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JUNE 2021

First Group Of OPCW Inspectors Arrives To Syria To Begin Work Soon

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On April 12, a first group of inspectors of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) arrived to Syria, the France Press Agency (AFP) reported.

The AFP said the OPCW fact-finding committee is set to start investigating the alleged chemical attack in Duma district on April 14.

Earlier, Syria’s UN ambassador Bashar Jaafari welcomed the OPCW investigation committee and revealed that Damascus is expecting a second group of inspectors to arrive on April 13.

“These two groups will arrive separately to Syria on Thursday as well as tomorrow, on Friday … We will facilitate the arrival of the team to anywhere they want, in Duma, to check whether or not there was use of chemical substances,” Jaafari told reporters during a press conference, according to the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, an unnamed official of the Syrian Foreign Ministry said that Syria would hold the West responsible for any delay in the arrival of the OPCW fact-finding mission. The official also accused Western states of working to hinder the OPCW mission in Syria.

The arrival of the OPCW inspectors to Syria could delay any possible military actions of the US and allies. The fact-finding mission is expected to last for few days only as Duma district is now fully secured and nothing could disturb the OPCW work, unlike the situation in 2013.

Meanwhile, US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said that no decision had been reached by President Donald Trump about a strike on Syria. Mattis added that the US is still searching evidence of the attack.

There Are Some ‘Problems’ With Gas Cylinders Videos Used By White Helmets As Evidence Of Douma Attack

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I genuinely hope they act impartially & professionally & not deliver some cooked up evidence

Promitheas Apollonious

And if they dont you think it be any difference in the final outcome? NATO took a bigger bite than they can chew and my hope is Russia do not let them, easily get away with it, or save any face as they did repeatedly in the past, since Yugoslavia and Iraq.

It is time someone clip them in size and isolate them within their borders.

You can call me Al

Can we agree that “clipping their wings” means absolutely destroy any credibility the US establishment (if any remains) ?.

AM Hants

Clipping their wings – Number 1 style, please.

Perhaps Russia, might like them as a trophy?

comment image

You can call me Al


Promitheas Apollonious

After what they did to the world and to my own country? No my friend. Their credibility went up in smoke since they exist it is not a single country in the world they have not caused genocides and blood bathed, including Europe with the GLADIO operations and not only.

To my knowledge US-Canada-Australia are colonies with no executive powers and let us not confuse colonies who belong and have created by City Of London and are totally controlled by UK, with nations because they are not.

US is just the military arm of the NWO. The way things come down is either them or us. And I dont buy much into the jews control every thing. The only real jews as far I am concerned in this world is the palestinians and some african semitic tribes, if any have been left.

If this world ever going to see peace and normal life all this pedophiles and queers and perverts of this world who have invented child porn and organ harvesting and very much all abominations on this earth must be confronted and eliminated for ever from the human race so the human race has a chance to survive and prosper.

You can call me Al

I am with you there on all aspects. Nice comment, thanks.

neil barron

Nice to see that you hate yourself so much so we will start with you .50 between the spots on your pumpkin head.

Promitheas Apollonious

you like to try? Many have they are statistic now .

You can call me Al

….or they can do what they did in the investigation AGAINST Russia regards the MH-17….. give us the truth or lies after, well, sometime in the far future.

It doesn’t matter now, no one believes their continuous BS anyway and I would bet my bottom dollar, sweet FA happened.


Are you FOR REAL. ‘Cooked up evidence’. False flags ONLY ever ‘cook up’ evidence.

Everyone reading this, THINK! AJ, after everything that has happened, is STILL denying that MI6 is running a false flag. You think such an ‘opinion’ is an accidental ‘mistake’. Come on, guys, the ONE LINE regulars here have been selling zionist psy-op nonsense from day one.

jerry hamilton

Plss 0ff

jerry hamilton

Well they were honest over the Skipral case.
Russia is ‘not verified as the precise source’ of the Novichok nerve agent.
I bet May and Johnson went nuts over that.
America however is a different ball game.


Never believe invalid duck Trumo, hes world liar ! Hand off from Syria false West wankers !

Iona four

The regimes dirty Bombs.


From which regime?

Mario Ceva

USA and GB sell arms to Saudi Arabia that Yemen childrem but is worry about Syrian Children??


So saying, for the MILLIONTH time, that the bad guys use LIES achieves what, exactly?

Mario Ceva

Great Israel , Qatar gasoduct throught Syria.


