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First Close Photo Supposedly Showing Russia’s Uran-9 Combat Robot In Syria Appears Online

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First Close Photo Supposedly Showing Russia's Uran-9 Combat Robot In Syria Appears Online

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A photo supposedly showing Russia’s Uran-9 combat robot in Syria is circulating in Russian social media. The Uran-9 was tested in Syria in 2018 and entered service in January 2018.

The Uran-9 is designed to deliver combined combat, reconnaissance and counter-terrorism units with remote reconnaissance and fire support. It weighs 10t and is armed with a 30 mm Shipunov 2A72 automatic cannon, 4 ready-to-launch 9M120-1 Ataka anti-tank guided missiles, 6 ready-to-launch Shmel-M reactive flamethrowers and a 7.62 mm Kalashnikov PKT/PKTM coaxial machine gun. Additionally, it can carry 4 Igla surface-to-air missiles. The combat robot is operated by a single service member and can be remotely controlled up to a maximum distance of 3,000 m. The road speed of the Uran-9 is 35km/h and the cross-country speed is 25km/h. The Uran-9 is equipped with a laser warning and target detection system, as well as identification and tracking equipment. The fitted day and night vision allows for detection of targets at a maximum distance of 6 km during the day and 3 km at night.


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MeMad Max

Doubt it… Why would they put a “stamp” on the side of it with english wording???



The “stamp” is put over the photo not over the vehicle. Try to zoom very close…


Good eye. Here is another photo with 2D stamp. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0aff0b9f76b7ce0424b11b0ec8da373d47081cc119febd953dde47bde4d8ba28.jpg

Shy Talk

the ^stamp^ looks fake


It is not “fake” It is simply 2D stamp in English on the photo of the Uran 9. Zoom and compare perspective of the Uran and the “stamp”. They do not correspond because Uran is in 3D perspective and “stamp” is flat 2D on the photo.

Thus it is just unintentional “fake”. Just ordinary stamp on the wrong place.

Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0)

CONFIRMED: this is a junk drone that doesn’t even work and performed very poorly. It will be scrapped all-together just like the SU-57 non-stealth fighter

Confirmed by you?


Don’t be like that. Badmouthing Russian weapons is the last thing they have… Don’t take that away from them.

One can’t forbid people with small d**k to hate those with the big one… That would not be nice thing to do really. They are already enough punished as it is.

Jack Boots

Every time they go up against Americans, they leave quickly while trying to pull their pants back up while holding their behinds. Israel will have the close support of America as usual.


Zionist detected


how it could have “performed very poorly” if it “doesnt even work”?


First of the production SU-57’s is to be delivered this month :)


F22 + F35 = SU57


Recall Israels F35 that suffered bird damage lol

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

WOW, the moment you wrote “CONFIRMED” with capital letters i immediately belived you, and since this is the internet, i dont have to do my own research, i just have to ask experts like you who have CONFIRMED knowledge of just about everything.

And i dont have to ask for proof or sources, because you are clearly not biased and you are above all a trustworthy source of reliable CONFIRMED information!

Once again: WOW! And because i wrote “WOW” with capital letters, i am truly amazed of your undenieable, unbiased and allways correct info.

Concrete Mike

Haha well done sir.

I hope your doing well this christmas season. Winter has clearly arrived and is here to stay!!

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Thank you Sir.

Im doing fine thanks, and you? Winter and frost has finally arrived in Denmark, giving the most wonderfull clear air and deep blue sky.

And while i remember; i hope you and your family are well too, and may you have a wonderfull Christmas and a safe New Year.

Jens Holm

I dont think we know that at all.

Eezy Green

Schwartz your mother is a Zionist whore that fucked arab men for shekels; you are the result. A twisted, bitter and sad zionist cheer leader. learn to swim Shlomo, ‘;cos you will be pushed back to the sea; that is if you survive the rocket bombardment coming your way.

Pommy Pie

Why hasnt armata been delpoyed yet ?


And how do you know that preproduction model wasn’t tested already…?

For the full “deployment” it will take production T-14 model. And for that it is still to early. They are only starting production of the 1st batch of 100 Armata’s.


