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First Ever Video Of Nuclear-Capable Poseidon Underwater Drone Released Online

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First Ever Video Of Nuclear-Capable Poseidon Underwater Drone Released Online

A screenshot from the video

On February 20, the Russian Defense Ministry released a first ever video of range tests of the nuclear-capable Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV). The video was released less than an hour after the end of Preisdent Vladimir Putin’s annual adress to the Federal Assembly, in which he stressed that a first submarine equipped with the Poseidon UUV will be launched this spring.

The Poseidon has the following characteristics: diameter 1.6m, length 24m, weight about 40 tons, range 10,000km, maximum speed 100-186km/h, depth of operation up to 1km.

Ith is a multirole submersible system, capable of engaging a wide range of targets such as carrier battle groups, naval bases, and coast infrastructure. One of its main missions would be the delivery of a nuclear munition to enemy shores to strike important commercial targets and to inflict unacceptable costs to the enemy by creating large radioactive fallout zones, tsunamis, and other nuclear explosion effects. The UUV can also carry torpedoes, missiles, and mines to attack various surface, land, and underwater targets.  It could launch missiles using a so-called Multiple All Up Round Canister, MAC. MORE HERE

In a separate statement Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu revealed that the Poseidon had already passed sea range trials and a cew of the submarine carrying the system had received the needed training.


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  1. Masdar says:

    This a terrifying weapon but has been brought about by American hegemony towards Russia, China, Iran, and many other countries in the world. The American government is the terrorist state in the world today and there is a good chance that if they start a war, this precious world will be no more.

  2. Sephy says:

    This looks like a birth of a terrible demon.

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      A demon that even the dullest minds of the USA would fear to anger I hope :)

      Americans all have to realise that the days of US wars in foreign lands with NO damage to the US are over.

      President Putin clearly said this week that the initiators of an attack on Russia would be targeted. That means the USA will be burned, and Russia now has another weapons system to do this when required :)

  3. jako says:

    Speed of 186km/h and depth of 1000 meters is deeper and almost faster than any known torpedo!
    (including Russian VA-111 Shkval that has speed of 370 km/h) but I doubt that it can go 1000 meters deep ( because there is not SINGLE sub that can go even close on such depth so why would they go so deep ?! )

    So Poseidon can be detected but it can’t be destroyed !

    1. Rex drabble says:

      Old Russian saying.THINK AHEAD!!

  4. Promitheas Apollonious says:

    The only good part about this news is that the globalists dont have this weapons, or already the world would have been already destroyed.

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