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First look at the Nov. 13 Paris Attacks

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On November 13, a series of terror attacks in the heart of Paris left at least 153 dead and paralyzed the French capital with fear. 200 people were wounded. From 8 to 10 extremists dead following the attack.

The attacks were clearly coordinated, took place in multiple locations and involved different methods:

  • Two suicide bombers detonated their explosives at locations near the Stade de France, where a soccer match between France and Germany was taking place. French President Francois Hollande was at the stadium at the time of the attack
  • Gunmen opened fire on a Cambodian restaurant in a drive-by shooting
  • Shots were also fired at the Bataclan concert hall, where terrorists held up to 100 hostages
  • Then, gunmen also opened fire on Rue de Charonne
  • About an hour after the initial attacks, attacks by other terrorist cells took place at the Louvre and Les Halles

French President Francoise Hollande declared a national state of emergency and shut its borders. Special police units, including RAID, a police intervention unit, and French military have been rapidly mobilized and deployed in the Greater Paris area.

When the Paris police stormed the Bataclan concert hall, three of the attackers were killed after letting off their suicide belts, while the fourth was shot and killed by police. According to media reports, over 100 people died and at least a dozen suffered injuries as a result of the siege.

On Saturday, Paris closed down its public spaces in response to terror attacks.

Though shocking, the attacks are not completely surprising. Multiple individuals from France and other European countries have joined terrorist groups to Syria and Iraq. The attacks have demonstrated there is a constant risk of terrorist attacks within Europe.

The Friday’s carnage was likely well coordinated and planned. Thus, the attackers could receive instruction or assistance from groups such as ISIS or al Qaeda.

Furthermore, the recent migration crisis in Europe highlights the risk that jihadist groups could have placed some of their members among the large refugee flow to conduct attacks in Europe.

From a social perspective, the attacks could head to a raise of the domestic tensions between French nationals and migrants. Just hours after the Friday attacks, a huge fire broken out at the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp near the French port of Calais. The origin of the fire is unknown yet.

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The Zionist-State is falling apart, gee, no one ever predicted this (sarcasm). The French worked with the UK-US-Empires to conquer the indigenous native tribal peoples of Europe. No multi-racial-Empire can last forever. Babylon fell, Rome fell, Mexico fell, and now it is fully Frances and UK’s turn to fall. Goodnight bigots. May the indigenous tribal peoples survive all this hate


Your text narrative says 13th Oct.


The developments took place on the night of November 13/14 but they started on November 13


Many of suicide bombers killed no one or only one .This suggests that the idea of murder was repulsive to some of those involved. Several had compassion killing themselves but not others. They should be praised for compassion. Instead they are lumped in with mass murderers.

Olga. Kongress

There were the bomb attacks in Beirut and Baghdad not only in France. Just in Europe and in Paris nobody cared about all that. Obama and Hollande have been “struggling” for two years with ISIS, and here is the result of this “struggle”. For them it was just a game to reach the power also. And innocent people suffer. When there were terrorist attacks in Russia, we have heard from Europe only sneers and criticism that Russian security services were not able to fight against terrorism and that terorism in Russia was the fault of Russia and stupid and despotic russian president . Europe was trying to teach us, and tried to give Russia instructions. So where were wonderful secret services of France two days ago? What did they do? Where was super smart French President which changed the decision of Charles de Gaulle – “never to join NATO”? Where is wonderful Charlie with their caricatures to the latest events in Paris? This is the law of a boomerang – if you laugh at someone’s death – God won’t keep you waiting for a response.. Or a devil, I dont know. And all of this is not problem of immigration, all of this have economic and political reasons. Immigration it not the reason, but consequence. Paris had not made any conclusions from the January terrorist attack in Paris. They staged a march all over France and believed it was enough to win the war on terror

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