Terrorists can barely scratch a T-90. Why send a more complex system?


better to keep its capabilities a secret! Whilst these smaller robots are not so important to hide is capabilities! These smaller robots can be destroyed by any tank where as the Armata must not be in a situation where a tank attack upon it can reveal details!

Jack Boots

Because its likely fake.


Yup, dont crash the Yankikes in their a bit pathetic gloathing, we are after all, sivilised, arent we, since their eh…. systems works like an bang, at least when it comes to sucking bucks, systems witch was proven beyond any doubt works, dont it, in nations as Saudi-barbaria, yeah, as their briliant Patriots whom is so bad that the only shit that is equally lousy is the Iron dumb sorry…. dome.

And I am after the Apache chopper was gunned down, in an bit of doubt to be, hehe, honest, witch is worse do you think, been shoot down by something made by the Yemens, you know acording to your orange knuckledragging chimp in charge, the shithole analogy they use often, apart from their own banana republic of course, or of something made in Iran, witch cant make anything, been dumb muslems, or of some 40 year old Russian stone age tech, you know the gass station with nukes as some of their more briliant minds stated it was, and sinc I am in the humble corner to day, I leave it to the Yankikes army of idiots and droolers to take your pick. And BTW have an nice day. Cheers.


Jack Boots

Those yankikes killed the crap out of the russians. Remember that. Any time you children want a little more, we will be waiting. https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/middle-east/101422387/us-forces-kill-more-than-200-russian-fighters-in-syria


pretty awesome! When u think of it, Idlib is the PERFECT area for such systems to be tested! Just for a moment i laughed to myself with the thought that Idlib has been left until last just for the specific reason of testing Russia’s latest technologies hahahaha! (im quite certain thats not true however i was entertained by the idea for a moment)

This war is so perfectly close to russia yet far enough for safety from it effecting Russia! U can test almost all new tech! Cruise missiles TU-160M2 even aircraft that have been around for a long time yet never used Kinzhal hypersonic missile robots Russian personal protective armour new AK’s ATGM’s new sub’s that can launch missiles new corvettes that can launch missiles from the caspian (Wow factor) new system that can drop dumb bombs accurately turning them into smart dumb bombs! Russian intel services and fighting tactics tested in real war! (sharpening skills) SU-34, SU-35, SU-24M3 Pantsirs (have done so well) S-400 would have been tested with targeting and tracking (without actually firing) Nebo-m radar! KA-52’s and Mi-28’s Satellittes! (extremely important to test in war) rotating pilots for experience! MORALE (national morale as well as military morale) i mean Russia has literally defeated a 2 pronged attack (which are linked) in both Eastern Ukraine as well as Syria! (The Red lines) and has won EASILY in my point of view! (thanks to SAA and tiger forces) T-90’s had a good run too but under Tiger forces! there is a lot more weapons that would have been tested Special forces and Military contractors would have played a huge role in this too so their efficiencies would have been tested and reviewed also! I mean, could Russia have asked for a more perfect war than this as a testing ground? I dont think so!

And lets not forget (my favourite fact) that Russia had HUGE amounts of dumb bombs that had a 30 year shelf life that were literally expiring in 2015! Those bombs were not only sold and used by Syria but were also massively used by Russian forces as Dumb Smart bombs! hahaha u gotta love that! Saves Russia a fortune, makes strikes very accurate with new tech and makes them profit when they sell them to Syria!

i hope Russia is testing EVERYTHING!


It looks like is in Syria doing what does best blows shit up with the ATAKMS


syria, literally and figuratively a sandbox for testing everything.

Jens Holm

Its needed. More testings for making peace should be tested more as well.


wouldn’t that be a novel approach, more testings for making peace. ??


Is that Transformers logo really stamped on the tanks hull

Dick Hardigan

I hear that the only reasons that your robots performed well was due to Obama’s “flexibility”. Up until that point, Obama was ‘widely’ known for his ‘flexibility.’ But that was in the form of him being able to put his feet behind his ears.

Jens Holm

Very good for people on earth. Only machines will kill machines.

Americans has made several good ones, but so far they seemes to be too expensive.


Just testing some toys.

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