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First Iranian Military Convoy Enters Syria Through Land Route From Iraq – Reports

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First Iranian Military Convoy Enters Syria Through Land Route From Iraq - Reports

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The first Iranian military convoy crossed into Syria coming from Iraq through the Tell al-Badi crossing during this week, the UK-based news outlet the New Arab reported on December 16.

A senior Iraqi official told the New Arab that the Iranian military convoy consisted of 20 covered trucks carrying an unknown load. The official added that the convoy was escorted by fighters and commanders of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Iraqi Hezbollah and Hezbollah al-Nujaba.

“A convoy of 20 mud-covered, unmarked vehicles crossed into Syria after being let through checkpoints manned by the PMU … The cars were transporting Iranian and Iraqi forces to fight alongside the Assad regime. I believe this could signal the activation of the long-planned Tehran-Damascus road,” the Iraqi official told the New Arab.

If these claims are true, this can be considered as a huge achievement for Iran and its allies, mainly Lebanese Hezbollah. For the last four years, Iran was shipping weapons and ammunition to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah through an air route. This method allowed Israel to identify, track and target Iranian arms shipments to Hezbollah easily, as only few cargo airplanes land in Syrian airports every day.

However, now Israel will be incapable of identifying any Iranian shipment on the new ground route, as it will be used by thousands of Iraq and Syrian companies on daily basis in the upcoming months. Experts believe that this will give Hezbollah and the SAA a huge advantage over Israel and will allow Iran to increase its supplies to its allies.

Many Syria pro-government activists claimed before that the main aim of the US intervention in Syria was to control the Syrian-Iraqi border, and to close it in the face of Iran. These claims were confirmed later when former spokesman of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Tala Silo, revealed that the main aim of the US-led coalition attack in Deir Ezzor governorate was to reach the cities of Mayadin and al-Bukamal in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside before the SAA in order to control the borders.

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Nigel Maund

Good news! Iran will need Pantsir batteries just case.

Cheryl Brandon

Indeed, what took you so long IRGA?


Yes, advanced ground to air missiles are badly needed to support the SAA and the Iranians have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using them in Syria.

As long as they work or course :)

Nigel Maund

FG agree! If a a few IAF F35’s bite the dust that would send a big message.


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And it could plausibly be argued by the SAA that the destruction of the F35’s was merely to help expose the flaws of the flying junk heap as an act of reconciliation with Israel and the US. :)

Nigel Maund

FG – can you imagine the impact of the loss of just one F35 on the sales contracts with all those NATO allies and Australia who are signed up to spend a fortune on buying this overpriced piece of hardware??


It would be Christmas and Birthday all rolled into one. The ‘Stork’ attack on the Israeli F35 must have also been rather embarrassing :) Especially as it was part of a show to impress the visiting Russian Defence Chief.

Cheryl Brandon

USA and Saudi Arabia and Israhell wanted to block this route but, they failed again. Iran 1; the Hyenas 0

You can call me Al

Worse than failing, they actually assisted and sped up, the current day outcome…..sweet.

oh vey !!


They actually brought it about. The US invasion of Iraq removed Saddam Hussein, Iran’s biggest enemy, and brought Iraq into the Iranian sphere of influence. And the funniest thing is, how could the Americans and Israelis NOT see this happening? How could they not see that when you remove Saddam, the majority Shia population of Iraq would gain power, and that this would be a giant boon to Iran? It doesn’t take rocket science to understand this. I saw it coming. And I’m just a guy on the internet.

The Americans and Israelis really are clueless as to how the Middle East works. I can understand the Americans being this dense, they have no clue as to how the rest of the world works. Or looks. Or even most of their own country. But you’d think that being from the region the Israelis would at least have some understanding.


The Israeli lobby wanted to target Iran after Iraq. Iraq was just too big to swallow for Ziomericans.

You can call me Al

That is exactly what I was saying.

Nigel Maund

Good commentary!


They wanted to create kurdistan to attack Iran. They also wanted to created a conflict between Sunnis and Shias in order to sunnis exterminate Hezbollah and eject Assad with Daesh.


Nikki Haley is nothing just a mouthpiece of notonyahoo and Trump the radical Zionist extremists. Both are a serious threat to whole world because they have nukes and ICBMs. I will see that how much Muslims are united on Aqsa and Maka Mosques.


Saudi Arabia government dividing Muslims into sects which does not serve Islam but makes whole Muslim world weak and make Aqsa and Maka Mosques vulnerable to Israeli and American aggression. If anything happened to these two Mosques to be honest these KSA will flee to America but a lot of innocent blood will spill on these two Mosques.

Feudalism Victory

Yup something is going to get bombed. Im guessing atgm snuck in close.

MD Ranix

kudos to all resistance movements against zio satanic terrorism worldwide

Cheryl Brandon

What took you soldiers so long IRGSoldiers! You have been invited!


Now we need Iraq to officially support joint ct operations.

You can call me Al


Promitheas Apollonious

It is about time the anglozionist who bloodshed the world to receive a proper answer to their atrocities against humanity.


Yet Putin calls these monsters “friends” in every speech he makes.

Promitheas Apollonious

you confuse politics with honesty and real life, my friend. Next time instead of making a comment as this first think what happens and why this way you show you have a good understanding of what is going around you, with out you to have a saying. Then face reality then comment.


What makes you sure that you have a good understanding of what is going around you?


