installation of water jet engines in the back of the armored personnel carrier was originally provided in the design of Bumerang. This 8×8 armored personnel carrier is capable of speeds up to 100 km/h, offers high levels of firepower and protection, and has an innovative control system. According to experts, these all makes Bumerang ‘invulnerable’.

First Photos of Russian Amphibious Personnel Carrier 'Bumerang' Appeared on Network

Bumerang APC

The personnel carrier can be armed with a 12.7-mm machine gun or with a 30-mm cannon 2А42, PKT machine gun and four external launchers with Kornet-M anti-tank guided missiles.

The testing of Bumerang in the Russian army has started this year. According to the plans, the mass production of the Bumerang should be started in 2017, and the bulk supply to the army is scheduled for 2018.

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Nobody makes weapons like the Russians. What a fabulous vehicle – floats like a butterfly over water, stings like a bee on land.

I’d like to ask, “Yes, but does it fly?” But some Russian technician might get a heart attack, because we’re not supposed to know they’re working on that ;)

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