“Their ends”, ya dumb troll


He no dumb he desperado

Ricky Miller

Didn’t you get the Memo, Mario? It’s okay to kill women and children and everything else as long as you do it with projectiles, cluster munitions, and drones. You know the American way. Kill by the ten’s of thousands, no problem…

Suyanto Ng

Where mighty US of A when their terrorist proxies kill 10yr old Syrian boy n Aleppo and take picture of it? Did Trump tweet it?

svenne svensk

Haha the US is still searching but France say they have proof. All is just bullshit


I would think that the French had ‘proof’ from the ‘ever so honest ‘ Saudis , who just happened to express an interest in buying French weapons and infrastructure equipment :)


comment image
White Helmets group members are Israel. Israel have deluded the world population by use of electronic and print media a lot. In 2014 Saudi Kingdom and Israeli moron have secretly made the Gaza Palestine war to show the massacre and destruction of Gaza to the world that Assad have done this to their own people in Syria. By this lie Saudi kingdom and Israeli migrants have accelerated the destruction, massacre in whole Syrian nation and totally destabilize the Middle East region.
Without Saudi Kingdom and Israeli migrants this world will be a better place for living.


Trump regime says f*ck UN charter resolution I ask from those bastards why they left East Ghouta.


The first group of OPCW or the first group of Israeli spy arrived for covert operation in Syria.

Eouz Cuemarz

Indeed, very funny.


Now the Americans are claiming to have FINISHED the forensic analysis of the blood samples the SAMS team took from victims on the night of the attack (SAMS is the CIA front Putin forced Assad to allow to operate freely across East Ghouta- a medical NGO). Nerve agents of Russian design were found in the blood. Just like I TOLD YOU.

The story is just breaking, and will be combined with the confirmation that a russian nerve agent poisoned the Skripals. The MI6 false flag is reaching a PERFECT conclusion- just like i TOLD YOU.

So the bad guys have their PROOF- the same proof ball-less Putin denied even existed in East Ghouta. So will Putin now switch his story from NO nerve gas attack to “the rebels done did it”, making Russia even more of a laughing stock?

Trump’s smirking announcement of a delay today is because the fallout from the false flag has worked better than anyone dared hope. The (manufactured) evidence from East Ghouta is being used to recruit a massive multi-national coalition to participate in the INVASION of Syria.

Tony Blair has done it again. His invasion of Syria will top even his invasion of Iraq. And just as the significant Russan presence ran from Iraq a couple of weeks into the invasion, Putin is making the preparations now to safely evacutate Syria. His current shipments into Syria being reported on today are to ‘defend’ the evacuating forces.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

“confirmation that a russian nerve agent poisoned the Skripals. The MI6 false flag is reaching a PERFECT conclusion- just like i TOLD YOU.”
“The report does not name the source of the nerve agent, a subject which is beyond the remit of the inspectors.”



This is too much desinformation, and too much pavlovian for being created by a troll. You, guy, are a intelligence officer making black, not grey, counter information. You are trying to explore what you think that are here the common fears.

AM Hants

summary of the report:


1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland requested technical
assistance from the OPCW Technical Secretariat (hereinafter “the Secretariat”) under
subparagraph 38(e) of Article VIII of the Chemical Weapons Convention in relation
to an incident in Salisbury on 4 March 2018 involving a toxic chemical—allegedly a
nerve agent—and the poisoning and hospitalisation of three individuals. The
Director-General decided to dispatch a team to the United Kingdom for a technical
assistance visit (TAV)…

…The results of analysis by the OPCW designated laboratories of environmental and
biomedical samples collected by the OPCW team confirm the findings of the United
Kingdom relating to the identity of the toxic chemical that was used in Salisbury and
severely injured three people… https://www.opcw.org/fileadmin/OPCW/S_series/2018/en/s-1612-2018_e_.pdf

Now what did Gary Aitkenhead, Chief Executive of the Porton Down Defence Laboratory say, with regards the toxin used, and not the play on words Boris and the media used?

‘Gary Aitkenhead is the chief executive of the Porton Down defence laboratory
He said Russia is ‘not verified the precise source’ of the Novichok nerve agent
Added that its deployment was ‘probably only within capability of a state actor’

Ricky Miller

That’s not what I’ve been told today. Over a chessboard, by a Russian expat who has a brother retired RuAF. Scuttlebutt around that set is that there have been threats of resignations by half a dozen senior RF military officers if the “coalition” is permitted to bomb seventy targets without Russian response. This may have changed some point to point contacts and led to a harder Moscow line. That could explain today’s stall. The Western Trio want to strike Syria with deconflictication agreement expanded to cover the strikes. Russia: target list too big and we’ll be forced to intervene. West: okay, not seventy targets but 8-10 and not a volume enough to effect the outcome of the civil conflict. That’s all fourth hand information, take it for what it’s worth.

Richard M

As usual you blend truth and fiction skillfully. I agree with your point that the chicanery of FUKUS (France, UK, US) can never be overlooked or overestimated.


Love the abbreviation. Would use now on. Please don’t mind.


I hope the Syrians will show the inspectors also the discovered chemical workshops of the Islamists .

