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First Convoy Carrying Iranian Fuel Enter Lebanon From Syria Amid Celebration By Hezbollah Supporters (Photos, Videos)

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First Convoy Carrying Iranian Fuel Enter Lebanon From Syria Amid Celebration By Hezbollah Supporters (Photos, Videos)

File image.

On September 16, a convoy of 80 tankers loaded with more than a million letters of fuel which were imported from Iran by Hezbollah entered Lebanon from Syria.

While passing through the northern Lebanese province of Beqaa, the convoy was greeted and celebrated by thousands of Hezbollah supporters.

The Iranian fuel was shipped via sea to Syria’s Banias port in order to avoid any sanctions or restrictions by the US. Soon after arriving at the port on September 12, work to discharge the shipment and fill the tankers began.

The fuel will be stored in tanks owned by Hezbollah in the city of Baalbek, about 67 kilometers northeast of Beirut. Al-Amana, a US-sanctioned company that belongs to the Lebanese group, is expected to receive and disrepute the Iranian fuel.

Hezbollah imported the Iranian fuel last August in order to help ease the economic crisis in Lebanon. The crisis led to a serious shortage of fuel in the past few months.

According to Hezbollah, governmental hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages, municipalities that handle the task of pumping water, fire brigades and the Lebanese Red Cross will benefit from the fuel shipment.

This will not be the last Iranian fuel shipment to reach Lebanon. Other shipments are already on their way to Syria. Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said that even more could be imported in the future.

Hezbollah decision to import Iranian fuel provoked the US, which feared an Iranian economic takeover in Lebanon. In response, Washington launched its own initiative to support Lebanon by providing gas from Egypt and electricity from Jordan. Both will, however, pass though Syria which will benefit from the initiative.


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Chris Gr

Syria is close to its disintegration unfortunately. Syrians, Egyptians, Iraqis and Arabs should unite against Turkish and Iranian imperialism!

Michel LeBlanc

The syrians had the whole west united against them and they survived, wtf are you talking about syria disintergrate?


He is an arsehole from occupied Palestine.. Pay her no attention

Chris Gr

How is your basement dwelling?

Chris Gr

Because some powers want them to disintegrate.

Call me AL

You were never the brightest kid on the block were you ?; now you just sound stupid !.

Arch Bungle

You are a moron of the highest order.

What ‘Iranian Imperialism’ are you talking about ?

Is Iran occupying the Golan and the Shabaa farms?

Is Gaza concentration camp under Iranian lockdown?

Do you see the IRGC patrolling the West Bank?

Is it Iran occupying Syrian oil fields?

Is Iran bombing Yemenis on a daily basis?

Chris Gr

Yes they occupy Iraq and Syria.


Against Turkish YES but Iranian WHY… NEVER…

Chris Gr

They are almost the same.

John Wayne

Disinformation. Turkey is NATO. Iran is axis of resistance. They have competing strategic interests.

Last edited 29 days ago by John Wayne
Chris Gr

NATO is almost defunct. Look at what happened with Australia. Also, Iran was against the Eastern Bloc during Cold War.


Another nuke will make my day..please god.

JC Denton

username checks out


He’s jewish all right.. Fire up the ovens

Arch Bungle


Florian Geyer

This is good news indeed.
The US ,UK and Israel will be choking on their bagels.


The US, UK and Israel will cry and rage!!!

I missed Lone Ranger… :))

Last edited 1 month ago by Garga
Chess Master

Israel didn’t send any drones to bomb the tankers being afraid thet Iranians will hack and steal them.

PS. Lone Ranger is posting with something like “Ukropisstan corrupt shithole”

Chris Gr

Yeah especially the UK because Khomeini was a MI6 agent right?

Arch Bungle

No, he was a space alien. My conspiracy nuttery is cooler than yours.

Chris Gr

He was

Icarus Tanović

He’s here, just another name.

Peter Wallace

hes been on RT recently. we were chatting so surprised he hasn’t been on here.

Chris Gr

Axis of Resistance or Gog Magog?

Chris Gr


Adolf Hitler

you the troll not him
as you choose to be here with a -21 score

Chris Gr

Name is Adolf Hitler probably troll.

Arch Bungle

Your stupid comments give you away as a troll.

Arch Bungle

Yes – you.

Arch Bungle

The Jews occupying Palestine are gog and magog.

Chris Gr

Magog is Lydia and Gog is Gyges.


Those long range missiles fits nicely in those tankers. I bet few will be carrying those babies.


It will be a great idea


I hope it for the resitence that there is some stuf as air defences so they can shoot down the zionist planes before they reatch the caost of Libanon.

Assad Defeated Zionists

The Axis of resistance wins again. Zionists and their puppets are sheeting so hard they’re now suffering fecal incontinence.

Chris Gr

The so called Axis of Resistance doesn’t even exist. Half of it is secular and half of it Shia. On the other hand, there may be another islamic axis like in the WWII.


Yes but they have a common enemy,the Nazi Anglo /Zionist Empire,and they have just been Bitch slapped he he.

Chris Gr

The British and the Americans collapsed by themselves mostly. And Khomeini was British agent.

Arch Bungle

Jews sure are dumb.

Chris Gr

You are a crypto Jew.

Arch Bungle

Logic isn’t your strong point, is it?

If it doesn’t exist, but half of it does and the other half of it does then the whole of it does ? Get it ?

Back to school with you, fool.

Chris Gr

Basement dweller

Icarus Tanović

6th video: ‘Yalla, Hassan, yalla!’ And the guy shoot rpg to the sky.

John Wayne

Precedent is set, it will continue.

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