So the insane U$Asylum/ZIO/UK/Rothschild Empire have managed to achieve their greatest fear: a Russia/Chinese/Iran/Iraq/Syrian alliance, with Egypt & Qatar fed up of financing the losing side, & even the ever-treacherous Turk smelling which way the wind blows. The medieval madman Saud & the 21st century lunatic NetstockingsYahoo go on bended knee to Putin – no joy.

Q?: Are the Empire lunatic enough to go nuclear? A: Who TF knows?

Have a good Christmas, people. We live in the most interesting times.

Richard M

Very bad news for terrorists and cannibals!


This is very good news.

Cheryl Brandon

Thank you very much Iran, you are the regional neighbor, which must help! Exterminate/exterminate the destructive/well paid/foreign killers! Let’s go/Let’s go Va Va Voom. IRGA SOLDIERS!

That Guy

Get your anus ready Israel.


The star on their flag represents the anus. So, they should redesign their flag with a destroyed anus on it. Soon they’ll have no need for a flag anyway.


Iran thinks that emulating the wahhabi terror routes will achieve anything real- but it’s all a bad joke. The terrorists use third world methods, which are fine and dandy agaisnt targets unprepared for the Deep State co-ordinated terror strikes. But fighting AGAINST the Deep State requires vastly greater sophistication.

We see in Syria, over and over, how our side loses ground to tiny numbers of terrorists, because our side lacks first world ideas of tactical DEFENSE. Now, Russia has ensured (for the time being) that numbers are on Syria’s side, so after a pointless loss of ground, our side rapidly recaptures it again. But an inability to lay down a PROPER defense of ground taken makes Syria endlessly vulnerable to new Deep State actions.

Iran is acting as if the is the 1950s. And even then, ask South American ‘rebels’ what happened when small well funded CIA forces took them on.

Iran assisted Tony Blair and the Americans with the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Indeed, without Ira’s explicit co-operation one or both of these invasions would probably NOT have happened (the Deep State would have satisfied itself with air strikes alone). But the gains Iran has made in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Syria are essentially USELESS from a strategic POV. For sure they make friendless Iran feel it has ‘3’ friendly states- but only some regions of Iraq can be considered as really pro-Iranian.

The Deep State uses basic on-the-ground mass terrorism for sure, but the Deep State knows this method rarely works to any higher degree- it is a tactic used to mold local regional politics at best.

While people here dribble on about tiny numbers of irrelevant Iranian fighters moving slowly and hopelessly vulnerably across Iraq, the Deep State continues to build the largest and most powerful war machine witnessed in Human History. Record amounts of all forms of armaments are pouring out of factories across the planet. Tanks, planes, missiles and all other forms of fighting devices. The world is preparing for WW3.

Reading most comments here, it is obvious the Deep State is pushing against an open door. People cheering the hopeless, foolish and downright idiotic. Only Empire powers can stand up to other Empire Powers. But then the people doing the cheering here aren’t the ones losing their loved ones or seeing their neighbourhoods terrorised and.or ruined. War is so “amusing” from a safe distance, isn’t it.

At a stroke, Putin could end the threat to life in Syria, but the jews don’t want this, so Putin doesn’t do this. Instead Putin rushes to sell Russian arms to Saudia Arabia, Israel, Turkey and Egypt- all horror regimes fully in the Deep State pocket.

What the people of any nation want is PEACE- tell me why Syria is at war again? What did ordianary syrians do- who did they attack. NOTHING and NO-ONE. Team Judaism, and Team America wanted Syria ruined, so today Syria is ruined.

Nuclear weapons are real. The total destruction of two world wars is real. Go look at some videos of these events and try to THINK. What lies between these ultimate horrors and now? What are the forces that bring peace, and what forces bring war? What forces rule in our world today? And what happens to Iran once the full fury of military holocaust is unleashed on that nation?

In our TINY victories I see only our terrible coming losses. Only Putin and Russia could stop the inevitable armaggedon- but Putin actually acts to pour more fuel on the fire by empowering the Deep state with his active support of Israel and KSA. In Syria I’d cheer Putin going to the UN and having US forces thrown out (which he could do tomorrow). But Putin backed sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programs, while stating Russia would NEVER sanction ther jews of Israel over their REAL WMD programs. Putin actually supports foul jewish racism and zionist supremacy.

Iran literally operates in a world where every major power agress Iranians are ‘SUB-HUMAN’- entitled to LESS than the jews. Jews can have nukes, Iranians cannot. That’s the obscene world Putin actively supports. A world without justice – a world where the racist rules of the jews dominate.

jim crowland

The nascent Iranian-Terror-Empire is in the making: It has Irak, Syria and part of Lebanon. Hopefully the Christian West will take some strong action soon…..


Sorry mate, the Zio-Crusaders already brought in their Jihadi head choppers who beheaded priests and Jews. Iranians and Russian and Syrian Government are the only ones protecting non Muslims. Zionist in Occupied Syrian Golan Heights are providing medical treatment to Al Qaeda, Jihadi mercenaries.


You tried that kike, it was called ISIS. You got owned and lost humiliatingly. You then tried to use the Kurds as proxies and failed again. You’re now out of options and have no choice but to retreat with your tails tucked between your legs.


Sorry, its nothing of the Christian West business. Totally an internal affair of the people of the Middle East.


The Tehran-Beirut highway was the argument made against Invading Iraq in 2003 . We sowed and sowed instead of listening and heading. Now we reap and reap.


And we haven’t heard from Israel because they’re too busy sputtering to speak.


This is worse than the Holocaust…


I disagree.


Oy Vey



Shia Crecent formed.

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