First Israeli Female Combat Tank Operators Are Ready For Deployment


First Israeli Female Combat Tank Operators Are Ready For Deployment


First female combat tank operators of the Israeli Army completed their training on Tuesday.

The 13 operators of 15 picked for a pilot program to assess fuller gender integration in the Armored Corps passed the training on the Merkava Mark 3 model, which they will operate.

They will shortly be sent to southern Israel to begin a four-month trial deployment. They women will serve in the 80th Division responsible for the Negev and Arava deserts.

While the declared reason of the propgram is a fuller gender integration, some epxerts believe that the real reason is the personnel gap. Over the past five years the number of female combat soldiers in ISrael has increased from 547 in 2012 to 2,700 in 2017.

Thus, Israel is steadily increasing a number of female soliders in the fields where high professional skills are needed. Most likely, the Armored Corps program will be expanded to a couple hundreeds of persons.



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  • MeMadMax


    If israel wants to sabotage its own military, then don’t interrupt them!

    “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

    • Barba_Papa

      Well put. Also, the Merkava III is not exactly the top of the line version of this tank. It seems to lack a lot of the armor upgrades of the Merkava IV. Which to me suggests this unit is not exactly a 1st tier unit, but more of a reserve follow up unit. Which to me also suggests that the IDF still doesn’t like to send women into actual combat. Quite the contrary as the Negev is as far away from Lebanon and Syria as you can get. Relatively speaking of course considering the country is quite small.

      • observerBG

        IDF found that their combat women wear less supplies than men and get injured and disabled far more often than men.

        You are very right in that they do not like to use women in actual combat and several things show it.
        1. IDF combat women comprise mere 3 percent of combat units personnel.
        2. Combat women are deployed in peaceful areas (southern borders as border guards), not on northern borders or in invasion units. IDF did not use their women for actual combat operations in Lebanon in 2006, hence all the casualties were male, and only one IDF female soldier died in the conflict.
        3. These tankers will again be deployed in border forces on the southern border – which is the safest and less demanding place.

        • TheLulzWarrior

          Where you get those stats from?

          • observerBG

            Nope, what i wrote is correct. The only thing you showed is that you can not read. Are you 5 year old?

            As i mentioned, IDF nowdays very rarely use women in actual combat, hence only one female soldier died in the 2006 Lebanon war. Your citation is old news, old casualties from old conflicts, when there was larger use of women, but have nothing to do with IDF reality today. And today IDF largely does not use women in actual combat, hence the minimal female casualties.

            the only female IDF soldier killed in the Second Lebanon war.

            read more:

            And the second thing that i wrote is correct as well – for all the talk, women are less than 3 percent of IDF combat troops.

            Less than 3 percent of IDF “combat troops” are female.
            During Operation Protective Edge back in the summer of 2014, out of 66 Israeli troops who died not one was female.


  • Kolarov

    I’ve always thought that letting women in combat roles is a stupid idea, but then again they’re Jews so I couldn’t care less.

    • Joe

      Maybe israel is following the Kurds .

      Jihadists scared being killed by females as they wouldn’t get the rewards.

      Wonder if this is effective against Hez

      Just my thoughts

      • Linda

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    • TheLulzWarrior

      When they lost back in February 2015, the “ukrainian” regime took the decision to draft women from age 20 to 50.

  • dutchnational

    Combat positions for females is quite ok. YPJ proved this and it indeed makes for a larger recruiting base. Smart of IDF.

    • slayern2

      Yeah they need more females, transgenders and homosexuals in IDF. Go join them.

    • observerBG

      The only ppl who use women for fighting are those with man power issues. They are worse on average than males, and all types of studies have found that female units perform worse on average than male units, in other words you don’t use women unless you really need to (have no one else to fight).

      Israel found that women wear less supplies than men, more likely to leave their unit (pregnancy issues) and get injured and disabled far more often than men, this is why they only use them in “peaceful” areas with no fighting (such as the jordanian border). Thus they do not use women in actual combat, for example IDF did not use their women for actual combat operations in Lebanon in 2006, hence all the casualtuies were male.

      As for this program, its an assessment to see if these women are good at it or not, after one year it will become clear if they will be accepted or not. But the fact that they will be sent as border guards for the peaceful southern borders shows that they are not good at it. Israel does not want them deployed on Lebanon/ Syria borders, and IDF border forces are not meant to cross borders (invade other countries) – they are sent in the safest and less demanding place – that tells you all you need to know – its about optics and plugging holes, not about getting good soldiers.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      Both men and women have duties to the nation.

  • FlorianGeyer

    As long as they do not need to reverse they will be fine :)

    • Daniel Castro


      Seriously now… only fucking souless criminals can be sick enough to stablish permanent female combat unities… even if they are mainly for propaganda…

  • ruca

    Send the bitches straight to battle Hesbollah. Hesbollah, here are more ATGMs and KA-52s than you need. Have fun and let’s meet for a beer in the evening.

  • Enkidu

    Just gotta wait for their periods to synchronize before attacking in case of war

  • Rodger

    RIP 13 chicks.

  • Thegr8rambino

    if you see a laser on your tank, better hop out and run for your lives ladies :)))

    • testera

      They won’t see it because a fast approaching Kornet tend to block the view :)