JP Leonard

So who will inspect the inspectors?
Could rogue members of the team plant fake evidence? And when they take samples home again, who will surveil their handling and testing?
How can there be any chain of custody that is free of contamination by western “intelligence” agencies?


The inspectors looked at the samples MI6 had cooked up, which of course had Novichok in them. The inspectors did NOT take blood from the Skripals themselves- breaking the CHAIN OF EVIDENCE that is essentail for conclusions to even be meaningful. This is why Russia refused to accept the OPCW investigation when Russia was excluded from participation. Russia would have demanded witnessing the removal of blood, and taking a sample of the blood for their own independent tests.


This makes sense, keep up this good work starlight

neil barron

Your not smarter than anyone else here, you just think you are. Scam artist.

AM Hants

Divide them, the OPCW has one part and Russia/Syria has the other part – matching samples. The OPCW tests and examines their evidence, the same as Russia/Syria and there should be no difference in the analysis, with a 3rd portion, if required, in the care of a 3rd, neutral party.

Remember, the Iraq War, investigation, that lasted 18 years, before being cancelled is stored in high security, trunks, with only one set of keys. They cannot be opened for 60 years and the Secretary General of the UN, has the keys. They will do the same with Syria. Why?

Ricky Miller

Yes, and how about another party, invited by Russia. Say, from Oman’s technical university chemistry department. An auditor, independent. Keeping goons honest and maybe giving us a chance to rub some truth at some faces.

That Guy

Let’s hope that they prevent WW3 from happening.


Ahh… the shoa must go on and they even have the bloody nerves to claim they are “objective” or even more “convinsing” nautral, yeah, no shame.
OPWC witch have equimpent that is atonishing, real high tech, witch is able, belive it or not, they claim they can, see Sarin gas thru watching YT clips, yeah, last time they even claimed the use of something staggering toxic, as Sarin is, even with out been there, at all.
The wizards of oz, huh, the drivel saga continues in an new act.

I wounder what they will find, uh….something, but cant be sure what, eh…. but toxic, right, witch is s bad it havent killed anyone, yet, and by the way, I think the Russia are on this, propabaly gotten their fist full of shekles, clapp, clapp, yeah, on something that can start an entire mofo world war.
Hurmf, they stink.
I await in awe on the coming, objective report, on their sudden revelations.
To me, they blew them self a year ago, the last time, and have then becomed totally irrelevant, since we have no indications of could give then an inch of trust.
They have simply no worth, other than been an part of the British propaganda aperatus, like WHite Helmets ,etc.

Have a nice day.


Nevins Harding

It is nightfall in Syria and the tomahawks will be flying because Mattis will claim that the samples were positive just like the phony doping samples against Russia. Stay awake Russia.


Let us hope for Syria, America, and the World, that Trump has the BALLs to back down over his foolish claims.

jerry hamilton

Trump is driven by his narcissistic tendencies.
He will try age give the American people what he thinks they want.

Ricky Miller

Why? The evidence has already been weighed. No matter what the OPCW finds they’ll be pressured to confirm the previously derived at Imperial conclusions. Just like WADA. Just like the Joint Mechanism which did not visit last year’s strike area, or take airbase samples or even try to explain why Victims were at hospital before the event happened. And Russia nerve attacked their own citizens, even one they had in prison previously. It’s all engineered and faked RE: hound and control states not yet in the Empire’s fold. Russia is the chief target and Syria a method and the OPCW a narrative instrument.


Yanki Princess Haley stated only a few days ago we have access to mechanisms which allow us to draw sound conclusions, or, words to that effect. Why do they not put these forward to strengthen their case?
We all remember SoS Colin Powell holding a vial of “Iraqi Anthrax” in a UN Security Council meeting as proof, as he and the Yanki Zionist states howled for UN approval to attack Iraq. Their Lies then did not get them the mandate they required so they illegally attacked Iraq, murdered 1,500,000 people smashed up the state infrastructure and robbed Iraqi oil and gold reserves. Even Mad Dog Mattis acknowledges that there was no chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun last year yet Trikki Nikki in her address has fotos of the attack that did not happen and which the Russians did not shed a tear for. Faux Pas or What?

Lazy Gamer

They should have a portion of all samples collected, analyzed on their own end. just in case

Suyanto Ng

France has the proof before anyone in the ground doing real investigation? Wow, Macron was world class clairvoyant by now he might see it through crystal ball. What is the proof? France version of ‘highly likely’ or some demonizing brochure from May? West only try to finished what their lame terrorist proxies has failed, that’s all.


Macaroni bonapart needs a slapping from Putin for mouthing off lies about Syria and Russian involvement in fake chemical attacks. This little rothschild scumbag should be arrested and treated like the zionist warmongering lunatic that he is.


Check them for laser-guides for NATO missiles, its what MSF did in YUG

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